Out doing what has already been done,
Is a challenged for many?
Ask few on how they started out,
It wasn’t riding down a child’s play-set slide,
It was being pushed down a ledge,
Rolling down the rocky cliffs,
Wacky against trees and wildlife,
And maybe,
Just maybe finding that soft patch of grass,
And you’re hoping it’s not glass.
Being better or getting better,
Relies on how the doer does it.
Be it a fail or not,
It’s on their shoulders,
On remembering how they got there,
What made them get noticed,
What makes others keeping coming back for more?
It’s on them,
Getting better and working for what they love,
Yes money is nice to have,
But the passion is just as strong,
Best not be blinded by that,
And keep going,
What else is there to say?
Surpass yourself,
And take in full strides.

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