Be quick on this note,
For this is far too late as a fool’s joke.
For on this day,
May be brings,
Laughs and confusion,
To some!
As this day long when this site,
Was just growing from a little bud,
I was to join.
But things came up and stole me away,
Having things be done with,
Handled with and toss aside of what wasn’t needed,
But the wandering thoughts of coming back,
Never left,
Even now of lack of thinking of leaving,
Is far from happening!
Though now,
Proudly joined and feeling whole,
Is just as grand!
Still not sure as to what this will amount,
In saying,
As how close I was in being part of this domestic.
But it is said and done,
Over and brought anew,
Even to bring up a simple notice of this,
As to even not joining,
These people who have each other’s back,
Thrived to be something,
That no fat cat could ever claim!
Just thought to bring up,
That this day helped me find you,
And made me come back from life,
That was only seen half empty,
To now seeing it full,
With little issues to worry about,
To that,
I end with thanks,
As now really,
What else can I say but,
Thank you!

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