Odd Turn of Giggles

They rest at ease,
Sleeping near and content,
With little fears near them to haunt them,
Through they giggle like little devils,
When I say they haunt me!
Oh giggle now,
Little trouble makers,
Come by morrow,
I might use you as bait!
They mean well,
They are children,
They are my distance kin,
For I must watch over,
For I picked the short straw,
Again might I add…?
This vacation as very much so,
Taken an odd turn!
What can be done about them?
Soon they’ll be like every other adult,
Forgetting the yesteryears,
Along with tiny memoires,
Grow slowly if you can,
Young ones,
The world is not all what’s crack up to be.
Listen carefully to the wiser one,
As know why I am here,
To watch you,
Is more than what is spoken between elders?
Despites our tiffs,
I love you,
Again they giggle,
Because I’m being nice,
Making faces at them don’t make them stop,
Nor in memory of awhile,
Being a troll monster trying to eat their,
Toes not too long ago with the land was brighter,
And will clearer to play in.
Babysitting sounds like a job,
But for some reason,
I can’t come close to call it,
For those babies,
Even at ten,
Don’t make it feel like a job.
I must go now,
Another is awake,
And wants another story,
And maybe even later into the night,
Will bother me again,
I don’t mind,
As to once,
I was once like that too,
I can only guess where they get that from.
They giggle when I groan.
I wonder though,
What does the rest of the relaxing days;
Have in for us?
Because the thought of using them,
As bait,
Though they left the laughs leave,
They know,
I only slightly tease.
They run off,
I have to run and get them back to bed,
Before the night owls get back.

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