In sudden travels,
Many would use their minds,
And think ahead.
As some would do so,
Without batting an eye,
And just go for it.
In world of the technical-color wires,
Weaving around another,
As a spider’s web,
Ready to catch anything in its path or making home!
On what any wire,
The story is different of home or death.
Yet in the land of the internet,
You get many retires,
But the friends that are made come just as few,
And far between,
That is to say, as when traveling a new web,
Seeing what kind of beast could within it,
The body battered to a slow heals,
With; twitching and painful memoires of . . .
And many who split the difference of those just want to . . .
Make something of them-selves,
But in a cyber-world,
A place to be oneself,
Is a harder deal problem; all on its own.
And it is.
Even for one wander to handle and understand.
With it becoming so hard for the mind to take,
That golden wall,
Becomes misguided and one to just walk into,
Like a larking jester.
As the wander collects of what has happen,
Ears’ hearing the dreading sounds of giggling demon Trollz,
It was time to hide.
And quickly!
One’s eyes finding strands of wires up scaling the wall,
It was only best to copy the motion,
Reaching the top of the wall,
Soon losing balance,
Fall within what this wall had to hide,
But the screams of Trollz being stopped by the wall,
Meant for a short moment,
No harm was to come,
Besides what the fall had given,
But when comparing,
The tender behind seemed more rewarding than anything else,
And even if a mess of the wander’s work lay about the ground.
The wander close to get back to their feet,
Gathering all fallen things that fell from the large back bag,
Soon seeing a hand,
The wander looked to see this person,
A man,
Wearing a rather large black hat,
A kind smile not hard to miss . . .
Nor the gesture helping the wander,
This was gladly taken for the wander to take up on the offer.
The hat man spoke moments of how the wander came by,
What was there to run from in a questioning matter?
But most of all,
Welcoming to the world Manic!
The wander looked wary to this,
As to come and think that this world,
Couldn’t have been different from any of the others,
But before even that question could be answered,
The hat man,
Whom; was more known as The BigBlackHatMan,
Hint only the overly large hat he worn,
And with pride,
As he saw something by the wander’s feet,
A note,
A note of the wander’s work,
That in form or another was tossed aside by others,
For the poor taste it was,
But this man,
BigBlackHatMan read and with a look of shock,
The good kind . . .
Soon asking to hang onto it,
It was a simple note,
What would it matter anymore?
The wander nodded that is was fine,
In return,
He handed some kind of stone,
It was a lovely Agate coated in a soft calm blue,
Much as he speaks,
A friend or a father . . .
Speaking as he handed it over,
Speak to it,
And he would have the wander’s back when ever in trouble,
For it was he and follow fighters do.
Follow fighters?
The words slipped out from the wander,
But the man was gone before an answer was given.
When the winds picked up,
Any remaining works flew away,
Leaving the wander in a chance to get them,
Before becoming anymore damage then they already had.
Eyes moved about the town,
Taking everything in while in screech of their things . . .
The world was huge and lively,
All who lived within the world would be seen,
Many things that were hardly seen in other worlds . . .
It felt welcoming to see,
Even with the sharp brightness of clear unnamed grits on their wrists,
Must have been the sign that they were part of this place,
But it was very distracting,
As in no time,
The wander met another villager of Manic,
Covered in nothing but small signs that he was a fan,
Wearing a large,
Curvy twelve on the center on his shirt . . .
Along with pure love for a young lady who was known for long hair,
And quirky out look of things.
With a somewhat shy smile,
Greeted himself as Moviefan12,
Taking notice of the wander look,
The wander was very new to the world.
But the wander’s eyes land on something that was attach to his person,
It was one of the wander’s notes.
Moviefan12 follow the wander’s eyes to see in match,
As he reach for it,
He told in short of how fun this note was fun to read,
It was cut mid-way when seeing the look of the wander’s face,
Understanding slowly of that look,
Soon adding that it was honesty truth . . .
The wander just shook their head,
In; a somewhat thankful matter . . .
When Moviefan12 was going to return it,
The wander denied it,
Seeing it was in far better hands.
When the sudden feel of closeness,
The wander bid good bye to other,
And started to move . . .
But Moviefan12 stopped the wander,
Asking calming of matters that could be bothering the other,
No response was given.
But Moviefan12 wasn’t having any of it,
Placing something the other’s hand,
Closing it tightly,
Saying this place is like family,
There was no need to shut others.
And with that he was gone.
The wander turn to where the other once stood,
But then to their hand, opening to see a pearl,
Which; got the wander laughing lightly at the sight of it,
Tuckering it with the stone next to it . . .
Able to move on with more of lightly step,
Finding more notes along the way.
Upon; also finding a person or two . . . three?
Moving fast as little mice,
Picking up the notes that were in their path . . .
Stopping him in time from tossing the notes,
Asking not out beat if a toll or something made this mess,
The wander said only it was messy fallout more than anything else.
The others,
Mousey like men,
Stating bluntly their names,
Oliver Judd,
And Vineet Vig,
Fellow keep sakes of Manic,
About to say more,
But caught something far from the wander’s sight,
A mission they must take care of and now,
Tossing some gems to the wander,
Repeating words that seem as a quote in this world of Manic,
But the wander just sighed,
Sliding the gems,
A bright ruby with the letters OJ
Another was a Ulexite with the letter S
And last one was a Leopardite with letters VV,
With the other stones,
Moving along,
But also looking for a quick rest for the tiring legs . . .
Not long,
The gentle tunes of music,
Far in the distance,
It was the quick and soft melody of a piano,
The tune sounded familiar,
But it couldn’t have been . . .
No thought the wander,
It was a sudden of a silly dream,
Nothing else,
But still that tune made the wander stop,
Take in everything that has happen thus far.
The wander seeing again,
Many walks of life in this comfort lounge area,
Seeing few near a bar was,
Tasting the finest beers,
Loudly joking of the beers made by man while at it,
As those looked moderately annoyed by it,
But said nothing,
Only looks of maybe sabotage them later it seems.
As others mix talks of history,
Medias of all shapes and sizes,
In deepest details,
Whatever they were,
There was nothing short of words to back up any of those subjects in one go.
Even some sneaks of every day life,
TV found their way in somehow.
The wander just took it all in,
Taking the moment to reach for something within their bag,
Paper and pencils,
Getting; lost within the elements held in the wander’s hands.
Not taking mind of someone nearing,
Only that someone else was making music now,
Guitar and drums by most guess.
A deep laugh broke the wander from the writing dream land,
To see the man who was once playing the piano was now seating,
Greeting warmly,
Using a sign of peace with his hands,
The wander awkwardly gave it back with a lop-side grin.
He soon spoke,
In that tone that man with the large hat had,
But more of a uncle way,
But again,
It was welcoming.
Sliding a note to the wander,
Stating his name,
That was simply Les,
And how the writing from the note in hand and the one in work,
Looked very close alike,
The wander stated back he was right.
Again that bellow laugh was given.
Going through his pockets and tossed up a shiny little Tektite,
To the other,
Telling to hold onto it and to any others given . . .
Soon leaving the other to what they were doing . . .
Once relaxed and not as tired,
The wander went back to see more of this world of Manic,
Not long meeting a fired up pixy like kind of woman,
Jumping for joy there was someone new in the land,
Wasting no time to be known as jashykins,
Spelled with a low case “j” . . .
A bubbly one this one was,
But the wander could only join,
Even as to be dragged along in a tour matter,
But the wander decline,
Wanting to understand this place themselves . . .
If it was they thought,
Than the other could gladly give this place a proper view,
The pixy smiled,
Shaking both the others hand joyfully,
About to leave,
But stop,
Snapped her fingers and a Sapphire popped in front of the other’s face,
In responses was a thank you,
And they went on their different paths.
Though the sight of a pixy was one thing,
Seeing a robot was another,
Wander could only be in awe of the sight of it,
But broke away quickly,
Not wanting to know if that machine a ray gun or anything.
And moving so quickly to get away but it was pointless,
The machine had already caught up,
Asking for the other’s name,
But choose to only an answer with a question to the question,
The response back was something that caught the wander off,
While adding who the robot was,
Even though it was spelled,
It was still the same name of the world the wander,
Found them-selves in.
The other stating back it was true,
But there was no relation,
And that the robot was more charming,
The wander rolled their eyes,
But that was it.
Coming to an area,
Wander had little clue of,
But the robot stated quickly it was where,
Villagers of Manic get notice for what they did.
One of the works,
Was the wander’s?
Unnamed but placed very high for being so new here . . .
Wander only asked if it was joke,
M.A.N.I.C. the robot said it wasn’t it and if it was the wander’s . . .
The wander only nodded,
With soon the robot said that the wander should be proud of it.
The wander only asked back,
That how could be one be proud of something that is so real,
It hurts?
The other said back that it was made with honesty,
And outside the walls of Manic,
It is rare to find.
The robot patted the other’s shoulder,
Handing a Nebula Stone,
As a lucky charm for the days to come,
And left the wander to take in how well,
A note made by them,
Can; get somewhere like this . . .
If one is to try . . .
The wander looked away from the wall,
Placing the stone with the others,
And going on,
Finding that staying near the wall,
Hurt a little more than it should have.
Day was wasting away,
And night was coming now.
It was then,
That evens more of the ventures kind’s people came out.
As soon seeing a man,
Looking much as an famous historian with a lash and hat,
Indianan Jones . . .
But this called himself,
Searching for adventure for where ever it may be!
The wander could only laugh,
For somehow,
He spook out the other’s inner venture to join,
But had to make a rain check for it . . .
Gladly join the other in to find understand of how a new member,
Is handling things . . .
The answers vary on what got more than a line and a stasis quote.
When answering rightly of joining sometime soon in an adventure,
It was rewarded with a Zeolite as a reminder not to forget.
Tipping his hat,
He was on his way,
Saying there was something awesome that needed his watchful eye.
Bidding farewell,
The wander kept moving.
Using the small,
Oddly shape,
Lamps as a guide . . .
But it was better than darkness,
But the wander could have lived without the feel of a hand tapping on their,
Soon laughing like a cheetah . . .
The wander watching as one of the lamps move,
Shadowing down a man,
Cloaked in black,
Devil-y grinning but was cut short by another,
Behind him,
Scowling him,
Again from how long the list was from things,
Before the wander came along . . .
One spoke a little softer in forgiveness of the other’s ways.
The one on the right was richb,
The other was Man with No Chin,
Wander could see that one name made more sense than the other,
But said nothing,
Greeting back and slowly walking away from them.
The soft talking one stop the wander,
Saying it was best not to go out much farther,
As this was when the walls were at their weakest,
The wander didn’t need to know any more than that,
And follow the others.
The Man with No Chin found the oddest times,
To make snide comments here and there,
But the wander could see that the mean words,
Never match the feeling in his eyes,
He meant well,
It just came out a little off,
As with the other richb,
A fan a horror,
Taking a moment to scare with some tales of Manic,
Which Man with No Chin found a way to back lack it?
An odd due they were,
But it made the night a little less hellish.
Snide and horror aside,
It was good.
Even both finding it a bit unusual that the wander stuck around them,
This long . . .
The wander just laugh at their blunt questioning.
Also noticing the gems they wore on their shoulders,
The unsaid question was answered with,
That it was the gems of whom they to those dear to them,
Both tapping their gems,
For a small sliver of them to slide out,
Holding out to the wander,
Stating it is best to keep even new friends close,
Not matter how odd they are,
The quiet one smack the other with lack of face for that,
After handing his slice of Biotite to the wander,
Making the other almost dropping his Yellow Jasper . . .
But the wander had both in hand,
Trying not to drop them,
When a sudden scream was heard . . .
Snapping the other two out of their bout,
Telling the wander to find a safe place to hide,
Unwelcome company was entering the walls,
And in a few times,
It got a little messy.
Sparing not another moment,
The wander dashed off to hide away.
Passing building left and right,
Only to be grabbed,
Barely being missed to be hit by a hater bomb,
The aftershock shook the whole place where the wander was pulled into,
When it stopped,
The wander broke away from the person who them,
Turning to see a long hair creepy guy,
Whom; seemed to go by that very name,
Tipping his hat to the other,
Having a little small plush make a snide comment,
Which sounded close thou may be better,
Than the one who had no chin.
But a cute little chibi demon water unholy monster it was,
Very cute indeed!
Though the other bluntly asked,
How someone like the wander could be dumb be out,
Even at night,
The wander said back,
That being new and unfamiliar with the land,
Is the price in this day and age?
There was no sign that this wasn’t going to happen?
The other stating back,
Just as humans are far different from one another,
But they cope with it.
A bond of friendship could have started any odder,
But not in this case,
The creepy one and his plushy lead the wander to a place to wait out,
Meeting those who have been more close,
Than one would do so,
For someone as the creepy one,
But who,
As wander going to judge of what love looks like.
The little demon took a moment to move away,
Landing on the wander’s shoulders,
Finding a little warmth and squash between the lovebirds not far away,
Wander pet the little beast,
Finding comfort when the hideaway shook again,
Saying over and over,
That day would come,
But change when asking for a lamp,
For when in fear comes,
Do what it takes to keep it away.
Slow the speeding fear to a stop.
The little Chibi making himself at home on the shoulder,
Letting the night drift away . . .
Day finally came,
The wander bid the happy lovers and little monster bye,
And thanking for the stay,
Unknowing there was a Fairy Quartz stone in the bag with the others.
And with that,
The wander kept going.
Finding this place,
Land of Manic,
Slowly becoming home . . .
Even; if just a bit more than the day before . . .
But the damage wasn’t hard to miss,
Seeing new people again and again,
Fixing up,
To where of what happen last night,
Never happen.
It was when the wander met new faces,
One that was half of that robot was,
But more of a bite,
He was called Fusionator,
Body was imbedded with Hessonite Garnet,
Given him a good shine,
Though he missed out of how some pieces fallen off,
As he walked on,
The wander out of habit to this point grabbed a bit,
Meeting another new face,
A big man,
Helping those who were not luck enough to miss,
T-that horrible night,
The wander took the moment to help out,
Seeing that what was needed at this moment . . .
Catching that the large man’s name was Ryan McCarthy,
Just going by that old myth some would say,
Those who look big and scary,
Are tender hearts on the inside . . .
His shoulders bared the gems of Lolite,
And as the other,
Slowly falling off,
Chip by chip.
Than meeting another,
A jack of all trades,
Smiling and cheerful!
Infamous Jak was his name,
As he told the younger villagers to come near,
Hear his tales,
To lighten; their hearts and forget the passing night . . .
As small dusty gleams of Vermeil fell around him!
A joyful one he was!
When seeing all was fine in the little town square,
The wander kept moving,
Pocket of gems feeling a little heavy,
But not unwelcome.
It was when the wander found a place to relax once more,
Filled to the brim of people,
One or really a cast,
Taking front stage,
Entraining with endless wonder leaving their mouths,
Though their name didn’t fully match them,
They were a cast none the less,
They were the ComicBookCast,
Bringing laughs here and there,
Along with facts too!
A theme they had the most,
Was the small outrange of Empathic Warrior Crystals
Lying about the place,
Not knowing that wander’s bag broke a good size of one,
Resting near a large lounging part,
Falling deep within the bag,
No glance,
No one said a thing.
It was then the wander met another person,
Enjoying the show up front,
Stating how great they were,
The wander side glance the other,
Saying this was a first,
So there was no real comparing,
The other only asked why that was.
The wander only saying,
That these folks have a good amount of passion,
That will get them where they want to go.
The other asked if that is really true.
The wander said a simple yes,
For how else is one to get out there,
If: they can’t throw themselves into it . . .
It was than the wander met the little green dragon,
Only known as Whyboy . . .
The wander than asked this to Whyboy,
Of what it he did to show such passion those of a large cast.
He stated simply reviews,
And how much if the excuse that if it for kids,
Show is ever-so ready for wrath.
The wander could only agree,
For; who want to mess with a dragon that could burn them?
A good laugh never was far behind these two.
He soon handed her a token of thanks,
In case that passion the wander carry ever left,
It was a soft stone of Wulfenite.
The wander only gave thanks and soon left when the show was over,
Promising the other,
That whatever review Whyboy had planned,
The wander would love to see it.
Out once more out in the world of Manic,
Coming to see,
All there was to see,
Was just about done . . .
Until meeting with a woman with the looks to kill,
From the clothes alone,
It was a critic,
What kind of a mystery so far,
Dumbly the wander asked if the woman was alright,
The demon glare gave enough,
But calmed down when seeing,
That the wander wasn’t who the woman was looking for,
The woman stated something beyond the walls of last night,
An unforsaken gift was left behind,
From an ever lastly foe of hers,
And it seems this foe’s days were number.
The wander dared asked,
Of what this foe was,
That made her so mad.
It was a foe that could make or break fathoms.
It was then made clear,
She was a critic of fiction . . .
Made by fans for fans . . .
The wander panic a bit,
Seeing that the wander fallen under that radar . . .
The look of fear didn’t go amiss with the other,
Asking what the other had if so fearing what was held . . .
Not wanting to see that anger like before,
Quickly looked the bag,
Grabbing something at random,
Catching too late of what it was and waited for what was to come,
But it was fine,
Years of haters and tollz,
This could be nothing but a slash to the face,
Plain and simple . . .
But the slash didn’t happen,
She looked . . .
But it faded into that if the wander was to stray from it,
The FanFic Critic wasn’t going to be far behind.
Handing back the paper and a stone,
A Dolphin Crystal,
And when the wander thought about it,
This woman did remind them of their mother,
So why not leave on a hopeful note.
Bidding byes to her and soon going off,
Upon finding,
To the wanders surprise a door . . .
Now feeling more of an idiotic now . . .
But happy to find it,
About to open it and leave Manic,
But a voice called out,
Making for the grab of the knob a full on stop,
Having turn to face the voice,
A smiling man,
Slightly panting from maybe the longest run he must have done,
Asking for the wander to spare a moment,
If they could just follow him,
Not without knowing his name though.
It was James,
The keeper of Manic,
And wanting to talk and show something,
Before the wander made the move of leaving . . .
Soon upcoming a small area of Manic,
A corner really,
With scatters of the wander’s works,
Handing proudly and with little saying from those who have read them,
It explains why a good amount of the notes couldn’t be found.
James stated simple while slipping a Lapis Lazuli stone in the wander’s bag,
That even for a time,
Someone is welcome and willing to express oneself.
Though all it needs it is name,
The wander just said simply T-kun and gave thanks for giving a home,
In a place that seem it was only getting darker and darker,
Until now that is.
The land of Manic is now more promising than ever before.
And in the land of multicolor webs,
It spoke volumes,
That is hope in the internet,
You just have to try and look for it.

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