The winds were gentle, flaky and fluffy clouds covered the pale pastel blue skies. Thin weavers of forest floated through air, hinted the fully emptiness with pine, oak, and bamboo.

With the mixture of spring waters that flow through the rivers, as a faint shadows of white chested owls take flight. Guiding and following, a larger shadow that flew with them, and coming in only signs of peace.

As the odd shape of a wide long, stretched out square, cotton fibbers rippling with the winds; that was glimmering with lovely stones of the mother earth, but somehow touching the heavily skies. But if any on looker saw, it would be a lone figure of human, a man, skin coated lightly dark from the time spend in the sun.

Cloaked in wears that a warrior of a time, none land walker has ever seen before, for if saw right, a sword with a menacing beast could not be missed, as the tinted sun reflected off the golden handled.

With a oasis glow that could calm anyone from the first sight of it. As it glowed that as the wildest fire of the volcanos lava, but it seem to have the cool felt of silk, forever trapped in a jaded box, whispering a tune only the keeper could hear, having the luminosity woven gem rug, take forth wherever the two needed to be.

As rug only seemed to pick up speed, in such urgency, that somewhere, off to the unseen mountains, a love one was there, waiting for that lone fighter, as he kept a stony face ahead of him, for even knows for certain, that something, evil and cruel, was waiting for him.

Ready to break him, strip of his titles, his treasures and friends, and what made him leave his home, traveling through vast lands, hidden worlds unlike his own, going to the one thing, that made his heart do dances from the very sight of that love’s face.

No matter of magic, evil, or simple mind tricks will tell him to go back. Love will find ways to defeat logic, for sometimes, that’s all one has in the end, happiness.

A kinder word for love, but holds everything just as close.

Flying Carpet 1880 by Viktor Vasnetsov

Painted in the year 1880

Location of when painted; Moscow, Russia

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