Now in the search of fellow beings,
That form works,
Just as I,
The results can be awarding and heartbreaking.

Take note of this,
That through the many years,
A small total of 1,980 poets have in some way,
Made a mark in life,
Through rounding of the earth’s spins,
In passing years!

Only 500 are notice of their work.

Leaving 1,480 in the dark,
Left to be forgotten,
And to,
Never to be seen ever again . . .

That is just rightfully,

Even more unfair,
That there are more than them,
That can’t even be found farther than their given name!

1,480 is just a small clacker of those who got befit moments in history,
But thanks to them,
Even those whom are only known by given name,
Made parts of history!

Dating far back as 7th century BC and 94 BC,
Ancient Greek and Roman times!

And they are toss aside for those,
Who have barely made more than 6 poems to their name . . .
But they can be found,
On the list of the oh-so greats!

I could gladly name a few poets,
Of the works I have found,
And they should have at least got a prouder notice for their work.

But then only they would be notice,
And not the rest at all,
Defeating what I am trying to speak out.

Open that mind a little more,
Go beyond what is that of popular vote,
And see what is being missed.

Who knows?
You might find a few surprises along the way.
I know I did.

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