If one was to know what the world looks within the lines of life, what would those eyes see? Just knowing those of all significant of the senses are dashed, but feel is all, even lingering to stay near.

Having; less of a chance seeing ripples in the water, smell of the yellow dandies, spring grass, and the passing seasons, lack of hearing the wonders of wind, clashes of water, animal life.

All that is meant to the heart is just gone.

But you’ll forever feel that of what’s around you. Slowly forget all else, but forever feeling.

The wind gracing the being, softness of grass and the cool and wetness of water, and the endless walking the beaten path has given you, not knowing when it ends, nor how in the world it started, for it’s the world that lives within lines and spaces, of time and space.

Childish a response it is, but to know how that impressions, is another matter all on its own. Even; so, to stop by where the land and sea meet, with only a small line breaking them apart. Batter toes could dip into the water, exhaling from the ripples replying back.

And nowhere in time, the lone being of what could be seen as the soul, looks down at the water, even when able too, still tries.

Having a frail smile etched onto the face, knowing that even living in darkness, having only the sense to feel is left, that small moment of the wrinkles on the face show, that’s all the reflection needs to give, nothing else of the modern world, but in the frail world of fantasy, emotions are more helpful, than whatever other sense can give.

For: they can only be used in the real world, and there only. And when the worlds catch up together, it will be time to wake up, live the life now, fully and nothing but tranquil that with the world of realism is heartbreaking, there is always the next days to come.

Just the ripples form and widen. There just to be someone to start them.

Are you that person?

Reflection by Odilon Redon

Painted in the years 1900-1905

Location of when painted; France

Reflection by Odilon Redon

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