It had to be heard. Their screams couldn’t go unheard. The blood of those who fought, cross, and those couldn’t get away.

Have the lands of once flourish greens . . . slowly burned away, painted in red, and drying itself, just as their people. Eyes of those who were able to run, looking back, only having watched all that of what could have been them.

Traveling; through lands of many, by horse or feet, wanting on that mind, that there should only be one way.

One color: one way of life: one only seen as a whole being.

Those dares to break it, fall under and never be seen again. Let the weapons steel bring the peace that is needed. Where only those whip will understand what is needed for those daft ears to worn the words, let them bear the scars for those to see and understand. Blister the tongues with only what is true and only true.

Be them rebel or followers, they must know. Becoming nothing but a memory, will not become the ways, of what this hard work has moved in the years.

They will remember; they will carry the chains of the past, heavy and proudly, for they cannot be forgotten. If become the forgotten, than everything worked till now, would have become nothing but a waste, and lead those of weak mind, that they can do the same.

Not knowing what’s come if not planned right.

Failure can’t happen, hard work, and true meaning of peace, as what a child would only see it, have to come and stay that way. For there is only one way of standing tall side by side, for something like to repeat.

If the world comes to it, real matters of what lost will only stay that way, as what in that war, that felt as if only happening yesterday.

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Painted in the year 1937

Location of when painted; Paris, France

Guernica, 1937 by Pablo Picasso

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