What is it like fit in a place that is too small?

What is like to live in world too big?

What is like to not have answers?

To be able to have a free mind to think of anything.

Where that glass can be half of anything, and we don’t give a damn.

We can just be open or close on things we don’t understand or choose not to.

Where needs and wants mix and become too complex to think they are real.

Life is always like that and again we don’t give a damn or do we?

That is a choice only one can make.

With a sign of happiness or sadness.

Even more of choice to read this stupid poem and think it can change anything.

Or write it.

I don’t even know the meaning of doing this.

To reach out to you the reader and have another voice tell me…

What do you think?

For this brain forces the fingers to write something for a reason.

Have the eyes see what they want to see.

Speak words that even the person themself have no idea what happen.

That saying we have the right for freedom of speech.

That we all have voice to speak our mind.

But really the brain has more power then we do.

When only 10% is used.

The other 90% waits for the moment to strike and have us at our knees.

Tricking us to think of one thing then something else.

Are we smart enough to live a full life?

What is a full life?

What are we?

What do we when the brain takes us to places we don’t want to go to?

What is the real reason to say anything about it?

When that reason will never be answer, as we waste time waiting for it to happen.

To the very last second our lives can’t take it anymore.

Things go black…or white?

When the eyes finally close to mean we give up.

I close mine to dream of the days to come.

What about you reader?

What do wish to see when your eyes?

I only ask because we are not the same when reading things like this.

Good day. Good night. Farewell for now.

This meanfull or useless poet will be back soon.

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