Dear Santa Clause,

I know this letter is coming to you a little early this year. But! There is a reason why. So hear me out.

During that whole time I was asking you for that B.B. gun. Well not just you… I was asking my family, your helpers, and even to people who are just your equal.

Santa, this year was the hardest I have ever tried to get you to listen. All while you were giving me warnings, that sometime soon, that toy would get me in the end.

“You’ll poke yourself in the eye, boy.”

For what my friend, Flick, got dared to stick his tongue to a frozen poll. I know for a fact from stories, that your pal, Jack Frost, made that poll twice as cold as it should be.

There was a knocking at the door. Not even giving the writer enough time to respond back, as the door started to open.

“Ralphie, what you doing in your room?”

“I thought I could get ahead of the Christmas rush and start my list early.”

“Can’t you wait until New Year’s Eve starts?”

“I think if you knew why, mommy; you’d be on my side for this.”

His mother let a little laugh slip through her lips. Then shaking her head for whatever was going on in his.

“Fine, but be done for dinner. Your father is coming home early from work.”

“Okay.” Saying as he waved to her goodbye as the door closed. “Now, where was I…”

The Little Orphan Annie pin was also another warning. You were showing that not everything is great as others say it is. For shame on me. But I forgive you.

I won’t blame you for the bullies. Seeing that they are like that all year round. I won’t even ask you do something to them. And, I won’t also.

And for the other things that happen. I take full blame for.

“Ralphie! You got ten minutes!” Hearing his mother voice from outside the door.

“Okay!” He yelled and went back to writing.

So, yeah…

The bad words that were said.

Random dogs eating the turkey and having the family go eat duck.

“That still had its head. But I won’t add that.”

The family fights.

And of course, the one thing that had scar my brain for life. The bunny suite.

In short to what I am trying to say is, that I want the nest year to be smooth. Or less bumpy. I will take either one.

For a toy? Anything boy-like. Nothing that will put an eye out or for others to think I can’t handle it. So any toy is fine.

But, if I say anything for a certain toy. Make it so my brother and me can play together with it. The fighting we had before. I don’t want it to repeat.

Same with my father. Anything we can bond over is also fine.

I hope you get this soon, from a young boy who believes’ in you.


Ralphie Parker.

“Ralphie, dinner time!”

“Coming mommy!”

Moving from his bed, going over to a small table for an envelope. Slipping the letter in it. Back on the table with it seal. Needing only a stamp and it was off to mail.

The End.

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