To the Moon

Its loud and wonderful.
It’s never ending wonders.
People jump with smiles.
DJ won’t stop the music.
It’s grows and never stops.
No fear.
No pain.
Just dance.
No matter want it looks like.
No play by the rules.
Best part…
There are none.
There free to do what they want.
Oh how grand is that for them.
Once a night to be anything,
And not know what is was the,
Next day.
Oh the joy of it.
The beats never die.
Oh the joy of it.
Louder and louder it becomes.
Oh how great will it be.
Listing to the music and never,
Leave that world.
That would be awesome.
The glass just jumps at every,
Beat that there is.
Better hold on and never,
Let it go for any moment.
You will never see it coming.
It’s going to blow you away.
To the moon.

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