Devil’s Food

They run and run.
Showing no signs,
Of stopping.
They give it all,
They’re all.
But all seems to fail,
When the wounds,
Become to deep.
Oh how fate could,
Bring this.
What will become of,
Theses people…
Of the people…
The people…
Their blood will coat,
The bark of the trees,
And their screams will,
Be the last sound known.
Oh the world is blind to,
See this and it would be,
The last.
The devil will smile at this,
Joy for souls,
Oh how great is that for,
A meal fit for a king of,
Oh that smile will be the,
Last to see and hear,
The shivering laughter.
It’s deep and earth shuddering.
That can never be a good,
Sign for anyone.
See him feast on the flesh.
And suck the blood.
The bones crunching,
At every bite.
The crimson drips low,
And slow as a stream from,
His mouth.
Oh how he loves it and,
Savers the moment.

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