Evil Man

The sword rose high and ready.
To strike hard on the weak.
They will never see it coming.
The warrior laugh like a madman.
Shows no mercy.
Oh how sweet.
The life of others is crush to nothing.
Oh that moment is good.
That is all others hear as this happens.
The sword brings others to their end.
They have never had the chance to stop it.
So sad…
Yes indeed.
Yet the other men show no care to it.
That evil man is to great for his own good.
That damn bastard will never be at peace,
For this at all.
Son of a bitch.
Oh how they wish that he been born.
That would spare everything that will happen.
Oh how that wish come true and everything,
Could be left alone.
I wish that had to be true or nothing,
Will end well.

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