There was once a saying way in the dark lands of the passed world. The world divided and kept in balance by Yin and Yang. Yet an unknown source broke it and sent the world into a twisted fate. From the depths of the underworld a Lucifer’s child was taken to the world above. Away from its hellish home. Raised to be something it was never meant to be. It’s a fable that has never been solved. Until now.

“What child of Lucifer was taken, grandma?” A little sick child asked as he laid in bed.

“A cat, my child.” She answered back, dabbing his forehead with a wet cloth.

“Why a cat?”

A very good question. Why a cat? Simple my child, the cat is known for all its evilness, the reason for the yin and a dog is known for its goodness as yang. They balance one another. And it was a angelic-demonic dog that stole the cat. For it was told that the cat would one day send the world in endless wickedness. It was a prophecy that had to be stop. And there was only one way to do that.

“How did the dog stop it and about Lucifer?”

“I’m going to tell you.”

Lucifer sent his warriors, the Rains of Fire to fine it. It lasted for about 6,000 years. It was a endless hunt. In fear that they would soon fine the little beast was getting close. It was when the dog’s head leader Zo, the winged wolf had to buy time for the demon to turn good. His warriors the Water Healers would do the job justice after only 2,000 years later. The endless hunt…became the endless war.

“Lucifer made war, but about the dog? Grandma?”

“Relax, I’m getting there.”

It was when the land was at its peak of glory. But it all stopped when in a village a curse would be place on a man and his wife someday. No one knew how it happened. Yet it did. To the humans, they didn’t know that the dog who’s given name was Batu named by his loyalty and it was his loyalty to protect the humans. The choice were not really his to make. As he ask the Great Forest serpent, Dekel, to form the cat demon into a tiny apple seed for the family’s wife to eat by accident and hid it from Lucifer all seeing eyes. The plan work but knowing how long was very undefined.

Months ticked by for the wife to show she was with child. Both her and husband were very pleased for this as they never thought this would happen and soon the mother gave birth. An inhuman infant and yet the woman and her husband raised it like any other parents would for a child. It was a perfect ending for this family. Yet it all changed when the Rains of Fire attack.

“Did they find it?”

The village was set a blaze in flames. Less then a handful of villagers lived through their invasion. All of Lucifer’s underlings looked and looked. One headed to the house of the man and his wife. The man did his best to keep the intruder out. He was soon beheaded, his blood covered the walls of the house. The wife was hiding under the house’s cellar with the infant in her arms. They were found not long later. The wife was killed just as her husband and so was Lucifer’s underling.


“It’s a saying that the cat had untold powers. If anyone got hold of them, it would have been as if you had the world in the palm of your hands.”

“The baby demon saved itself?”

“Yes, using it powers of good, the underling was killed by his own hands from the pure soul of the demon child.”

“But the cat was from hell, right? How could the powers be good?”

“Because the goodness the demon got from the humans made it that way.”

“Ok, then what happen after the madness?”

“Zo’s warriors came.”

The very war began once more as it always had. Leaving the Rains of Fires to run with no wins. The Water Healers saved what they could. Including the cat. Yet, to them this cat demon was not like the stories they were told of what the sinner’s offspring looked like. The fur was not black as night but white as snow. Eyes of blood were blackish-blue as the sky. Evil nature was not shown but the loneliness of a babe who was alone and without love. They took it to a safe haven as it was just like a human itself.

Over time, the cat demon grew and grew. Away from all dangers and taught to protect itself. The people of the haven thought of the demon as a blessing with the healing powers and careness it gave.

“The cat could heal people? With what?”

“Its tears. Sadness and fear it is what makes others stronger in life, a feeling to live life to the fullest. That’s what the cat gave them. Reason to live.”

“Did Lucifer ever get the cat back?”

It was on the 18th year of the cat’s life when Lucifer’s dark angel dwellers found the haven. In battle to take back was their’s, since from the beginning of time. One fighter named Hiroto of the Water Healers did not give up so easily. In rumor that was told it that Hiroto cared very much for the cat demon and wanted no harm to be brought onto it. His love for the cat demon was what saved her.

“The cat monster was a girl?”

“I never told you that?”


Hiroto gave his very life for her, the cat demon. Yet, she would not want Hiroto to die and heal him with the last she of her magic was given to him, before Lucifer drain her of her powers. Leaving him to live and her to slowly die. Hiroto beg Zo to let her live. Zo may have been a wolf but that didn’t make him a heartless one. But there was a bargain to make. Hiroto would have to give something of his to let her live. He selected his immortality. It was a bargain that seem fit. As they both had lost immortality unselfishly. They would both live and die when it was time.

“Did they have a good life together?” As he finally closed his eyes to sleep.

“What do you think?” The grandmother said with a smile, ready to leave the room. “You are their great-great grandson, Hiro Feline.”

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