“Today’s project of the day”
Ears open, ready to listen
Teacher tells without fail
“Make a poetic story and be the teller”
Pencils stutter to make words
Brains are turning
Like hamster wheels
Heavy glares bestowed
On their poor papers
We’re minutes away
For the class to end
Those gazes become more fierce by then
The papers are still blank
The bell rings
Students rush out
As if on fire
The hamster wheels are still going
To get it done
Day by day
The papers are becoming full
Their given it their all
That ball of thoughts has begun to roll
Before they know it
Due day is finally here
Not sure of what’s to come
Yet I know they’re going to do great
I’ll give my silent applause
For they gave it their all
To a mind-ripping project
They have surpassed it
without fail
I know they could
Even with heated glares

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