“I’ll be right back.” Waiting for no response, rushed up the stairs. Away in his room.

“That was stupid.” Pop a voice.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I have the right.”

“Not with them around.” The anger was low, but forceful. “Only…”

“I only did it, because it’s the truth.”

“They’re not ready.”


“No, I’m not. You’re just pushy.”

“Yes you are, and this is was for…”

“Shut up!” Coving his mouth in shock, hoping that down stairs no one heard it. Nothing.

“Smooth, bro.”

Taking a deep breath, trying to keep the slightest calmness alive. It was not working.

“Why do you do that to yourself?” Asking out of the blue.

“Why do you keep pestering?” Snapping back.

“As your sister, I do have right to pester.”

“You mean, as a pain, you have the right to make look like a weirdo. Huh, sister?”

“They need to know, what your doing to yourslef.”

“Its my life.”

“You’re my family.” Shooting back. “The only one I have left.”

“I won’t end up like them or you.” He stated to most likely himself, seeing the other wouldn’t listen.

“Car crashes are different then…”

A knock at the door.

Sister was gone, her sibling was alone once more in room. His mind with only one side.

“Yes.” Calling almost to silence. The door open.

“You okay?”

Laughing a bit nervelessly. “Yeah, just talking to myself.” Like an idiot, that part to himself.

“You mean to her, Tess?”

He only nodded.

“What did she need?”

“Nothing.” A lie.

“Don’t lie, once you do…”

“Its short skirts and girl talk.” He said with an eye-roll.

“Max, have you been…”

“I’m taking it, don’t worry.” Giving a weak smile. “I’ll heal.”

“Tess would want you too.”

“Its just hard.” Then adding. “I want her gone but I just can’t.”

“We’ll take it one step at a time.” And started for the door.

“Tess told me, I should tell them.” Fallowing after.

“That’s your choice, Max.”

Reaching the living room, continuing the club meeting. Max’s friend not missing when he glace over to the fireplace. Where three urns rested. Each engraved with a name: ‘Charles’, ‘Katrina’, and the last one was ‘Tess’.

“Let’s get back to where we were.” The club member leader said.

“Try not to bore us, again.” Max fake a grin, pissing off his cousin. When he was really hiding what happen before. Thinking if he should or not.

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