I never knew how it came true, but here you are out of the blue.
Lips so red, as the sea of the dead.
I pray up above, for ones love.
Here you are, after my heart.
You brought so much pain, I counted on you Jane!
You took me to hell, I only wanted you Bell!
The burn of (love (Repeat 3x)), does not come from (above (Repeat 3x))
You hurt me, just through me out to sea!
You called me a cheater and liar!
Girl! You’d set my heart on Fire!
I only wanted you, baby.
Its true, baby.
The demon girl from hell, goes by the name Jane Bell!
I would any for you, its only true!
Baby, Please! (Repeat 3x)
Take this with ease.
Don’t take me as a fool, I won’t be your tool.
The love we had, was off more then a tad.
Jane! Take away the (pain! (3x))
Just like the summer’s rain!
The burn of (love (3x)), can’t be from (above (3x)).
I love you!
Jane Bell, I ask for one thing.
For you to know, I can’t be your king.
Jane Bell!
Go back to Hell!

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