What do you get when you mix a seven year old, a mother and her wacky friends, a blast of roller coasters and endless fun, ending with killed joy cops. What kind of memory is that? The answer would be; one you can’t forget.

No matter how hard you try.

It was during summer brake, a few weeks before my birthday. Mom took me to see some of her buddies. Before we lost contact with them, they were always a ball of fun. Especially Mike. A forty-some year old man with a mind of mischievous twelve year old. I know, not some one a child should hang out with. But for a moment he was like the father I never had.

Any father would have never let their kid ride a roller coaster by themselves. Not Mike, but to keep my mouth shut about it. I got toys out of it. Hey, I was a simple seven year old. I still have that blue dolphin he won for me, from back then. I kept it, only because it’s a reminder of a man I called ‘dad’ of the best time I had. I only regret what I did with later.

It was getting close to dark, and Mike and I were getting groceries after mom called from Mike’s apartment saying he was low on food, because his buddies were ‘robbing’ him of his goods. We had a slight delay when there were cops waiting outside for us.

Those blue and reds and the sirens sounds are still fresh in mind. Recall when I said I would regret what I would do to that stuff dolphin. Yeah, throw it like a football right at the cop that was giving Mike a hard time. Right at his left shoulder. I was pleased with it, not Mike. He look like he crape his pants when I did that. I didn’t know back then that was called assaulted. I know that now.

Staying at the police joint was not really that fun. I waited until it was like two in the morning for my grandparents to pick me up. But the cops tried to save me from dying of boredom by giving me a tour of the place. I got to see a electric chair. They won’t let sit in it.

I think it was because of the whole ‘dolphin’ thing. I didn’t know electric chairs were bad back then. I got free donuts to forget the whole electric chair thing. I let it slide, but I’ll be ready for it next time.

Going back when the old people finally picked me up. My whole concern was going on where the heck mom was. Seven year olds don’t believe in jails are meant for moms or dads. I waited for about almost a week to see mom again. As she was with me, waiting to come home. She said was falsely accused charges. I pray for that not to repeat again.

I don’t how that made the biggest impact on me. Its just a memory I can remember so well without really trying. Maybe something to keep me from myself from going to jail. I know I would hate from the stories other family members said of their past times. Its no picnic. I’ll keep that in mind.

The End

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