The plains are clear tonight. Not even a cricket dare made a sound. A small breezes bit my face. Is the country side really like this? The quietness is starting to get to me. I miss the city, I want to go home.

“This is our home, sweety.” Must have said that out loud, for this old man to hear.

“Go away.” I called out, to the thing I called father. “I don’t want to speak to you at this moment.”

“I know your mad about this move…”

“Mad is no where close to what I feel right now.” I cut him off, before adding. “Why did you have to quit?”

“Because I found out about one of children is causing trouble.” He took a deep sigh. “Its not easy for a single father like me to handle something like this alone.”

I know where this was going. But I didn’t say anything. He calls out, I zone out.

“Samantha, until everything is clear out with the police; this is our home.” Its sounds like a dull muffled from his voice. “A new beginning, make something out of it.” What is he, an infomercial?

“To many soap operas, dad.” I call back to him, this man has to lay off the ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Oprah’. Its turning his brain to mush.

“I thought you weren’t going to talk to me.” I could almost feel that grin of victory on him. He knows I can’t stay mad forever.

I soon hear his steps go farther away, he was going to leave everything like this.

“Dad.” I turn to him, half way through the screen door. “Cale’s going to be ok, right? They’re not going to take him away.”

“When the police get the whole story, we’ll see.”

And I was alone, once more. God, now I’m mad again. First the move, now about my douche of a brother. What the heck was he thinking? I’m twelve and I know fighting is bad.

But I don’t get that he was doing?

Recalling back, to that cop who loved one to many doughnuts, in his one size to small desk asking me questions. One that threw me in a fast pitch of ‘huh’, was if Cale own a lab. When did Cale become a science nerd, the douche could barely pass the third grade reading WASL.

And yet, for him for being a ‘lab nerd’, we had to move. I had to leave my pride and joy. The city was my everything. Its where all my friends were.

Thanks to Cale the eye-sore, its all gone. I hate him for being a light-sleeper right now.

A beat-up hearse drives by the house, its dying motor backfires, breaks my rant of ending the life of my idiot brother.

Seeing it, I could feel my face go pale.

Flashbacks of a time where a little girl named Samantha Jones saw her mother being taking away to the cemetery. It was the crack of this fragile family to break. Later adding, Cal’s stupidness and dad’s long over work hours were the final bomb shell. Making the family edge near unhappiness.

Mom, I miss you.

“Samie, dinner time!” Cale’s voice howled for me, only to turn to see his black and blue face, all from the screen door. The bruises were slowly turning yellow.

Seeing his face, I know I can worry for this dork.

“Coming.” And with lead-feet walk back inside where the broke family awaited for me. Eating as if the whole mayhem from before never happen.

Mom, are you seeing this from heaven? That your bit… son, heart broken daughter, and weak husband are in trouble. Ask god up there to help us. Cale is an idiot, yes, but I don’t want lose him.

“Amen.” Father said after his say of prays, we began to eat in a joyless, ominous silence.

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