where were we again…yeah okay…..we are back people with the conclusion of our previous podcast with Mr Roriconfan

Earlier this year I actually intended to have Rori on the podcast to have a sort of 2011 Anime year in review episode…so since that neva happened I decided to end our conversation with his thoughts on Anime in 2011 and also how things are looking in the scene for this years anime releases (2012).

Titles discussed include

Madoka Magica, Steins Gate, Fate Zero, Usagi Drop, Kaiji, Familiar of Zero, Shana, Fractale, Bad Sci-fi anime of 2011 in the Noitamina Block, Lupin the third – 2012 prequel, Zetman……

Then I complain a little about the 2005 Guyver remake, Rori gives his thoughts on the anime industry as it stands today and we both discuss about how America’s relationship with anime and how future anime-ish cartoon releases like the Legend of Korra may hold the key to solving the big finical issues hitting the Japanese animation industry.

Finally, since Roriconfan is a compulsive blogger you can check out his latest blog post

Types of Anime Fan

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On Skype with username: Roriconfan1

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Yea Yea….i know this podcast was much shorter than the previous episode but this time ya got 2 for the price of 1 so shaddup already :0P

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