With all the deserved attention the Nostalgia Critic hasbeen getting recently I thought I would take a minute to talk about my otherfavorite show on the site. Now that critic is ending, I guess that makes thisshow my favorite now.

When I first discovered the site it was Nostalgia Critic and nothing else. It was after watching Suburban Knights I finally decided to checkout the other talents I had been short changing. Film Brain’s Bad MovieBeatdown, Obscura Lupa Presents, and so on and so on. I hated myself for neglecting the others on the site for so long. Then I discovered Linkara, andreally hated myself. A comic book reviewer? Awesome! Part of the reason it tookso long is because AT4W didn’t really scream “comic books” to me, butwhatever. It didn’t take long for Linkara to be my second favorite personalityon the site; he makes his show enjoyable and fun to watch. So what are my five favorites?Well, glad you asked!  By the way, after I had checked all of these producers out I re-watched Suburban Knights and enjoyed it even more. I should really do an article on that someday.

#5. Ewoks #9

This is the reason why I have put off making this list. Itseemed weird to talk about this one knowing in real life Linkara (or Lewis) andLiz are not a couple anymore. But I decided that doesn’t change the content ofthis, and of course they are still friends. So know that I have discussedthings that are none of my business, let me tell you why I like this review.Linkara and Liz are adorable; they had such good chemistry and really playedoff each other. Liz especially is great in this (being much more comfortablethan she had been in the previous one she did). The fight scene in the middleis one of my favorites, short and sweet. Liz was my favorite character on theshow while she was on it, and shines in this review. It’s also one of myfavorite title cards.

#4. The Tandy Computer Wiz Kids/PSA Hell

Yeah, I am lumping several comics into one category. If Ididn’t this whole list would just be PSA Hell comics. For the Tandy Wiz Kids therehave been four of these, so far, and I loved them all. These comics are just sosilly and lend themselves to great jokes. The fact that Superman and WonderWoman are in them makes it even better. I have watched these lots. SinceLinkara first introduced PSA Hell with the Tandy Wiz Kids I decided to make ita broad category. I love the PSA stuff, the goofiness of the concept makes forgreat jokes. The best of them all has to be The Spider-Man/Fantastic Four onecalled “Brain Drain”. That is one of his best reviews, have seen it abunch of times and it still makes me laugh. I mean, Office Max? That comic is just so bad, and in a truly hilarious way. The other great one is CaptainAmerica : Return of The Asthma Monster.

#3.Superman meets The Quick Bunny

Pretty bad when something makes The Kool Aid Man seem logical. My absolute favorite review. When the concept is as silly as this youknow it’s going to be good, and it sure doesn’t disappoint. There are some goodlaughs in the episode but really all Linkara had to do was just read the issueand it would have still been funny. In fact I saw this comic at a comic bookstore after watching this, and memory of the review almost made me purchase it.Almost. Not much else to add, great review of a really stupid comic.

#2. Act of God

There are many times when something Linkara would review gothim so upset he would be flat out enraged. Amazons Attack, anything from FrankMiller, Cry for Justice, and his great review of Superman #701 as examples. This is my favorite.I had read Act of God before watching the review, I had downloaded it, butnever really had an opinion. But Linkara did such a good job of analyzing and dissectingthis thing that I realize how bad it really is. There are so many problems withthe concept and delivery I could be here all day. This is one of his biggest rants;you can still a piece of it at the end of his theme song. It’s one of thosetimes when you wonder why he puts himself through the task of having to readthis stuff week after week.

#1. Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu

If Superman Meets The Quick Bunny is my favorite review, whyis this #1? Well let me explain this to you. As you know Linkara has storylines running through his videos. When I first discovered him I had no ideaabout these and found them annoying. But the more I watched the more Iappreciated all the work he put into them. It took some time but I got caughtup and I was a loyal fan as the entity arc was picking up, and suddenly wasdrawn into it. Now I am too old to have grown with Pokemon and had no real knowledgeof Missing Number. That makes how much I was engrossed by the story line evenmore amazing. This episode was the conclusion, and man can you see the work heput into this. The way Linkara defeats the entity with a kirk-style speech isbrilliant, and having 90’s kid being the bad guy was a nice twist. The scene ofan emotional Linkara changing for what he assumed was a losing battle was oneof my favorite moments ever. I could go on, but made my point. A very strongepisode and the best part is that the review portion was really good to.

Honorable Mentions :

Action Comics #593 & 592. Because I own these issues andthis was the first time he reviwed something I had read before. I also agreedwith him, those issues were never my favorites.

Spawn #1, I have no interest in Spawn but this review hasone laugh out lout funny bit which I think deserves recognition

Star Trek/X-Men #1

Secret Origins Month-All of them, I love every single one

Adventues of the Kool-Aid Man #1

and of course, Superman at Earth’s End. The funny thing is I had a copy of this, but the review made me wonder why and while Linkara burned his, I just ripped mine up and very happily.

Glad this show is continuing.  There aren’t too many comics I would requestexcept maybe Batman: Holy Terror. I would love to hear his thoughts on thatsomeday. So thanks Linkara for doing an amazing job, this is one fan that isn’t going anywhere.

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