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Episode 06 is the Anime reviewer we all love to hate…you know who I’m talking about…..The One….The Only………. the master of confrontation himself…it’s….Roriconfan!


Okay…so this time since I had the man back on the mic I decided to ask him some hard questions that many of us wanted some clarification on……such as

Why he is constantly being banned from popular anime review sites such as MAL even though he has such a high number of reviews (800+), Why he has just not created his own review site and why everybody thinks he’s a self hating anime critic who mustn’t even like anime due to his steep rating scores…

After that I guess me and Rori both give some let’s say arrogant and self indulgent opinions of what we feel makes a competent anime reviewer. @__@ most of which derives from a well written blog by Rori himself (which you will find a link to below)

Then we take a lil break and before we can conclude the cast we are rudely interrupted by someone else…..arg


Anyhow, I just want to say (as a little disclaimer) everything me and Rori discuss on this podcast is based on our own personal opinions and therefore we do not presume to be any better than the next person….however it’s fair to say we have both seen enough anime to say at the very least we are more experienced with the medium than most……..

So take everything you hear with a pinch of salt….okay peoples…..thank ya

Oh and as mentioned in the cast, here are the written blogs which clarify in detail most of what me and Rori discussed on this episode


1. Reviewing Truths

2. The Wrong Reasons to recommend a Show

3. The Internet Affect


…And of course you can find Roriconfan on

  MyAnimeList – AnimePlanet – AniDB — YouTube  

On Skype with username: Roriconfan1

And on TWiTTER @Roriconfan


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