This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame fanart, which is my eighth submission for this year’s InuAya month and part of DeviantArt’s Grogu tutorial, is dedicated to all of the InuAya shippers of the world. Sit back, relax, and revel in how Grogu admires this mighty canine yokai power couple.

42-year-old Inuyasha and his 39-year-old wife Ayame are always the object of admiration of fans young and old. Their recent fan is Little Grogu who is in awe of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s might, strength, courage, and unparalleled fighting prowess on and off the ring. Besides, Little Grogu finds it wonderful that Inuyasha’s magnificently mighty muscles as a Professional Wrestler with a Pankration, Kapu Kuialua, and Ancient Greek Wrestling background join forces with Ayame’s ferociously furious fists as a Nak Muay Ying Farang with a Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, and Kyuk Too Ki background. He cheers for joy whenever this canine yokai power couple unleashes devastating techniques against stronger opponents and even encounters them in the flesh whether for autograph signing or meeting their children and grandchildren. Inuyasha and Ayame have impressed upon Little Grogu that a formidable fighting spirit is an undeniable necessity not only to triumph in martial arts tournaments but also to grow as a person. Little Grogu is still a very young alien who will never stop learning from the champions.

I hope you all enjoyed Little Grogu being the lovely ball of motivation for Inuyasha and Ayame, and I will see you in the next InuAya month submission. Take care, stay safe, and always motivate Inuyasha and Ayame like Grogu does, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Din Grogu from The Mandalorian belongs to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

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