It is a mess of a three-parter with its signature moments of high-octane action but also poor decision-making for certain core characters. Please enjoy my assessment of Power Rangers Zeo’s There’s No Business Like Snow Business and let me know your opinions.

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5 thoughts on “My Contention With There’s No Business Like Snow Business

  1. I admit I liked seeing Tommy and Kat as a couple; I thought they had more in common as they were both former unwitting pawns of evil so supporting each other as they came to terms with their manipulation would sensibly lead to them growing closer. I will agree the Dear John letter was handled poorly, which is why I am kind of glad that the “Pink” comic mini-series tried to put a better spin on this situation. It’s still not ideal that Kimberly lied about finding someone else, but it’s understandable given the stress she was under.

    Controversial letter and shipping decisions aside, I consider this to be an okay serial that feels weighed down by a lot of padding. It really could have been trimmed down to a two-parter, just having Robo-Cupid in one and Defoliator in the other, or just having Defoliator as the main threat and working him more into the skiing trip since he has heat-based powers and would have had a greater impact in a snowy area. I thought the tease about a possible romance with Heather was unnecessary and ultimately a wasted plotline.

          1. Yeah, this was a case where no matter how they try to retcon it there’ll still be some unfortunate implications because the decision doesn’t work. It’s not like having the “peace conference” be a cover so Jason, Zach, and Trini can become the Omega Rangers.

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