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Today brings my final Barbie Christmas blog and I wanted to do something special. But what? Well, I love looking at Villains of various media and on A Look at Disney, I’ve been looking at Christmas villains. So I figured I’d do that here and it is also a way to look at a good take on the famous Nutcracker story compared to when I looked at the villain of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms that decided to make the Sugar Plum Fairy the villain. This adaptation is a bit simpler as it is very much a story that Barbie is telling to her baby sister Kelly. Now granted there are some changes made such as Clara being revealed to be a Sugar Plum Princess that The Nutcracker is looking for and Drosselmeyer is now Clara’s aunt. The role has been split in two really between her grandfather and her aunt but her aunt has the eccentricities one would expect from the character.



Anywho with this out of the way, let’s begin


Voice Actor

Tim Curry


This is the other reason I wanted to look at The Mouse King as the last time I looked at a Christmas villain played by Curry, it was the abysmal Enchanted Christmas movie. I don’t think I need to go over too much of who Curry is as he is an icon especially when it comes to playing villains and in my opinion this is a big get for the first computer animated Barbie movie. And this would not be the last Barbie villain that Curry would voice as he would return in Barbie and the Three Musketeers as the antagonist of that movie.


I love seeing Curry playing villains and in many ways he’s iconic to the holiday. After all Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


First Appearance

The Mouse King first appears after Clara falls asleep and we see him and The Nutcracker fighting underneath the Christmas tree. Technically, we first see his mouse army come in and lead the charge against The Nutcracker


This shows the kind of power that the Mouse King has in the kingdom. Though this power didn’t come about organically as he was once the advisor to the king but he usurped the power after the king died instead of advising the Prince.  I will say that the fight between the Mouse King and the Nutcracker is fun to watch.


In many ways this opening helps to establish the kind of villain that The Mouse King is as he will do anything to keep the power he has.

Personality/Grand Desire

The Mouse King is driven by power as he has obtained power through nefarious means to keep his subjects in line.  If they fail him or dare speak out of line, he will punish his subjects such as when it is seen how he turned two members of his mouse army that failed to rid the kingdom of The Nutcracker into bookends.


This speaks to another point with The Mouse King in how he is quick to anger when things do not go his way. This also speaks to his greatest desire, he’s a villain that already has power and he doesn’t want that to change. In his view, why should it? Having all this power and keeping the subjects of the kingdom under his rule has worked out rather well for him. I must say that Curry’s voice performance truly elevates how power-hungry this particular villain is.


Most Evil Deed

This is a case where the villain’s evilest deed happened before the events of the movie. That being how he turned the prince, Eric into the titular Nutcracker. We see how this eats at Eric and makes him see himself as a failure. To the point where he believes that the kingdom is better off with The Mouse King in charge and this even effects how his subjects views him. There is a quiet moment where Clara having realized that Eric is the Nutcracker comforts him and tells him that he is a good prince going through all this trouble to find the Sugar Plum Princess and stop The Mouse King’s reign.

This is a beautiful moment in showing how Eric is not as bad as he believes and that he is nothing like The Mouse King as he truly cares for his subjects.



Pimm is a fruit bat that serves as a spy that brings intel back to the King for a price. He seems to be the most trusted person by the King but that isn’t saying much. We see this when he is forced to follow a golem that The Mouse King created out of debris from the palace.

Of course Pimm isn’t above complaining about this albeit under his breath as he knows what the King is capable of.



In one last fight between Eric and the Mouse King that at first doesn’t seem to be going Eric’s way and the King is about to win until Clara steps in and the King is going to shrink even more then he already did.

This backfires and the Mouse King is shrunk instead so he is sent flying. He comes back one more time riding Pimm but is once again sent packing and the curse on Eric is broken as he is restored to his human form. This is followed by a lengthy ballet sequence of Eric and Clara dancing. I get it but these sequences went on too long for my liking.


Is The Mouse King a Good Villain?


Overall, I’d say he’s a decent villain and a good start to the animated Barbie villains. Of course him being played by Tim Curry elevates him a smidge as he brings so much life to any character he plays and that is evident here with how much fun he seems to be having. I hope you’ve enjoyed my look at these various pieces of Barbie Christmas media.

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  1. Tim Curry is easily one of the few things I’ll always remember watching this one (the other might be that you got Starlight Glimmer’s VA from MLP as Barbie). As always, he’s an absolute gem to watch and always grabs your attention.

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