This mentor-student meme base originally belongs to KeybladeMagicDan. This is also dedicated to those who fancy the idea of Zula of the Wasai, Conan of Cimmeria, Ka-Zar of the Savage Lands, and Arkon of Polemachus training George of the Jungle, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli to be the musclebound mixed martial artists, bodybuilders, and mighty jungle warriors that they are. Sit back, relax, and soak in the musclebound virility that Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon imbue in George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli.

I mentioned in my previous post that Zula’s, Conan’s, Ka-Zar’s, and Arkon’s epically strong friendship with George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli is astoundingly unbreakable. This is because of their penchant for combat, fascination with bodybuilding, and protecting the jungle from all harm. Here is where these two groups of musclebound brothers’ friendship and brotherhood can be advantageous. Considering that Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon are more muscular, bigger, and older than George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli combined, it would be phenomenal if the four bludgeoning warlord brothers trained the four raging feral brothers. Sure, George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli are renowned for their magnificent muscles, incredible combat prowess, and feral ferocity, especially where Basuli and Tarzan are the deadliest and most vicious opponents any fighter has ever witnessed. However, since Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon have faced bigger and stronger challengers, training their best friends/wards would be beneficial for them in developing brutally relentless combat techniques and building muscle and strength.

Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon have been doing wonders for George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli from their preteen years to their adult years. When George was 12, Basuli and Tarzan were 11, and Maugli was 10, 18-year-olds Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon trained them in Pankration, wrestling, boxing, Vale Tudo, Luta Livre, and Shootfighting. Their attacks had a wide range of hammer fists, liver punches, rear naked chokeholds, piledrivers, headbutts, bearhugs, and torture racks. As George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli were also jungle warrior princes, they even included bites, roars, and slashes to emulate the tigers’, lions’, and leopards’ way of fighting. Eight years later, 26-year-olds Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon helped 20-year-old George, 19-year-olds Basuli and Tarzan, and 18-year-old Maugli build a whole lot of muscle through weightlifting and circuit training. The Bludgeoning Warlords even helped the Raging Feral Kings with their bodybuilding routines, as both mentors and students had the magnificent muscles to prove their worth as real men with big muscles, heaps of virility, and abundant fighting spirit.

As George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli grew older, stronger, and more muscular, Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon continued to push them to fight well. One of their most memorable bouts occurred when Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon were 37, George was 31, Basuli and Tarzan were 30, and Maugli was 29. Both groups of warrior brothers engaged in a match that started with a bodybuilding posedown, thus showing how their biceps, pecs, triceps, abs, and back muscles increased in size then came the real event. The main fight resounded with cracking joints and writhing muscles. When Zula gave George a bearhug, George countered it with a double axe handle on Zula’s head. When Conan gave Basuli a rear naked chokehold, Basuli elbowed Conan in the abdominal area and showered him with uppercuts, jabs, and hooks. When Ka-Zar gave Tarzan a tracheal grip choke, Tarzan released Ka-Zar’s grip and gave him a headbutt, liver punch, and hammer fist combo. When Arkon delivered a fireman’s carry to Maugli, Maugli retorted Arkon’s attack with a barrage of ground-and-pounds and holding him in a camel clutch. George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli managed to emerge as the victors. However, they did not want to take sole credit for winning against Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon, as they also congratulated them for giving them the most exciting beatdown they have ever had. From that day forward, Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon made sure that they incorporated bodybuilding posedowns and brutal mixed martial arts bouts in every tournament they did, let alone train in.

Every bout that Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon engage in with George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli demonstrates the abundance of respect, allegiance, and fortitude there is aside from the muscular virility both mentors and students possess. Zula has shown George how to be mindful of his opponents’ attacks by thinking one step faster and implementing counterattacks. Conan has inspired Basuli to take advantage of his powerfully muscular body to give his opponents the crushing bearhugs and chokeholds of a lifetime. Ka-Zar has managed to make Tarzan find the balance between using his feral brutality and combative reflexes in his defense and offense attacks. Arkon has transformed Maugli to grow into a powerful muscle hunk capable of tackling stronger opponents. Throughout Zula’s, Conan’s, Ka-Zar’s, and Arkon’s 40s to late-50s, they have made sure that George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli grew stronger and mightier throughout their mid-30s to early 50s. Therefore, George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli continued to be grateful to Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon for being their mentors, best friends, strongest opponents, and all-around great people to be with. Their long-lasting bond in everything they continue to do will never die.

I hope you all enjoyed this deep dive into how effective Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, and Arkon can train George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli to be the powerfully virile combatants that they are, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and remember to grow in strength just like Zula, Conan, Ka-Zar, Arkon, George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli, everybody.

Zula of the Wasai and Conan of Cimmeria from Conan the Adventurer (1992) belong to Robert E. Howard and Christy Marx.

Ka-Zar of the Savage Lands and Arkon of Polemachus belong to X-Men the Animated Series (1993) belongs to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

George of the Jungle belongs to Jay Ward.

Basuli and Tarzan from Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Maugli from The Adventures of Mowgli belongs to Rudyard Kipling, Roman Davydov, Leonid Belokurov, and Soyuzmultfilm.

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