A few years ago I combined my love of Christmas with my love of looking at villains and I have been wanting to do that again for a while.  That’s when I decided to look at three Christmas villains from the world of television.  Two from Christmas TV shows and today’s entry comes from a Christmas TV special.  Though being fair, calling this a Christmas special is a bit of a stretch as it is set two days after the holiday and Christmas doesn’t exactly play a part in his motive but it is still a a good special.  Something I found interesting is how  The Cleric’s design is based on The Skesis from The Dark Crystal.



I’ll admit that I haven’t seen The Dark Crystal but I can see the resemblence


Voice Actor


Steve Purcell




Purcell does a good job of The Cleric making him sound regal and as though he is in charge of everything and is the smartest one in the room.   It’s a good take on this character that works to show how wrong he is.  Also fun fact, Purcell would go on to voice The Bensons in Toy Story 4.



So, that’s cool.



First Appearance



The Cleric is first seen when the toys are launched into the room of Bonnie’s friend Mason and this is when we get the idea that The Cleric knows more than he is letting on as he is mistruftufl of Bonnie’s toys as though he seems to know they know they are toys and are afraid that the truth will come out and dismantle the control he has over the Battlesaurs.


This is something that we will see throuhgout the special as he forces the Battlesaurs to harm Mason’s old toys and the old toys are not given anything to fight back with as they are in a gladitoral type arena which in reality is just a Battlesaur playset as see up above.



This is something that will be recurring throughout this series but a big part of The Cleric’s personality is that he has to have control over everything . Look at how he is happy that Mason got a gaming console for Christmas as he doesn’t want the Battlesaurs played with.  He must have control over everyone and everything and he doesn’t get that isn’t how toys aren’t meant to work.   In many ways,  the way that he uses Rex and cotnrols the robotic arms on Rex is a metaphor for his desire for control.



This is him taking control of another bieng’s autonomy for his own selfish gains and to further assert his domiance and need for cotnrol.



Grand Desire/Most Evil Deed


This might seem odd to put these two together but I do beleive that they do go hand-in-hand.   His grand desire is his evilest deed as he wishes to keep the other Battlesaurs from learning they are just toys as a way of keeping control over them as he is the only to know the truth of their existence and he doesn’t beleive play is important for his Battlesaurs.   Again, we look back at how he talks about the other Battlesaurs, he doesn’t truly view them as their own beings and in manys ways this is his undoing.








Reptillus  is in many ways the polar opppsite of The Cleric as he is truly a good if albeit misgudied being that lives to be heroic and serve the Battlesaurs and we will do whatever The Cleric asks of him as he beleives that is for the greater good of his brethern.   He is challenged when he meets Trixie and sees that she has Bonnie’s name written on her foot and at first sees this as a sign of betrayal and is hurt.   Trixie eventually gets through to Reptillus and he gives himself up and allows himself to be played with.





This is one area that I feel is a bit underbaked as he surrenders and gives in and lets Mason play with him.  I don’t know I get the idea of what this is going for but I don’t feel that it truly works as it just happens and it feels rather abrupt.



Is The Cleric A Good Villain?


He’s fine but he’s not my favorite Toy Story Villain. He serves the purpose of what is needed for the special. He’s a serviceable villain if nothing else but I doubt that he is anyone’s favorite Pixar villain.  He works for what is needed for this special but in some respects he is rather forgettable.  He’s nowhere near the worst villain I’ve ever looked at (looking at you Sugar Plum)  but he’s just there and that’s all I can say about him.  Join me next time as I look at…


Elenaor Bishop


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2 thoughts on “A Look at Disney Christmas Villains Profile: The Cleric

  1. Never saw this special, but I do find the Cleric’s motivations pretty interesting. Though it does raise the question of how toys come to the revelation that they are toys in the first place if there’s a whole group unaware of their nature.

    1. Well I remember with Buzz in the first movie came to the realization he was a toy by seeing a commercial. I can’t remember here and it’s interesting that the Cleric seemed to already know when he was taken out of the box.

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