This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame or InuAya fan art is dedicated to all of the wonderful shippers, partisans, and loyalists of Inuyasha x Ayame or InuAya from all over the world. Sit back, relax, and fancy yourselves in Inuyasha’s big, muscular body in the nude just as Ayame takes a fancy to him flaunting his beautifully tremendous muscles to her.

41-year-old Inuyasha knows that the best way to a woman’s heart, let alone to win his precious wolf yokai queen wife, 38-year-old Ayame, over, is to strip down naked and flex his handsomely tremendous muscles at her. Therefore, he always believes that an indicator of a warrior king’s formidability is his big, bulging, muscular body, which he makes sure remains rock-hard for many years to come. From his bulging biceps to his alabaster abdominals to his powerful pectorals, Inuyasha possesses all the physical traits necessary for an Alpha Male dog yokai warrior king to make any warrior queen fall for him. There is no doubt that Ayame loves seeing her handsome husband in his nude, muscular, powerful glory, thus making his muscles do the work of pleasing his wife. Ayame is aroused at Inuyasha’s muscles, given that he has worked very hard to keep himself in exceptional shape. Furthermore, the sight of Inuyasha’s big, naked, muscular body is enough to put her at ease from the day’s tension, quell her fists and feet of fierce fury, and excitingly entice her sensual pleasures.

(Inuyasha is completely naked when he lifts weights, cross trains, and bench presses. After he is done with his workout, he does a bodybuilding pose-down routine from double front biceps to side lats to make his pectoral muscles bounce. Ayame, who is donned in a sleeveless red top and short shorts, enters and observes Inuyasha flexing his magnificent muscles. He notices that she has entered, turns his attention to her, and flexes for her.)

Inuyasha (in a low, husky voice): Good evening, honey babe. How’s it going?

Ayame (giggles): I just enjoy seeing you in your handsome glory, my darling stud.

(Inuyasha flexes his beautifully bulging biceps in a double front bicep pose. He then switches to a side chest pose, the crab-style version of the most muscular pose, side triceps pose, front lats spread pose, back lats spread pose, and double back bicep pose. Finally, he turns to Ayame still flexing his biceps at her.)

Inuyasha (still in a low, husky voice): You know what my muscles are telling you, Ayame? They’re telling you to come give the great king Inuyasha some loving.

Ayame (approaching Inuyasha in awe): Oh, I certainly will.

(Ayame touches Inuyasha’s rock-hard biceps, sculpted back muscles, toned triceps, alabaster abs, and steely pectorals as if she were touching a handsomely marbled statue. Inuyasha then lowers his arms down to make his pectorals bounce but raises his arms again when Ayame touches them, thus making him flex his bulging biceps again. Ayame passionately kisses Inuyasha’s muscular body, while he continues to flex his tight, taut, rock-hard muscles with a sensual yet feral growl and moan. After all of that flexing, Inuyasha responds to all of Ayame’s kisses with embraces and kisses of his own, which make her moan with pleasure.)

Inuyasha: You wanna continue this in our bedroom, babe?

Ayame: Oh, yes, honey!

(Ayame climbs on Inuyasha’s muscular arms, as he carries her into their bedroom to make sensual love to each other.)

Leave it to Inuyasha to win over Ayame with his handsomely muscular body in the nude. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and please continue your support for Inuyasha and Ayame as a super strong power couple, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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