Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to do a review of the 1982 Don Bluth debut film The Secret of Nimh. In my opinion, I love this movie.
The story is about a mouse named Mrs. Brisby who moves her home not only to save her sickly son but to save her home from Nimh. What I love about this movie is the bold and mature story this film tries to tell. This is the type of story that makes this film dont feel like a kids film but a universal type of film. There are some action sequences and some emotional scenes that make the film effective. My favorite scene in the movie is when Mrs. Brisby feeds her son medicine. It is a touching scene that im sure that a lot of parents that have children can relate to. The writing put into this film makes this story epic. I give the story ten stars.
The animation is stellar. It is beautiful and Colorful to look at. Sure it does have Xerography but the way Don Bluth animated this film is excellent. I love the way the colors change during a scene i.e. grim colors during a fight scene. The way that the film looks big and grand is very well done. The animators pulled it off with making the animation amazing. I give the animation ten stars.
The characters are wonderful. I’ll start with Mrs. Brisby. She is an excellent protagonist. I love her arc in the film where she is scared of everything around her but becomes brave in the end spoilers. Nicodemus is an outstanding character being wise. Jenner is an outstanding villian where his schemes of getting the medallion is great. He is smart and conniving. A lot of people hated Jeremy the Crow because of him being distracting in the film. I love Jeremy because he brings a lot of comedic elements in a film where it is actually funny. The kids are well-written because they act like kids being bratty, emotionally concerned and playful. The side characters like Mr. Ages, Justin, and Auntie Shrew are also memorable. The voice acting is phenomenal. Elizabeth Hartman did an outstanding job as the protagonist. R.I.P. The characters are well-written. I give the characters ten stars.
For a non-Disney film to start off, The Secret of Nimh is an excellent film with an remarkable story, engaging characters and stunning animation. For all of the non disney companies that people know i.e. DreamWorks and Sony Pictures Animation, this film directed by Don Bluth is the non Disney film that started it all. I give this masterpiece a ten out of ten.

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