(Scene begins as a finger as it taps an app on a smartwatch as it opens a portal and the 1994 American Gladiators plays as the scene cuts to a hand , and it cuts to different images of James as the characters he’s played until it cut to his face and the credit of “James Faraci” is shown as it cuts to “The Last Of The Americans’” current iteration then slides away to different images of Paulo Fonseca, Brenda Fonseca, Rebecca Yaun and Nick Yaun as the characters they’ve played until it cut to their faces and the credits of “Paulo and Brenda Fonseca & Rebecca and Nick Yaun” is shown as it then slides away to different images of John Ross and Mike Santos, Andrew Beach, and Ed Champion as the characters they’ve played until it cut to their faces and the credits of “John Ross Santos, Mike Santos, Andrew Beach, Ed Champion” is shown as it then slides away to different images of Eric Kurtzke, Renee Miller and Olivia Horvath and the credits of “Eric Kurtzke, Renee Miller, Olivia Horvath” is shown as the 0:00-0:21 mark of the theme song plays. Everything becomes a swirl of Reds, Whites and Blues as the credits “Produced by First Choice Productions. Edited by Eric Kurtzke and Paulo Fonseca. Written and Directed by James Faraci” as the 0:21-0:26 mark of the theme song plays. We then see an outlined image of James as he morphs into “The Last Of The Americans” and lands with half of his team on his right. The other half on his left on a white background and the title “THE LAST OF THE AMERICANS” is shown Lazer etched into Titanium as the last six seconds of the American Gladiators 1994 theme song plays. Cut to James sitting in his office)

Just a few more modifications and there, my smartwatch can be used as my Morpher and person-to-person communicator, and the phone will activate access to the inventory. (James looks up and sees the recording has begun) WHOOPS! Sorry. I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours, and welcome again to “The Different Cuts”!

(Whistling version “The Lumberjack Song” is heard as Team TLOTA dressed as Lumberjacks see a gigantic piece of film celluloid and James chops it down and the other members cut it to different lengths and on the ends sticking out of the back of the truck the words “The Different Cuts” are seen in differing syllables. Cut to the title card of “STAR WARS,” then cut to clips of the different versions of the original trilogy as James does a voiceover.)

In 1977, after “JAWS” brought thrilling action and adventure back to the big screen in 1975 and “Rocky” brought tales of human hope back to the big screen, a little movie called “Star Wars” was able to combine the elements and added fun, fantasy and a sense of wonder in film making. Then in 1980 after a three-year hiatus, George Lucas and his production company Lucasfilm brought us one of the greatest sequels ever “The Empire Strikes Back”, it was hard-hitting, ended on a downbeat cliffhanger, and had one of the greatest twists in all of cinema history. Reactions of this twist are some of the best videos on YouTube, and I admit I still tear up when Han Solo is frozen in Carbonite and schlepped to be a wall decoration for Jabba The Hutt! Then in 1983, George Lucas Lucasfilm gave his trilogy closure and a feeling of returning hope that good had conquered evil, a son redeemed his father, and generations of filmmakers would be inspired to make movies. Me included, even though I am having setbacks up the wazoo, I digress. In 1993 when Lucas’ effects house Industrial Light & Magic worked on Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” movie. George Lucas decided to do some cleaning up on the effects and added in some scenes that he couldn’t have done during the time the movies were made and in 1997, twenty years after Star Wars, which was titled “Episode IV: A New Hope” in future showings on TV, Home Media and Theatrical releases, George Lucas unleashed “The Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy” as “Star Wars,” “The Empire Strikes Back,”and “Return Of The Jedi” was re-released with new visual effects and scenes and in further releases in the home market on DVD and Blu-Ray scenes have been further changed or re-edited and since then things have become (Show clip of Greedo say “McClaunkey” cut to James physically)

Exactly (Cut to clips of the different versions of the original trilogy as James does a voiceover.)

As for the original versions, according to George Lucas and the current owners of both Star Wars and Lucasfilms, they’re never seeing the light of day ever again unless you want to get them bootlegged through third-party sellers or pay whopper prices for VHS copies on eBay. But I digress today; we are looking into which of these is the superior cut. The Original Trilogy versus the continually changing current version of the Original Trilogy and see which version is better.

Which Cut is the Best Cut of The Star Wars Trilogy? Find out here

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