This mentor-student meme base originally belongs to KeybladeMagicDan. This is dedicated to those who fancy not only Inuyasha’s and Raymond’s super strong and excellently exceptional crossover brotherhood but also the idea of Inuyasha giving Raymond the hard and intense training in Pankration mixed with Combat Sambo, Judo, Vale Tudo, Kapu Kuialua, Ssireum, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing. Sit back, relax, and revel in Inuyasha’s uncompromisingly hard and unmercifully brutal training session that he has in store for his best friend for life/best brother from another mother Raymond.

It is common knowledge that Inuyasha’s training methods in Pankration, Combat Sambo, Judo, Vale Tudo, Kapu Kuialua, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing can range from being exceedingly tough to unmercifully sadistic. This is thanks to all the hard training he endured with his surrogate grandfather/grandfather-in-law, surrogate father-in-law, and surrogate fathers, The Wolf Elder, Broly, and the wolf Yokai warriors of the North, South, East, and West, since he was 8 years old, which has seen him triumph against bigger and scarier opponents in the bloodiest way possible. In terms of moves, Inuyasha has the double axe handles, hammer fists, rear naked chokeholds, tracheal grip chokes, neck cranks, liver punches, body slams, camel clutches, ankle locks, and rabbit punches to make his opponents fall to their knees in terror. Just the mere thought of Inuyasha unleashing those moves on Ulrich Wernerstein and his bodybuilder goons is enough to make them scared to death. All of what Inuyasha has mastered in Greek and Spartan-style Pankration has made him a formidable warrior.

Inuyasha unleashing relentlessly powerful moves from Ancient Greek Pankration, in which some could be still used today while others are currently lost in history, has earned him the monikers of The Nemean Lion of Mount Olympus, The Psycho Blood Bludgeoner, and The Rampaging Muscle God because of how brutally high-impact his attacks are. It is often said that, when opponents attempted to subdue Inuyasha in the arena with their chokeholds and submission holds, he sprang back roaring loudly like the Nemean Lion to deliver a series of brain-crushing punches, nerve-damaging body locks, windpipe-smashing chokes, and his signature neck crack that resounded throughout the arena. Even bigger, more muscular, and stronger opponents are not safe from Inuyasha’s attacks. The sheer fight-until-the-death mindset that Inuyasha always possessed from childhood to adulthood has always been well-established in his moves, given the many occasions that he does not surrender until his opponents are knocked down, bloodied, and cold. This is what spectators always come to see from Inuyasha’s brutality in Pankration.

Raymond, being the affably charismatic bodybuilder and gym instructor that he is, has an open mind to see what Inuyasha has mastered as a Pankration warrior and which also earned him the reputation for being a brutally relentless combatant rich in magnificent muscles, super strength, bloody brutality, and formidable ferociousness. This is also given his experience of marveling at Inuyasha’s viscerally body-crushing attacks unleashed against Ulrich and his bodybuilder goons on that snowy December 2004 in the Austrian Alps. Raymond excitedly congratulated Inuyasha for his amazing yet bloody combat performance and asked if he was free to teach him some of the attacks he launched against Ulrich and his bodybuilder goons. Raymond even exposited that, as a gym instructor, he also had clients heavily involved in martial arts such as wrestlers, mixed martial artists, kickboxers, and boxers for daily fitness sessions. Inuyasha even asked Raymond if he was committed to intense sparring sessions, to which he responded with a resounding yes. From that moment on, Raymond was about to be thrown into the deep end.

Inuyasha invites Raymond to his Pankration home gym which is surrounded by Ancient Greek artworks of Heracles throttling the Nemean Lion and Theseus giving the Minotaur a neck crank among other heroes who specialize in this Ancient Greek predecessor to Vale Tudo and Mixed Martial Arts combined. Raymond is in total awe of what he is seeing in front of him, as Inuyasha exposits that it is often said that Heracles and Theseus were the mythical founding fathers of Pankration, given the combination of striking and grappling attacks used. Before they can get to actual sparring, Inuyasha and Raymond engage in warmups which involve a whole bunch of weightlifting, circuit training, stretching, and pretend sparring with a dummy made of deer hide. Their workout session has all the works, with deadlifts using very heavy barbells, bench presses with 300-pound barbells, bicep curls, kettlebell lifts, extreme push-ups, abdominal crunches, chin-ups, giving the big punching bag a series of punches and kicks, and providing the huge deer-hide dummy a series of submission holds and chokeholds. That was just for the warmup.

Raymond already feels quite numb from the insanely super-charged warmup exercises, but Inuyasha reminds him that this is just the tip of the iceberg because they have to suit up for real sparring. Inuyasha dons his crimson G-string made out of a lion demon’s mane, while Raymond dons his lime-green G-string, which is a skimpier version of the lime-green short shorts that he wore during his bodybuilding pose-down at the stage of the Beverly Hills gym. Both musclemen are bare-chested, barefoot, and ready to rumble. To keep their skin moisturized and dust-free, Inuyasha and Raymond also rub olive oil all over each other’s bodies. Raymond even flexes his bulging muscles for Inuyasha to let him know that he means serious business, while Inuyasha does the same to Raymond, as he also rubs olive oil all over him. They even massage each other to keep their bodies well-conditioned for the blows, strikes, grapples, and takedowns about to occur. If Raymond thought that the warmup was intense, he has not seen anything yet because Inuyasha has a full program prepared for him to make sure that he is up to the task.

To see if Raymond is properly conditioned to take on as many viciously visceral strikes and grapples from Inuyasha, he asks him to make his body tense and tight. This is because Inuyasha is prepared to unleash a series of punches all over Raymond’s marvelously muscled torso and a whole bunch of low kicks all over his shins and calves. Raymond makes himself like a sturdy tree, clenches his fists, holds his breath, and welcomes all of Inuyasha’s blows with open arms. Inuyasha proceeds to unleash a series of jabs, liver punches, hammer fists, hooks, front heel kicks, and Superman punches all over Raymond’s pecs, abdominals, flanks, and sides as well as a series of leg kicks all over his shins and calves. Inuyasha also gives him a series of knee strikes and elbow strikes for good measure. The pain is extremely eviscerating for Raymond, as he feels his insides doing somersaults from Inuyasha’s brutal blows to his body, but he soldiers on because he does not want to fall down defeated. Despite wanting to scream and cry, Raymond cannot afford to give up even after Inuyasha is done with his series of eviscerating blows.

Thanks to Raymond holding out from all of Inuyasha’s brutal blows, he is ready to take him on in grappling. Inuyasha shows him how to effectively counter his opponents with rear naked chokeholds, tracheal grip chokes, body slams, ankle locks, low crotch takedowns, and double-leg takedowns among various takedowns and throws. Raymond seems to master rear naked chokeholds, tracheal grip chokes, hip throws, and leg wheels like a professional, thus finding his strengths as a grappler and submission wrestler. He has also mastered the art of launching counterattacks. Every time Inuyasha attempts to deliver a Superman punch to Raymond’s face, Raymond would counter it with an armlock until he taps out. When Inuyasha holds Raymond in a rear naked chokehold, Raymond counters Inuyasha’s rear naked chokehold with a downward elbow strike to his abdominal area, a haymaker punch to his head, and a strangulating tracheal grip for good measure. Inuyasha can already see that Raymond is a fast learner because he is able to use his grappling skills and strikes as effectively as he can.

The real sparring begins. Both Inuyasha and Raymond in their handsomely oiled and super muscular glory decide to do their Pankration sparring the old-fashioned way. That means both of them take their G-strings off and are in their full naked glory. Heracles and Theseus are with Inuyasha and Raymond at this moment, as the match commences. Inuyasha delivers a series of hammer fists, Superman punches, uppercuts, jabs, hooks, and liver punches all over Raymond’s body. Raymond, learning from the pain he acquired much earlier, counters Inuyasha’s attacks with a bearhug and a powerslam that sees both of them falling like oak trees felled by lumberjacks. Inuyasha gives Raymond hammer fists to the flanks, goes on top of him, and gives him ground and pounds with a side order of double axe handles to his face, forehead, and head. Raymond does not surrender because his rear naked chokehold, tracheal grip choke, bearhug combo nearly incapacitates Inuyasha. Inuyasha retaliates with a double axe handle to his head that makes them both fall to the ground. Both musclemen are bloodied from their visceral blows.

Inuyasha and Raymond roll around the ground before both of them stand up. Inuyasha commands Raymond to imagine him as the Nemean Lion ready to pounce and eviscerate him. Once Inuyasha unleashes his all-powerful roar like a mighty lion, beats his chests like a rampaging gorilla, and charges at him like a raging tiger ready to claw him out, his eyes turn red, the purple stripes on his cheeks, forearms, and sides become more jagged, and his fangs grow longer and sharper. Inuyasha tackles Raymond and is about to give him another series of Superman punches. However, Raymond does what Heracles accomplished with the Nemean Lion by giving one bone-crushing bearhug to Inuyasha to subdue him. Inuyasha counters Raymonds bearhug with a skull-smashing headbutt, causing him to almost lose consciousness. Raymond does not surrender, as he finally subdues Inuyasha with a sleeper hold, rear naked choke, and neck crank combo that shuts his lights out. Inuyasha falls down to the ground, with Raymond following suit, as his eyes return back to gold, his purple stripes become less jagged and is back to normal.

As both Inuyasha and Raymond regain their consciousness, the former congratulates the latter for a job outstandingly done. Raymond even thanks Inuyasha for the intense workout and sparring session, for he has learned a lot from him. Although both Inuyasha and Raymond are still limping from their visceral sparring match, they still have enough fighting energy to give each other a long, warm hug of appreciation and brotherhood with gentle smiles on their faces. Both of them even joke about Ayame and Alex watching them spar in their oiled, naked, musclebound glory and how much they would have screamed and cheered them on to high heaven. Raymond remarks that he would love to keep training and sparring with Inuyasha in Pankration because this would be useful for his martial artist clients whenever they consult him. As a sign of approval, Inuyasha responds that he would also love to help Raymond out with his clients, given his intense martial arts experience. Amidst the bruises, the gashes, the black eyes, and the immense pain, both Inuyasha and Raymond are happy to have each other in Pankration.

Raymond now knows what it is like to train under Inuyasha in Pankration mixed with elements from Combat Sambo, Judo, Vale Tudo, Kapu Kuialua, Ssireum, Ancient Greek Wrestling, and Ancient Greek Boxing. One lesson he can take away from his overpowering training session with Inuyasha is that sparring in full-contact martial arts such as Pankration takes more than just muscles and strength. It takes quick reaction time, fast reflexes, clear focus, and relentless instinct to outwit and outmaneuver one’s opponents. When it comes to pain, he can either run away from it and fall down to the ground wincing and moaning or wholeheartedly accept it and stand sturdy and strong amidst the evisceration. Choosing to do the latter option has made him persevere throughout his sparring match with Inuyasha, and he is happy to have overcome this ordeal. He may use what he has learned from Inuyasha in his training regimen to a reasonable extent with his clients, but not to the extent of what Inuyasha delivered him. Therefore, Raymond is thankful that Inuyasha gave him that huge serving of intense training.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission where I will cover Inuyasha’s beloved wife Ayame as well as Raymond’s equally beloved girlfriend then fiancée then finally wife Alexandra “Alex” Casoy. Until then, take care, stay safe, and train hard in Pankration as Inuyasha and Raymond have, everybody.

Inuyasha from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Raymond from Totally Spies belongs to Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel, and Marathon Media.

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