Greetings, Splendid Seven devotees, martial arts aficionados, fighting video game fans, and admirers of all things Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Antoni here with another written entry focusing on Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran specializing in the martial arts they do. The Power Rangers fan in me always believes that there is select Power Rangers who are appropriate best friends and sparring partners for Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran to fight with, encourage them, and just be the best people they are in their lives as martial artists and as people. Therefore, I have mainly chosen the Saban-Era of Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to Wild Force to act as The Splendid Seven’s sparring partners, best friends, and encouragers of the martial arts they do.

As this has been a passion project of mine for several months, I figure that there are more Power Rangers suitable to be Sesshoumaru’s, Shuran’s, Inuyasha’s, Hakkaku’s, Ginta’s, Ayame’s, and Shunran’s best friends for life aside from their obvious Mighty Morphin counterparts, i.e., Tommy and Jason being Inuyasha’s best brothers for life as well as his main source of inspiration for being the Red Tyrannosaurus Inuranger and leader of his team. Thus, it is time to unleash the power for the rangers to champion every endeavor that The Splendid Seven find themselves in. Without further ado, let’s get started. It’s morphin’ time! Shift into Turbo! Let’s rocket! Go Galactic! Lightspeed Rescue! Time for Time Force! Quantum Power! Wild Access!

Sesshoumaru and the Shining Emperors of the Cages (Mixed Martial Arts)
Zhane, Merrick Baliton, and Sesshoumaru make a truly formidable trio of mixed martial artists who can strike terror on any paean who dares to challenge them. Unlike the UFC’s predominantly frat-bro, dude-bro mindset, Sesshoumaru and his two best friends who happen to be Silver Power Rangers live in discipline, honor, self-respect, and dignity. There are neither wild parties nor puerile pranks that these gentlemen find themselves doing, for regimented training, physical conditioning, mental meditation, and drinking tea after every sparring match are their rituals. Zhane considers Sesshoumaru to be one of the most valiant warriors to ever dominate the cage and always advises him on how to perform his takedowns more effectively. Merrick is grateful to have Sesshoumaru as his sparring buddy for life because they enjoy delivering deadly attacks, with his signature ground and pounds, sprawl and brawls, armbars, double leg takedowns, ankle locks, kneebars, and Kimuras being weapons of mass destruction. As a disciplined martial artist, Sesshoumaru is happy to have companions such as Zhane and Merrick, for they can find common ground in the things they enjoy most whether in Mixed Martial Arts or simpler moments like drinking tea in their dojo.

Shuran and the Brutish Kings of the Rings (Professional Wrestling)
Mike Corbett the black-clad Magna Defender and Ryan Mitchell the glowing Titanium Ranger may dwarf in stark comparison to Shuran’s massive size as a pro wrestler, but their coaching styles can motivate him to balance brute strength with tactfulness when making his opponents surrender. Mike and Ryan always encourage Shuran to remain open to every wrestling style, not just the American, British, Mexican, and Japanese styles that they have come to become familiar with, but also with international styles from Mongolia, Turkey, and India to attempt every submission hold, power slam, bearhug, piledriver, Boston Crab, Full Nelson, and German suplex available. Outside the moves that Shuran practices with Mike and Ryan, they live by the codes of perseverance and being open to every challenge that is dished out to them and avoid any backstage politics usually omnipresent in Professional Wrestling. Mike always sees to it that Shuran does not always act impulsively when launching attacks, while Ryan ensures that Shuran combines technique with brute strength well. Shuran is grateful and happy to have two stout-hearted and valiant fighters like Mike and Ryan as his best friends because they can see beyond his brutishness and see a loyal soul underneath.

Inuyasha and the Red Nemean Lions of the Olympic Arenas (Pankration)
Inuyasha is one fortunate warrior to have intensely bloody ten-man Pankration sparring sessions with his best brothers forever Eric Myers, Leo Corbett, Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Alex Drake, Wes Collins, TJ Johnson, Andros, Carter Grayson and Cole Evans, thus busking in Heracles’s and Theseus’s glory and might. Eric, Leo, Tommy, Jason, Alex, Wes, TJ, Andros, Carter, and Cole constantly champion Inuyasha’s muscular power as a Pankration champion and do everything in their power to encourage him to aim for Olympus. Inuyasha admires Eric’s fortitude, Leo’s strength, Tommy’s fighting prowess, Jason’s toughness, Alex’s military will, Wes’s heroism, TJ’s charisma, Andros’s focus, Carter’s determination, and Cole’s heart. Out of all the ten Red Rangers, Inuyasha is especially close to Eric, Leo, Tommy, Jason, Alex, and Wes because he enjoys his intense workouts with them and the many tracheal grip chokes, rear naked chokes, guillotine chokes, heel hooks, hammer fists, double axe handles, and Superman punches that they can employ on each other. Eric and Leo are just as impressed with Inuyasha’s strength and encourage him to be the strong husband he can be for Ayame, given that Eric and Taylor as well as Leo and Maya are also husband and wife.

Hakkaku and the Black and Blue Bruisers of the Palace Grounds (Muay Boran)
Black and blue may be the colors of the bruises that Muay Boran fighters receive when dealing with such visceral beatings, but they are also the colors of the attire Hakkaku’s brothers from other mothers wear as Black and Blue Power Rangers. Zack Taylor, Carlos Vallerte, Trey of Triforia, and Danny Delgado as Power Rangers donning black are honored to be as steadfast as a brother to Hakkaku, while Rocky DeSantos, Chad Lee, and Lucas Kendall as Power Rangers donning blue consider their loyalty to Hakkaku as unparalleled as ever. Zack and Rocky revel in Hakkaku’s head, shins, knees, and elbows of steel because of how they can be able to break through opponents’ skulls with abandon. Carlos, Trey, and Chad always salute Hakkaku’s unwavering fighting spirit when he puts his limbs to fantastic use against stronger opponents. Danny and Lucas can see a valiantly charismatic fighter in Hakkaku whenever he steps up to the ring and deliver some serious elbow strikes, headbutts, elbow slashes, knee strikes, knee bombs, flying knees, and overhand punches against more skilled opponents. In return, Hakkaku is grateful for the spiritual and emotional support he receives, especially from Zack, Rocky, Carlos, and Chad who bless him in his every endeavor.

Ginta and the Blue and Green Clinchers of the Sandpits (Lethwei)
Blue and green are indubitably the colors of nature when positively connoted, and those colors are nicely employed when it comes to Ginta’s undying brotherhood with the Blue and Green Rangers of their respective teams. Billy Cranston, Kai Chen, and Max Cooper are Blue Rangers who find it within Ginta to never surrender and always use his charisma and determination to overcome any obstacle that he encounters inside and outside the Lethwei sandpits. Adam Park, Damon Henderson, Joel Rawlings, and Trip Regis are Green Rangers who constantly find the best in Ginta to better himself as a fighter and never let any detractor bring him down. Billy, Kai, and Adam can attest that Ginta’s head, shins, elbows, and knees can destroy even the toughest of material, given the many occasions that he has broken hard baseball bats Damon and Joel thoroughly enjoy Ginta’s charisma because it brings out the best in him. Max and Trip also find joy in Ginta’s endurance, especially since he has his headbutts, elbow slashes, flying knees, push kicks, shin kicks, knee strikes, and backfists to prove his worth. Ginta is just as glad to especially have Billy, Kai, Damon, and Joel as his friends, for they always have each other’s backs and will never give up on each other.

Ayame and the Yellow Prizefighters of the Training Centers (Kyuk Too Ki)
Ayame is truly ecstatic to have intense sparring sessions and loads of physical training in Korean Kickboxing or Kyuk Too Ki with her best sisters forever Taylor Earhardt, Katie Walker, Ashley Hammond, Maya, Kelsey Winslow, Trini Kwan, Aisha Campbell, and Tanya Sloan, thus finding a grand bridge between super strength, endless endurance, and fabulous flexibility. Taylor, Katie, and Maya admire Ayame’s unrivalled physical strength because of the many occasions that she can break free from Katie’s visceral submission holds, Taylor’s chokeholds, and Maya’s joint locks using leverage combined with her explosive blows. Aisha and Kelsey cherish how much stamina and endurance Ayame has against every obstacle she finds herself in, for she never stops until the job is done. Tanya and Ashley are astounded with Ayame’s flexibility, thanks to how deep her splits are and how her limbs of steel are unstoppable. Trini constantly commends Ayame for her unrivalled diligence and dedication to her craft as a warrior and as a person constantly willing to improve herself. All of Ayame’s uppercuts, jabs, hooks, overhand punches, roundhouse kicks, axe kicks, and knee strikes coupled with her fierceness are reasons enough to have all of her Yellow Ranger sisters cheer her on.

Shunran and the Pink Ladies of the Shaolin Temples (Shaolin Kung Fu)
Pink can signify love and admiration wrapped in a pretty package of silk and lace, but there is also an unrivaled accuracy that defines Shunran’s combat prowess in Shaolin Kung Fu, especially since she has the great company of her Pink Ranger sisters forever in the forms of Jen Scotts, Kendrix Morgan, Karone, Cassie Chan, Kimberly Ann Hart, Katherine Hillard, Dana Mitchell, and Alyssa Enrile. What brings Shunran’s combat skills to life is her adaptability to the different animals of Shaolin Kung Fu. Jen’s brute strength and unwavering fierceness resemble the tiger. Kendrix’s and Cassie’s keen senses are reminiscent of the snake. Karone’s quick accuracy and precise timing are incorporated into the praying mantis. Kimberly’s, Katherine’s, and Dana’s agility and grace are very crane-like. Alyssa’s quickness and speed can give any monkey in the jungle a run for their money. Shunran is fortunate to have learned a lot from her Pink Ranger sisters for life because she can grow in cleverness and conscientiousness as a fighter as well as in character as an overall person. In turn, all of Shunran’s leopard blows, knife hand strikes, spear hand strikes, palm strikes, finger strikes, nerve strikes, and butterfly kicks can make her Pink Ranger sisters encourage her at all times.

The Splendid Seven’s Power Rangers sparring buddies are not just great in terms of fighting prowess but also in interpersonal relationships. No matter the occasion whether in martial arts tournaments or in training, they always have each other’s backs. Nothing can ever break their bond which lasts for the duration.

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  1. A lot of characters I’m not familiar with here, but the throwaway sentence about avoiding the backstage politics of professional wrestling sounds good to me. If I were to go into the stories of ego-driven booking, wrestlers’ big pushes being abruptly ended, and so on I’ve heard about in the WWE alone, I’d be here for a week.
    Anyway, most of the Power Rangers characters I AM familiar with have a sense of honor and fair play, so of course they won’t spar on too uneven terms, and abide by any agreed-upon rules beforehand.

  2. Admittedly I’m not familiar with a lot of these anime characters, but you’ve come up with a lot of good pairings. I can definitely see Inuyasha having some fun dynamics with all the Rangers he spars with (especially Eric, given how stubborn they can both be)

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