(The Silver Hills Hip-Hop Club. A vast building that serves as a venue for several hip-hop musicians, rappers, and R&B singers to perform, especially for a huge and nearly sold-out crowd. A black limousine is parked in front of the entrance, and a throng of people are entering the club in droves. Everybody is finding their seats, with a businessman in a black blazer with black pants, black shoes, and a maroon collared shirt; a gentleman in a silver Time Force uniform, and several Silver Guardian officers seated at the very front seats. The businessman is named Albert Collins, while the Time Force officer is named Captain Logan.)
Albert Collins: This is going to be quite a performance tonight. My son is part of this rap band founded by Alex and Eric, who are also two of the finest commanders of Time Force and the Silver Guardians combined.
Captain Logan: Indeed, Mr. Collins. It would be an amusing experience seeing what talents Eric, Alex, and Wes have in rapping. I never thought that they would be into this type of urban music.
Albert: I’m confident they will perform wonderfully.
Captain Logan: So am I, sir. So am I.
(The spotlight shines on a blue mechanical owl flying from the left side of the balcony, as the audience cheers loudly. The mechanical owl is named Circuit and has a voice reminiscent of a young child, as he positions himself in the center of the stage.)
Circuit: Wow! This is quite the full house tonight. All right, ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado, please give it up for The Red Chrono Crew!
(Circuit points his right wing to his right to introduce The Red Chrono Crew consisting of Eric Myers the jet-black-haired Quantum Ranger, Alexander “Alex” Drake the jet-black-haired first Red Time Force Ranger/current Crimson Shadow Ranger, and Wesley “Wes” Collins the blond-haired second/current Red Time Force Ranger. Circuit exits to his left, as the spotlight shines on Eric standing in the center, Alex standing on the left, and Wes standing on the right and the fast-paced hip-hop beats begin. Eric, Alex, and Wes are wearing sleeveless red tank tops, khaki pants, and black and red sneakers. Alex and Wes cross their arms while moving their knees, and Eric is ready to start the rap.)
Give it up, give it up!
Silver Guardian represent!
(Eric signals the audience to cheer)
Time Force too!
(Audience cheers loudly.)
Y’all know what time it is?
(Eric points to his watch on his left wrist.)
Yeah, y’all!
Now, throw your hands up high!
Clinch that Quantum Power might!
Name’s Eric Myers
I’m on fire
With my Q-Rex pumped
To crush some punks!
Yeah, I’m the big mac daddy.
Silver Guardians represent.
(The Silver Guardians officers cheer loudly for Eric.)
Name’s Alex Drake
You cannot break
My du-du-duty and authority!
(Shows his Time Force badge.)
Captain Logan: Word up.
Time Force Officers: Boo-yah!
The name’s Wes Collins
Don’t need no bling
Got my brothers and my sister
(Lucas Kendall the Blue Time Force Ranger, Trip Regis the Green Time Force Ranger, and Katie Walker the Yellow Time Force Ranger pose alongside Wes.)
And my queen!
(Jen the Pink Time Force Ranger smiles, kisses Wes on his right cheek, and leads him on as if he were an obedient pet. After that, Jen breaks him off from being led on, as both she and Wes do some shimmies with smiles on their faces.)
Go, homeboy!
Go, homegirl!
So, y’all get ready to get a clue
‘Cuz it’s time to get busy with the-
Eric, Alex, and Wes:
Red Chrono Crew!
(The back of the stage explodes with red smoke, as Eric, Alex, and Wes do the rock-on sign together. The crowd cheers wildly and loudly.)
Albert: I never realized that Wes had it in him to rap so amazingly!
Captain Logan: Alex’s rhythm and timing are impeccable!
Albert: And Eric, wow, he makes a great frontman.
Eric: And, now, the latest add-ons to our Red Chrono Crew.
Alex: These guys are legends.
Wes: And our soul brothers who need no introduction.
Eric: Leo Corbett-
Alex: Tommy Oliver-
Wes: And Jason Lee Scott.
Eric, Alex, and Wes: Give it up for our radical Red Ranger brothers, y’all!
(Eric, Alex, and Wes point their fingers to their right to reveal three brown-haired men also in sleeveless red tank tops, khaki pants, and black and red sneakers entering the stage to greet the audience. The audience cheers more loudly than ever.)
Jason (to Eric, Alex, and Wes): Thanks, bros!
Tommy (to the audience): What’s up, everybody?
Leo (to the audience): We got more coming up for you! So, let’s go!
Now, everybody, go AYAH!
Now, UYAH!
Audience: HIYA SI HIYA!
Now, everybody in the house, go
(The audience stands up, claps, and cheers very loudly. Albert, Captain Logan, the Time Force officers, and the Silver Guardians stand up from their seats and cheer for Eric, Alex, and Wes as well as for Leo, Tommy, and Jason. Eric and Leo clasp hands and give each other a hug as do Tommy and Alex as well as Jason and Wes.)
Eric: Epic delivery, Leo.
Leo: Amazing work you did on those bars, Eric.
Alex: I love your work, Tommy.
Tommy: Alex, you were totally awesome tonight.
Wes: Dude, Jason, thanks for keeping up the ante tonight.
Jason: No prob, Wes. By the way, you were just as morphenomenal.
(Eric, Alex, and Wes take their bows as do Leo, Tommy, and Jason. The audience continues to happily cheer for all six Red Ranger rappers.)

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