This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame fanart, which is my tenth submission for this year’s 30 Days of InuAya Month, is dedicated to all of the wonderful Inuyasha x Ayame shippers of the world. Sit back, relax, and revel in how much a mighty warrior queen like Ayame is fortunate to have a powerful husband like Inuyasha who has the bulging biceps to prove that he is worth her undivided attention and unrivaled respect.

It is another glorious day in Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s abode. 41-year-old Inuyasha in the nude has just finished bench-pressing, dumbbell-lifting, kettlebell-lifting, and doing squat thrusts, while 38-year-old Ayame all clad in red has just finished practicing her punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, shin kicks, and headbutts on a huge dummy made of concrete. Ayame tenderly approaches her husband, who is still seated, and caresses him. All of the sudden, they see the viewers peering into their intimate moment. Inuyasha signals the viewers to come closer, raises his powerful arms, and flexes his tremendous biceps for them to see while letting out an earth-shattering roar that could give a lion a run for his money.

Inuyasha proclaims, “You wanna know what turns my wife on? Really big, strong, tough men with great, big, bulging muscles. Yeah, Ayame loves it when I flex my biceps for her because she can touch me anywhere, and I love it. It makes a strong king like me feel aroused.”

Inuyasha moans as Ayame runs her fingers all over Inuyasha’s muscular body, especially his bulging biceps, terrific triceps, and pulverizing pectorals. He also makes his pecs bounce for Ayame, making her giggle.

“I’m a warrior king who takes great pride in my great, big, muscular body, and I always love keeping my muscles in shape for my queen. Isn’t that right, babe?”

Ayame responds, “No doubt about it, honey bun. It says something that behind every big muscleman king is an Amazon warrior queen who admires him. And I’m lucky to be that Amazon warrior queen. Inuyasha’s beautiful biceps make me feel so hot inside in the best possible way. My dear husband knows how to turn a woman on and excite her.”

Inuyasha adds, “Awww….Thanks, sweetie. Do you know what I could do with my big biceps? I could squeeze the living daylights out of you with my bearhug and let my precious Ayame beat you to a bloody pulp.”

Ayame chimes in, “So, don’t mess with us if you know what’s good for you.”

Inuyasha concludes, “We hope you enjoyed the display of my big, bulging, beautiful biceps for all of you at home to see. Just remember to not be a jealous hater and always keep working out if you want big biceps like mine. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got some love-making to do with my sweet honeybee.”

Ayame beams with excitement, “Oooooh….This is going to be fun. Let’s go!”

Inuyasha stands up from his bench, lifts Ayame up for her to be cradled by his powerful arms, and they head to their bedroom.

Ayame finishes up, “See you next time.”

Inuyasha adds, “And remember to train hard.”

Well, that was fun. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next 30 Days of InuAya submission. Take care, stay safe, and please spread that awesome InuAya love, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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