Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s Magnificently Mighty Family

This piece of Inuyasha x Ayame fanart collage, which is my ninth submission for this year’s 30 Days of InuAya Month, is dedicated to all of the wonderful Inuyasha x Ayame shippers of the world as well as those who fancy the idea of what their ideas of InuAya fan-made children would look like, especially when they create one big happy family.

Inuyasha and Ayame are the definitions of a power couple not only in terms of their physical strength, unquestionable endurance, indubitable tenacity, and tough formidability but also in terms of being stern yet extremely loving parents who are proud to make their family grow in the best way possible. Leave it to a muscular Alpha Male dog yokai warrior king like 41-year-old Inuyasha to be the loyal and loving husband to a fierce wolf yokai warrior queen like 38-year-old Ayame, who, in turn, is never a doormat, is the definition of an independent fighter, and is a dutifully loving wife who loves her husband without any agendas to be domineering of him. Twenty-eight years of holy matrimony, since Inuyasha was 13 and Ayame was 10, can do wonders for this exceptional power couple, thanks to also having a grand total of fourteen powerful children who have grown just as formidable and strong as their parents. With Inuyasha proving himself to be a strong husband to Ayame, and with Ayame proving herself to be a fiercely loyal wife to Inuyasha, they have built a sturdy roof for their family to stay forever united.

As mentioned before, 41-year-old Inuyasha and 38-year-old Ayame are a strong pair of parents who keep their family under one roof. Inuyasha’s mighty skills as a muscular Pankration warrior and Ayame’s unrivaled abilities as a Kyuk Too Ki fighter are also testaments to how they define a brawn and beauty couple, with Inuyasha’s magnificent muscles complimenting Ayame’s furious fists. When this dog yokai warrior king and his wolf yokai warrior queen enter the arena to do battle with bigger, stronger, more skilled, and tougher opponents, they love to utilize their favorite combo attack. It starts with Inuyasha applying a tracheal grip choke, a hammer fist, several liver punches, and a double axe handle to his opponent’s head. He then lifts their opponent up with a back-breaking torture rack, thus leading Ayame to deliver an eviscerating Superman punch, jab, uppercut, roundhouse kick, shin kick, and elbow strike combo before landing an axe kick. The grand finale is Inuyasha blasting off with an earth-shattering piledriver crashing to the ground, with Ayame soccer kicking their opponent clean off. All eviscerating attacks aside, Inuyasha’s mighty muscles and Ayame’s furious fists are also useful in their roles as a couple as well as parents to their children. Inuyasha as the strong patriarch is the protector and the provider who always brings home the big bacon, while Ayame as the fierce matriarch is the defender and disciplinarian who stands by her husband and does not allow her children to walk over her or their father. Both Inuyasha and Ayame avoid trying to label themselves as cool parents because that trivializes their roles in raising their children to be the best that they can be as warriors and as individuals, resulting in exceptional parenting and well-loved children.

It would be simple to classify 28-year-olds Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru; 27-year-olds Kenta and Keita; and 26-year-olds Kazuhiko and Kaito as a septet of musclebound meatheads who are all about big brawns couple with might as right as their main mentality. However, as the seven mighty, manly, and muscular sons of Inuyasha and Ayame, that is only a menial chunk of who they are as warriors and as men. 28-year-olds Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru are the eldest triplet sons who do their best to set an example to their younger siblings, with Masataka being the upright one, Masaya maintaining responsibility, and Masaru encouraging everybody around him to always reach the higher ground. 27-year-olds Kenta and Keita are the second-born twin sons who are proud to be the muscle twins and exude abundantly muscular virility, enjoy flaunting their magnificent muscles to everybody who wants to witness their kingly physiques and have the radical wrestling moves to prove their worth as warriors. 26-year-olds Kazuhiko and Kaito are the third-born twin sons who are the complete package of fierce determination, unparalleled combat prowess, and manly brawn as well as being disciplined gentlemen using their perseverance with everything they got. Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru are Combat Sambo combatants; Kenta and Keita are Kapu Kuialua champions; and Kazuhiko and Kaito are Luta Livre gladiators all with a background in Pankration, Ancient Greek Wrestling, Ancient Greek Boxing, Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding, thus using their muscles and radical wrestling moves to overpower their opponents. Masataka, Masaya, and Masaru have their rear naked chokeholds on standby to shatter their opponents’ windpipes. Kenta and Keita possess piledrivers that are perilously painful to their opponents’ skeletons. Kazuhiko and Kaito bear armbars that can leave their opponents being reduced to pitiful cowards shaking on their knees. Therefore, all seven of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s sons are clear examples of combining magnificent muscles with muscular manliness to stay strong together not just as strong dog-wolf yokai hybrid kings but also as brothers first and foremost.

Anybody who proclaims that 25-year-old Kiriko; 24-year-olds Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto; 23-year-olds Maya and Minako; and 22-year-old Meika as nothing more than a septet of ladies who are all brawn and no agility as fighters is completely wrong because all seven of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s daughters are diverse as fighters and as women. Kiriko, Momoko, Makoto, Mikoto, Maya, Minako, and Meika combine super strength with rapid reflexes as warriors through the number of clinches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, shin kicks, and headbutts they can employ to reduce their opponents to smithereens. Outside their attacks, all seven of Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s daughters are determined and fiery firebrands who have a whole lot to give to the world and are not going to surrender any time soon. 25-year-old Kiriko is the fourth-born eldest daughter who is a loud and proud tomboy with a heart of gold always encouraging everybody around her to never settle for anything less. 24-year-olds Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto are the fifth-born triplet daughters who are rowdy tomboys unafraid of getting themselves into skirmishes, with Momoko being headstrong, Makoto being outspoken, and Mikoto being rough and tumble. 23-year-olds Maya and Minako are the sixth-born twin daughters who are fearless Amazon warriors taking challenges by the head and beating them to full submission. 22-year-old Meika is the seventh-born youngest daughter who is a rough and tumble, agile, and flexible fighter constantly speaking her mind as well as looking great for doing so. Kiriko is a Shoot Boxing prizewinner; Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto are Dutch Kickboxing prizefighters, Maya and Minako are Japanese Kickboxing bruisers, and Meika is an American Kickboxing victor all with a background in Pankration, Kyuk Too Ki, Dutch Kickboxing, Shoot Boxing, Ancient Greek Boxing, Taekwondo, and Hapkido, especially where Taekwondo and Hapkido are also used by Maya, Minako, and Meika in their kicks and punches. Kiriko has her Superman punches; Momoko, Makoto, and Mikoto have their uppercuts; Maya and Minako have their spinning back kicks; and Meika has her axe kicks all ready to destroy their opponents while maintaining a strong sense of sisterhood.

Inuyasha’s and Ayame’s family is a magnificently powerful family of warriors who stick by each other every single time and is not going to disintegrate. Inuyasha’s super strength and Ayame’s formidable fierceness have kept their family together and have cultivated a family that they are happy and blessed to have made. They instilled great values in their children and have become just as strong, if not even stronger, than their parents. Inuyasha and Ayame could not have been any prouder of Masataka, Masaya, Masaru, Kenta, Keita, Kazuhiko, Kaito, Kiriko, Momoko, Makoto, Mikoto, Maya, Mikoto, and Meika for living their best lives possible.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next 30 Days of InuAya submission. Take care, stay safe, and please spread that awesome InuAya love, everybody.

Inuyasha and Ayame from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Masataka, Masaya, Masaru, Kenta, Keita, Kazuhiko, Kaito, Kiriko, Momoko, Makoto, Mikoto, Maya, Minako, and Meika belong to me.

Kiriko’s design belongs to MythicalPotat.

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