Hey, everybody. Antoni here. I have just hit a new DeviantArt milestone, as I have reached exactly 800 watchers. Since I hit this number of watchers, I thought it would be nice to put forty of my favorite art pieces on display for all of you, wonderful people, as 800 is also divisible by that number. If you know me, I enjoy going further than the norm.

I am very grateful to all of you who have embarked on this exciting journey with me on DeviantArt. While there have been bumps and turbulence along the way, I am very glad to have gotten to know you and express the things I enjoy and am passionate about through my artwork. Whether it is The Splendid Seven being a powerful yet loving septet of Yokai warriors, especially with my number one beloved OTP of all time Inuyasha x Ayame leading the helm with their strength, sexiness, sinuousness, and superbness as well as their wonderful family, The Animated Jungle Brothers, The Comic Jungle Brothers or RobRae’s and Zutara’s Double Dates, I always feel inspired and motivated to create content for all of you. So, to all of my 800 wonderful DeviantArt watchers, please give yourselves a round of applause for being absolutely awesome.

The Splendid Seven may have started with my undying devotion and love to Inuyasha and Ayame as my number one OTP of all time to the point where I drew their fan-children and built on their unfailing strength as a powerful family. In fact, I made Inuyasha and Ayame have a total of fourteen children, consisting of seven muscular sons named Masataka, Masaya, Masaru, Kenta, Keita, Kazuhiko, and Kaito and seven fierce daughters named Kiriko, Momoko, Makoto, Mikoto, Maya, Minako, and Meika, who I hope to draw a lot more of. Nevertheless, adding in Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Shunran proved to be a fun and interesting endeavor because of how superbly their individual strengths as combatants can transform into formidable collectivity against enemies more powerful and more vicious than them. Even as I continue to adorate Inuyasha x Ayame as my number one OTP of all time because of how Inuyasha’s magnificent muscles complement Ayame’s formidable fierceness, thus making them a super strong and stunningly sexy couple, I can never neglect Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s virile manliness as a duo of strong brothers, Shuran’s, Hakkaku’s, and Ginta’s terrific chemistry as a trio of best brothers, Ayame’s and Shunran’s fabulous flexibility as a duo of gorgeous sisters, Sesshoumaru’s and Shuran’s fortitude as great comrades, Inuyasha’s equally strong brotherhood with Hakkaku and Ginta, and even Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s adorable lovability with Shunran. The best ideas I have made for The Splendid Seven were having them be the Mighty Morphin Inurangers in their teen years, thus donning the Power Rangers signature suits and fighting against Naraku’s monsters and demons doing so, and be involved in martial arts tournaments akin to UFC, Pride FC, Tekken, Street Fighter, and many other fighting video games as well as martial arts tournament events I could barely name off the top of my head as they reach adulthood. The latter idea of having Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran involved in martial arts tournaments is one I continue to have the most fun with because of the various martial arts I chose for each Yokai warrior, with Sesshoumaru having Mixed Martial Arts, Shuran having Professional Wrestling, Inuyasha having Pankration, Hakkaku having Muay Boran, Ginta having Lethwei, Ayame having Taekwondo, and Shunran having Shaolin Kung Fu, as well as the spectacle of having seven Yokai martial artists unite, use their amazing strength as well as infallible combat prowess, fight against more powerful opponents, and win the acclaim of the audience while being honorable martial artists. Even better is when these seven martial artists train with the fighting game mentors that I have provided them with and even spar with the Saban-Era Power Rangers who I have chosen them to be their best friends for life as well as closest sparring partners, with Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Eric Myers, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Taylor Earhardt, and Jen Scotts being top of mind as the best people the Splendid Seven would consider as their best friends and greatest people they have had the chance to train with. My love for Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran uniting as The Splendid Seven will never fail, and it will last for an eternity.

George of the Jungle, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli uniting as a quartet of super strong, magnificently muscular, laudably lovable, and ferociously fierce jungle brothers will always leave me elated and inspired. There is always something phenomenal about having four muscular and powerful jungle warrior brothers being raised superbly by their father Chief Keewazi, who has seen his four precious sons grow from rambunctious boys to tough adolescent young men to the fierce warrior kings they have become. Since they also have Mufasa, Simba, and Kaj by their side as part of the family, given their strong affiliation with lions and leopards, it also makes sense for George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli to use their muscles, fists, feet, claws, fangs, combat prowess, and animal ferociousness to overcome their enemies as well as be the feral hunters that they are. The brothers who truly embrace being feral are, of course, Basuli and Tarzan who would wrestle and roar at each other butt naked for sparring purposes, hunt naked while using their claws, fangs, muscles, and strength to overcome their prey whether they be antelope, wild boar, deer, or zebra; and smear their prey’s blood all over their buff, nude bodies to scare away poachers and looters by brutally pouncing them. Furthermore, George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli revel in bodybuilding posedowns whether in the nude or in super skimpy g-strings, skinny-dipping in the river, and cuddling with each other like the close brothers that they are all while touching each other’s beautifully bulging muscles. Bulging muscles are not the only facets that make them awesome because George, Basuli, Tarzan, and Maugli are also powerful mixed martial artists with strong foundations in Pankration, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kapu Kuialua, Pehlwani, and Malla-Yuddha and can put their furiously exciting moves to great use against more powerful opponents whether in the ring or the arena. Outside George’s, Basuli’s, Tarzan’s, and Maugli’s beastly brutality and muscular virility, they also have loving relationships with Namontack, Kocoum, and Hercules and are flexible when it comes to spicy intimacy, specifically when Basuli and Tarzan love Hercules both body and soul, Namontack loves both George and Basuli unconditionally, and Kocoum demonstrates love, allegiance, respect, and affection towards both Tarzan and Maugli. Everything these four jungle brothers do together as well as with their mates is inseparable.

I may not have drawn much fan art of the Dell Comics’ version of Tarzan having a super strong brotherhood with Malb’yat, Kavandavanda, Aroc, and even Bundroc, but the ideas I have for these jungle brothers from the comics get more exciting by the minute. Aside from them, I would even love to do more fan art of Conan, Zula, Ka-Zar, and Arkon together as a quartet of powerfully muscular warriors who have bulging muscles of steel and lion-like virility. It would even be cool to have Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, Kavandavanda, Aroc, Sheena, and Jana practice their brand of mixed martial arts which combines Pankration, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kapu Kuialua, and Malla-Yuddha among many prominent martial arts, especially those from Africa such as Moraingy and Dambe. Furthermore, it would even be fun to have Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, Kavandavanda, and Aroc flex their beautifully bulging muscles to their darling jungle queens Sheena and Jana as well as have all five jungle kings spar in Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, and Muay Thai with each other and even Sheen and Jana spar in Kickboxing. The possibilities for Bundroc, Malb’yat, Tarzan, Kavandavanda, Aroc, Sheena, and Jana are endless, especially when they spar with Korak, Dick, and Doc in the martial arts that have defined them as powerful jungle warriors.

I dare not leave out my undying appreciation for Robin x Raven or RobRae and Zuko x Katara or Zutara having double dates in romantic locales and being two beautifully loving couples who will always love and care for each other as well as have beautiful children they can call their own. If I ever I have the passion to do more with RobRae and Zutara, I would do what I can to give these two beautiful couples the spotlight and even create the fan-children I have given names to. I would even love to tap into their noble sides, as I do perceive both RobRae and Zutara as couples who are rich in nobility, decorum, strong morality, and loyalty.

Everything I have done here on DeviantArt would not have been possible without your support and encouragement. It is because of you wonderful 800 DeviantArt watchers that I continue to create more content whether written or art-related. I will continue to do my part, give you more content, and keep growing in passion, high interest, undeterred determination, and pure appreciation. So, I thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart for your support, encouragement, kindness, and fortitude and for bearing with me for the four years and nine months I have been on DeviantArt. Stay awesomely golden, everybody.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and thank you so much for your support, your encouragement, and your absolute awesomeness, everybody.

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