My traditional showcase at my voice acting works from the previous year that continues the trend of shortness. Majority of the works I did were contributions to various student project in the university I study in whenever it was grunting as mooks who get shot with fingerguns, an ancient hunter yearning for revenge or soundbites for gentleman frog and a capybara with memetic falling sounds (unlike other samples the latter ones use the game’s trailer and together edited sound samples as their material). Also got a sizable visual novel role as a tech megacorp CEO, expect see more of him in the full version to be released this year.

Chronicles of Serenoa –
The Slipshod – It can be found from but can’t tell more than that because the game is Not Safe For Work.
Gods of the Twilight (demo) –
Fingerbang: All Bullets Pointin’ –
Hunter: Kalevala –
Ok I Pull Up –

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