This screenshot demotivational poster is highly, utterly, indubitably, and absolutely Anti-Sango. Sit back, relax, and sit in for a spell, as I call out Sango’s foolishness as a pathetic sheep.

Back when I first watched Inuyasha as an eleven-year-old tween until I fully watched it as a teenager, I did enjoy Sango and her brand of strength. However, as the years rolled by, and I began to watch Inuyasha more critically, I started to realize that Sango was nothing more than a pathetic loser who could use her head well, a lousy sheep who was one of Kagome’s knee-crawling posse, and a demeaning hypocrite who never saw Inuyasha as an individual but as a second to a third-class citizen. The way she carried herself into battle with her ginormous boomerang Hiraikotsu plus her weapons might have made her look cool and courageous, but she became even more useless as the series rolled on. She took Inuyasha’s strength and loyalty for granted, despite her knowing full well that he is part dog Yokai, and never considered his thoughts and feelings when it came to the similar situation he endured, specifically the loss of Kikyou. At the end of the day, Sango is another classic case of somebody who talks the talk but fails to walk the walk, as she had courage as a heroine but was nothing more than a pathetically brainless zero.

Sango’s foolishness is legendary in the most negative way possible. From the beginning, she bought Naraku’s whole trick of framing Inuyasha for the murder of her clan hook, line, and sinker. Even after Inuyasha cleared his name from being framed by Naraku, Sango continued to not have any warmth for him as her comrade and as her platonic equal. Despite her going through the similar loss that Inuyasha endured, she never understood the special bond he and Kikyou shared when she was still alive and before he was pinned to the Sacred Tree by her arrows due to Naraku setting both of them up. All she did was immediately take Kagome’s side just like her stupid life partner Miroku and the crappy excuse of a Kitsune Shippou. So much for her stating that she wanted to stay by Inuyasha’s side during the aftermath of Episode 52. It is such a shame that Sango could not rise above her own mental incompetence, better herself as a good friend, and thoroughly understand Inuyasha’s point of view because her physical strength may have made her cool, but her lack of deeper compassion and common sense made her lame.

Even more foolish is how Sango thinks she has every right to call out Miroku and his philandering ways but also believes that Inuyasha himself was a philanderer while he was not in any serious relationship with Kagome, to begin with. Sure, Inuyasha can visit Kikyou all he wants because he had major unfinished business with her as well as finding closure with her; yet, she along with Miroku, Shippou, and Kagome were still quick to scold him as if though he could not be his own person. What Sango has been doing is being the pot that calls the kettle black when she herself was not any more innocent than Miroku and Inuyasha combined. I do not mean stating that she had affairs with other men but pointing fingers without acknowledging her own shortcomings as a person. This also ties in nicely with how she is just as complicit in joining the Inuyasha is unfaithful to Kagome with Kikyou bandwagon all to make the prissy missy known as Kagome feel better about herself without thinking for herself and having Sango put herself in Inuyasha’s place to understand that the turmoil and loss he endured are similar to what she endured.

To say Sango is a brainless fool is a mere understatement because she is not only a brainless fool who cannot think for herself but also a complete moron for not thoroughly understanding Inuyasha’s loss, as it was the similar experience she endured when she lost her father and her younger brother Kohaku before Naraku revived him as his zombie. It seems that she only got along with Inuyasha because he was a powerful warrior without understanding his inward need for compassion and companionship. Worst of all, she presents herself as a bigger hypocrite than Miroku, Kagome, and Shippou combined because, although she stated in Episode 52 that she wanted to stay by Inuyasha’s side no matter what happens to him, she is just as complicit in being nothing more than a fake friend who took advantage of Inuyasha’s strength and loyalty. What she is reduced to is nothing more than a member of Kagome’s army of skanks, which is a shame. Perhaps if she thought more for herself, she would not be relegated to be anything more than the sheep that she is. As Sango is, she is simply a pathetic zero with little brain.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and do not be a brainless sheep like Sango is everybody.

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