Moviefan12: Ah, another Nightmare Night has approached and this past month I have spent celebrating MLP movie villains.  I have decided to cap off this year’s Nightmare Night celebration by counting down my six favorite MLP Villain Songs.  A couple of caveats should be known though as this is a G4 and beyond blog series.  Nothing from earlier generations will be included.  Also,  I will not be doing this alone as a fellow MLP fan, The Creature will be joining me to count down his favorite MLP villain songs as well. So please welcome him.


Creature: It’s no surprise that the villains can be one of the more entertaining aspects of any media, and Friendship Is Magic was no exception there. I liked a lot of the villains that were in the series and a few of them ended up being some of my favorite characters. With that in mind, some of their songs ended up fairing over well for me and I would like to share what my favorites were on the show.


Moviefan12:  Yes, there are indeed some great songs from these villains some of which I have already looked at this month and will reappear on this list.   This list will work as follows, Creature and I will go back and forth with our favorites talking about them.



Moviefan12 & Creature’s 6.  Unleash The Magic – Friendship Games



Moviefan12:  I’m surprised that this one made my list at all,  Friendship Games isn’t one of my favorite EQG movies.  I find the latter two EQG movies to be admittedly weaker than the first and Rainbow Rocks.   And while that is true, this song is just so eerie and unsettling, a theme you’ll see with a few of my other choices is the idea of manipulation.  This is one of the more despicable examples of manipulation as I discussed in Villains Profile on Cinch, she is willing to hold the wants of her students over their heads to get what they want. Cinch is using blackmail on Sci Twi as she knows how curious Sci Twi is about magic and she uses the girl’s curiosity to her advantage to get what she wants.


The idea of manipulation and control goes further and is seen by how the Shadow Bolts serve as her backup singers in this song.




They all follow her lead and think using the magic is the right way to go as that is what Cinch is suggesting.  Cinch within the song uses tactics similar to that of Mother Gothel, she builds up Sci Twi only to tear her down at the end.  Or if she doesn’t directly tear down Sci Twi, she doesn’t stop her other students from doing so.  This is perhaps most evident in this lyric.


If we lose, then you’re to blame


This is the whole theme of the song, guilting Sci Twi into doing something she is not comfortable doing as she is pressured into thinking it’s the right choice for her.




Creature: I have to put this one as my Number 6 spot as well. I do agree that while this movie and Legend of Everfree are weaker, this is a surprising highlight from the 3rd movie. Much like the rest of the movie, Cinch is manipulating Sci-Twi from the first moment she’s introduced and guilting her into doing something she’s not comfortable with which turns out to have some very unpleasant results. It is an easy way to see how Cinch and the Shadowbolts see her as nothing more than a doormat they can use as a means to their own end.



Moviefan12’s 5. Let’s Have A Battle (of the Bands) – Rainbow Rocks



Moviefan12:  Choosing a song from Rainbow Rocks was hard.  I automatically ruled out Welcome to the Show and while The Dazzlings are great in that number, I view it as more of a  heroic song for Sunset’s triumphant moment.



Don’t get me wrong, The Dazzlings are great here.  I did consider Under Our Spell at first but after a re-listen,  it felt lacking. That brings us to Let’s Have A Battle.  This song is The Dazzlings declaring who they are to the student body of Canterlot High and what an introduction.  This is the perfect way to show these sirens using mind control and just the way they do it shows why they are the best EQG villains.  Just listen to how they put the students into a trance and it turns into an all-out fight as they feed on the egos of the Canterlot High Body.  This line from Adagio says it all.


It doesn’t matter who you hurt


This line also ties into how they spread negativity and this song is the first indication of how they can do that.  It’s frightening how good they are at spreading hatred and contempt throughout the CHS student body.   Sure, it was easy to feed off someone like Trixie’s ego but still.



Going beyond Trixie though,  the fact that this worked on the other CHS students is interesting.  Unlike other MLP villains, they didn’t have to lie to get what they wanted. They tapped into the desire for admiration that people have and we see the result of what can happen when that goes too far.


Creature: I completely agree that the Dazzlings are easily the best villains in the EQG series. The three boldly stated what they wanted and who they were right off the bat when they sang this song to the CHS student body and were easily able to manipulate everyone (well, everyone except the main characters). It was an easy way to show off what your villain is capable of doing.


The Creature’s #5: Danger, Danger (Angry Mob) – MLP: A New Generation



The Creatures: (Surprisingly, this is the only time I’ve talked about Generation 5 so far.) At the beginning of the movie, it’s established that the Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns went back to isolating themselves from each other and hating or fearing one another for reasons that aren’t specifically addressed (unless I missed something in one of the newer releases since this is the only thing I’ve seen for Gen 5). So, when the unicorn Izzy Moonglow shows up in Maritime Bay, everyone freaks out in fear. When Hitch, the only sheriff, takes off after Izzy and Sunny, his deputy Sprout Cloverleaf decides to take over by increasing the town’s paranoia. The song is an easy example of how people often will use people’s fears or weaknesses against them as a means of gaining power which ends up being the way Sprout takes over the town. Much like the previously mentioned Dazzlings, Sprout easily tapped into the desire for the town’s safety and how that can lead to dangerous results.


Moviefan12:  I do love this song and I love Sprout, I think he’s a great MLP villain but that’s all I want to say for now as this song will be much higher on my list.   With that said, let’s move on to,  my number 4.


Moviefan12’s  4.  This Day Aria – A Canterlot Wedding Pt. 2




Moviefan12: I know I know, this is the MLP Villain song.  It’s the song people think of when you think of MLP Villains and most other fans would have it at number one or two, there are three songs I liked more.  Having said that, this is an iconic song.  This is the song that got so many fans hooked on MLP and it’s hard to see why it’s epic in its scope the way Britt McKillip goes between Chryslasis and Cadence while singing this song is impressive.  You hear both the evilness of the Changeling Queen and the determination of my favorite princess to not give up on what she wants.  This song set the standard for what to expect from MLP Villains and set it very high.  There’s a reason this song is one of the most iconic songs from the show.


It’s that good and it shows how a villain song should be done,  it can be fun but it also needs a huge dash of evil and unsettling and that is what you get with this number.

Creature: This one is going to be further down on my list so I don’t want to say too much yet either. With that in mind, I’ll just move on to my number 4 selection.

The Creature’s #4: Better Way To Be Bad – Frenemies


Creature: Given that ended up as one of my favorite episodes of the final season, this song comes as no surprise to being on here. The idea behind it is a simple idea that Cozy Glow believes would help them take over Equestria and defeat Twilight: teaming up. Of course, Tirek and Chrysalis both have their reservations and excuses as to why they won’t do it but they eventually put those aside and decide to work together to conspire against Grogar and try to take over Equestria. It is a pretty fun number from the few remaining villains of the series that I ended up enjoying.


Moviefan12: I am so happy that this made your list as it was so close to making my list.  I ended up cutting it at the end for Unleash The Magic though.  Still, this is such a great number and does what a villain song in a final season should do, it calls back to past events.  My favorite is Cozy pointing out that Chryslasis can get her revenge on Starlight Glimmer.



I love this callback to Where and Back Again as that is one of my favorite season finales because of the show taking the Mane Six out of commission and it’s easily the best Starlight Glimmer episode.  The fact that Chrissy is still harboring resentment towards Starlight says so much about how she is driven by hatred.  This is true of all three villains with the idea of the final season bringing back the best villains for one last go.  I do love the inclusion of Cozy but I did find her placement alongside Tierk and Chrissy questionable that is until this song as this song shows how she earned her spot amongst these three.



Now moving on to my number three.


Moviefan12’s  3. Say Goodbye to The Holiday – A Hearth’s Warming Tail



Moviefan12:  I know that some might take issue with this one being on the list as Snowfall Frost technically isn’t a villain and she is just the Scrooge for MLP’s Christmas Carol episode.  I get that but I think this one is fair to include considering what Snowfall plans to do is much worse than what Scrooge did in Dickens’s original text.  She wants to erase an entire holiday just because she views it as pointless.  Also the delivery, lyrics, and animation present this in a villainous manner. Snowfall’s sinister face helps in selling how easy it is to buy this as a villainous number.



Also looking at the green that surrounds Snowfall throughout this number,  green is a color that is often associated with a villain.




And then finally the lyrics express Snowfall’s disdain for the holiday in a way that makes the sting so clear.   It’s almost as if you feel and see the bitterness surrounding her.


Happy Hearth’s WarmingThey say in the streetHappy Hearth’s WarmingThey think they’re so sweet
Words said so often that they lack any meaningWhy should I join in when I could be intervening?Every pony loves this cursed holidayBut would they be better off with it out of the way
Putting all of these elements together, I’d argue that Snowfall Frost may not end this episode as a villain but she is a villain during this number and has one of the best numbers from the show.
Creature: Out of all the Scrooge interpretations out there, this one is probably the one that actually tried to eradicate the entire holiday instead of just griping about it. It definitely shows how villainous she is (especially given Starlight’s answer to everything is just “let’s just use magic. That’ll fix everything!”).
My number #3 is funny enough a previous entry on your list.
The Creature’s #3: Let’s Have A Battle (of the Bands) – Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
The Creature: As mentioned by both of us, the Dazzlings are easily the best villains from any Equestria Girls media. Their introductory song is a perfect way for the Dazzlings to show off who they are and what they’re capable of doing to the CHS student body through mind control which helps spread hatred throughout the entire school in which they feed off.
Moviefan12: Now I already went to great lengths in why I like this song during my fifth entry, now let’s move on to what just came up short, which is a tie for me.
Moviefan12’s 2.  In Our Town  – The Cutie Map Pt. 1/ Danger Danger – My Little Pony: A New Generation





Moviefan12:  Here at number two,  I have a tie and this may seem odd to put these two together but in many ways, they are two sides of the same coin.  I mentioned in Villains Profile about Sprout but Starlight is perhaps his closest G4 counterpart and I think that is felt rather clearly when listening to these two songs back-to-back.


In Starlight’s song,  she is arguing that she is doing this for equality and that by removing everyone’s cutie marks is how they’ll reach true equality.  This is a dangerous mindset and I recall when Starlight first debuted, she was compared to the likes of Amon from Book One of Korra and that is an apt comparison considering the cult-like behavior of the cutie markless ponies in the town.  The way they follow Starlight speaks to the grip she has over them and that is exemplified in this song greatly with the big happy smiles.



The grip she has on them is so strong and that comes through in shades.    This is where the comparison to Danger Danger comes in as Sprout is using anger to gain control over the ponies of Maretime Bay.  The biggest difference between Starlight and Sprout is Starlight knows the lies she is selling the town are just that whereas Sprout is as if one of the ponies from Starlight’s town took over and still believed her lies.


As The Creature mentioned the pony races have stopped getting along and after a unicorn invasion, Sprout uses this hatred to his advantage.  Sure,  you could argue that he is just as blind as the other earth ponies but there is a lyric in this song I think disputes that.


If you follow my orders brainlessly



He’s telling the other ponies to stop thinking for themselves and Starlight achieved that goal.  So, this goes back to the comparison aspect of how Starlight was able to convince the ponies following her to stop thinking for themselves and that is what Sprout is attempting to do.  A New Generation is more blatant in its political messaging and this is something I went over extensively when I covered Sprout earlier this month.   Sprout and this song in a general are sending a message of if you only laugh at the people in power without trying to stop them, they will get worse.   At least, that is one thing I took away from the movie as while the movie does laugh at him, it reminds you to not treat what are threats as jokes.



Creature: The songs are both easy ways of playing on people’s fears and using them against others to push their own agenda whether they be controlling Maritime Bay or the complete totalitarian method of taking ponies’ cutie marks and warping their minds to believe Starlight’s views are right (which I still hate Starlight for).



The Creature’s #2: The Flim Flam Brothers Song – Super Cider Squeezy 6000



Creature: A long time ago, I mentioned that this was my favorite song in Friendship is Magic. While that statement is still true, it only comes second on my favorite villain songs from the series. The song is easily a homage to the song “Ya Got Trouble” from The Music Man and it’s just as catchy and memorable. It’s an easy way to show the conniving ways of Flim and Flam and how they know how to work up the crowd by playing to their desires to help peddle their latest “get-rich-quick” scheme like any traditional street-side con man. In this case, it was playing up their desire to have cider and how they knew to capitalize on that market from the Apple Family in a very quick and catchy way.

Moviefan12: Music Man parodies in animation are nothing new,  everyone knows about Monorail from The Simpsons.
I think what MLP did to make Flim and Flam stand out is not only did they embrace the Music Man as a reference point, but they made the song so energetic and fun that even when you know they lying you can’t help but get caught up in what they selling.  As great as this song is for The Flim Flam Brothers though,  it’s also kind of their downfall not in the sense of them overhyping and underselling which yes they do but rather every time, they appeared afterward as antagonists of an episode or in one case, a Holiday comic, the songs tried to recapture what made this song great without having that fun touch.  Yes, a comic included a song and that is always weird when comics do that as they are visual mediums and not auditory,
Having said all of that, this first song from Film and Flam is iconic and sells  you on why the show would want to keep bringing these two back time and again as they are so much fun to root against.
Now moving on to my # 1, this is the only song where it never moved from its position as it is not only my favorite villain from MLP, it’s sung by my favorite MLP villain and one of my favorite villains period.
Moviefan12’s. 1. Open Up Your Eyes – My Little Pony: The Movie




Moviefan12: So many fans that have commented on this song praise it for feeling like a 90’s Disney Villain song and while it does have those vibes,  that is the least important aspect of the song to me personally.  I mentioned that Tempest Shadow is my favorite MLP villain and that’s because to me she is the most relatable,  she is a disabled pony. So, that’s one relatability box checked but moving beyond that,  we see how her disability has consumed her and she has let it define her personality for the worse.


Something non-disabled people don’t seem to ever get is that our disability is a part of who we are and while that will define us, there are one of two ways that could go.  Tempest took the path of proving to the world she is better than everyone else when her friends abandoned her.



The way the flashback of young Tempest plays without any lyrics being said speaks to the tragedy of the moment and the way the movie shows how anger-inducing it can be when people leave you.  This is another relatability box checked as being disabled myself, I know what it feels like to get in your head and believe people hate you because of your disability and won’t like you for who are.  While I said my disability is part of who I am,  there’s always a fear that is all they will see and that is displayed in Tempest’s actions.


This brings us to the present day where Tempest has Twilight caged, Tempest is holding to the belief that friendship is a weakness that needs to be destroyed.


And this all stems from the Ursa Major attack she endured as a child,  so while Tempest may believe that she is in charge, this song in a way is a form of PTSD for her.  I know that may seem to be a stretch but I truly believe that Tempest is going through something like that during this song. It speaks to how that one moment defined Tempest and she is letting out all of her anger at who she views as the personification of friendship and that makes her even angrier.  That’s the third relatability box checked, as years ago when I would have thirty-plus seizures a day, I had a truly bad one at Arlington National Cemetery and for years the sight of that location frightened and angered me because of what happened.
That place became my nightmare and made me afraid I would have another seizure if I ever stepped foot back into that location.  All of these reasons are why Tempest’s song is my favorite MLP Villain song as it holds a tragic weight that not many other songs in this franchise have.
Creature: Tempest’s song is definitely one that has a more tragic weight to it than many of the other songs and it was a good way to explore how Tempest became who she is today. I never felt the 90’s Dinsey villain song vibe that people have claimed it to have, but I can certainly see why it would though. I can’t really throw in any personal connection to any of the songs that were in MLP so I can’t add anything to that. Although there are many ways songs can be relatable to people of any background like it did with you.(I think if you’d want relatable on my end, the best bet is The Mountain Goats’ “No Children” and how it was used in Moral Orel.)
The Creature’s #1: This Day Aria – A Canterlot Wedding
The Creature:  As you have mentioned on your end, this is generally THE song that comes to people’s minds when they think about villain songs from MLP and I am no exception. The song is a perfect mixture of showcasing how evil Chrysalis is and the determination of Cadence right before the big reveal in the episode during the wedding. It is simply an iconic song and it’s no surprise why it’ll always be held in high regard by the fans.
Moviefan12: As The Creature said I already talked about this song and mentioned it is the song that fans think of when it comes to MLP villains.  It is that good and there are a dozen covers of it online from fans and Brony conventions.  It’s a song that stuck with MLP fans for years and will be remembered as one of the greatest villain songs from any TV show.
Moviefan12:  Well, I’d like to thank The Creature for joining me for looking at our favorite MLP villain songs.  This was a blast to look at and to have a great friend here with me.

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