In a cave deep and dark lies seven horned goblins with pointed heads inscribed with lexeme “dunce” and long, sharp nails howling and wailing in pain. While they were seen as intimidating beyond compare, they had salty tears rolling down from their eyes to their cheeks. You must not feel sorry for them because therein laid a terrible past none of them could escape from. Let me just say that Karma caught up to them and cursed them for eternity.

The seven goblins used to be a gaggle of hooligan high school teenagers who revelled in putting their colleagues down by bullying them in terms of the grades they have received in their report cards. The three teenage boys were known as Brody the normal-sized loudmouth, Jimmy the skinny snivelling weasel, and Fred the oversized egomaniac from Hell. The four teenage girls were known as Nancy the medium-sized prissy missy, Maureen the short-sized yes girl, Trudy the obese lechon-loving glutton, and Elizabeth the morbidly obese know-it-all whose favourite insult to people beneath her is “fail at life”, which she says with the most vociferous and condescending venom dripping from her foul mouth. Whenever there are fellow students who did not receive academic awards before report card day, Brody, Jimmy, Nancy, Maureen, and Trudy would gaslight their victims by saying that they have a failing grade in something, with Elizabeth screaming “fail” at them and Fred shouting about how he thinks he is greater than everybody else. The irony is that the classmates they targeted ended up passing their subjects rather well, while the seven of them had grades ranging from mediocre to atrocious. Another irony is that these seven hooligans were smart, but they used their intelligence in a poor manner and to bully others they believed were beneath them.

Their bullying ways were about to be numbered when they decided to mess with their favourite target Lucas, an unassuming young man who made sure that he passed well and was constantly participating in various extracurricular activities. He may not have been the top of the class, he was not that much of an athlete, but he did everything he could to pass his subjects well to get himself into good colleges and vocational schools. Report card day arrived, and Brody blurted that Lucas received an F in one of his subjects. Then came Nancy, Maureen, and especially Trudy who said he had an F in fencing because how his fencing technique was unorganised. Jimmy and Fred taunted Lucas to no end that he was never going to amount to anything. Finally, the mother of all insults came from Elizabeth who labelled him as the biggest failure of life ever. With all of their vicious words ingrained in Lucas, he transformed into a terrifying but ethereal creature known as Karma. It was at that moment that Brody, Nancy, Maureen, Trudy, Jimmy, Fred, and Elizabeth made their most fatal mistake ever.

Karma reprimanded all of the seven hooligans by launching a curse on them. Sculks crawled all over the seven hooligans’ bodies, and it was painfully eviscerating, as if their souls were crying out for help, but it was too late, for all of their hair fell out from their heads. Their skin transformed into a blackish blue hue that had splotches all over. Their toenails and fingernails grew longer and sharper. Their eyes had a grotesque yellow and red colour akin to a venomous reptile wanting to devour their prey. Most of all, their heads were swelling into a shape resembling the dunce cap impudent students wore when they were in serious trouble. Even the word “dunce” was inscribed on their heads. More painful were the pointed, sculk-infested horns that grew from their heads because it was as if daggers, swords, and darts were being squeezed out of their heads without respite. Their clothes were now torn and tussled to reflect their overall ugliness. Every mirror they looked at ended up damaged, and all of their classmates and teachers screamed with fright. Karma exiled them to a dark cave where they will never show their faces again. Until this day, people could hear the voices of the seven lost souls who started as bullies but ended up as horrible goblins in this strain.

We are the Failing Grade Goblins.
We bullied people so barbarically.
We thought we were cool,
but we were fools.
Heed our warning.
Never bully your classmates about their grades
or their academics other than your own.
We did it because we thought we were great.
In the end, we were the real losers.
We brought pain to others.
Now, pain has been brought to us.
We wish we could say we are sorry,
but it is too late to fix the damage.
We are stuck like this forever and ever.
Don’t make the same mistake we did.

Remember, dear readers, if you think you are above gaslighting your fellow classmates about them receiving a failing grade just to make yourselves look superior, you may end up with a reality even far worse than the one you cultivated for your victims. That reality would be ending up as a Failing Grade Goblin where your life will end up in eternal suffering and pain.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and never behave like the Failing Grade Goblins, everybody.

Brody, Elizabeth, Nancy, Maureen, Trudy, Fred, and Jimmy aka The Failing Grade Goblins belong to me.

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