This screenshot demotivational poster is highly, utterly, indubitably, and absolutely Anti-Miroku. Sit back, relax, and indulge yourselves with my impassioned evisceration of this appalling excuse of a hypocrite, liar, scumbag, and loser.

I am certain you have had characters you tried to like when you were younger and more impressionable viewers and anime consumers but ended up loathing as grown-ups with more nuanced ways of thinking and observing the world around you. For me, Miroku fits the bill for a character I tried way too hard to like but ended up despising him after realising how much of a hypocritical scumbag he is. I am aware that his whole shtick is that he is a womaniser who gropes various women and gets slapped for it all because he wants any of them to bear his children as well as his escapades with Sango. Re-examining him made me see nothing charming or enjoyable about this sick scumbag of a person. Even scummier is how he treats Inuyasha thinking he deserves those sit commands by Kagome and hitting him on the head with his staff for not being tactful when he himself is pathetic and even far worse than Inuyasha is. Furthermore, as Inuyasha is allowed to be brutalised by Kagome, he just receives slaps in the face. To me, this hypocrite deserves worse punishments for his deeds.

Miroku is far from being a charming playboy because everything about him screams unattractive scumbag who could never get it into his own head that he severely lacks self-reflection and is a liar. Even when he was traveling with Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippou, he had the nerve to ask her to bear his children, but he just ended up as nothing more than one of her pathetic humanoid yes-men. At least something came out of his “relationship” with Kagome as one of her army of skanks. The fact that he repeatedly gropes women without their consent and even had the gall to ask the then 11-year-old Koharu to bear his children one day, which was a promise she managed to keep at 14 for that hog, makes him a truly disgusting cretin and poor excuse of a man who has neither my sympathy nor my compassion. Yes, his reason for asking women to be impregnated by him was tied to his family curse of bearing the Wind Tunnel by Naraku, and he wanted to desperately look for a woman to bear children to carry on with his “legacy”. However, his whole manner of womanising never earned me my charm or empathy.

As if Miroku’s womanising and pervert ways have been getting older as the series rolled on, the other attribute that irritates me most about him is his hypocrisy. He has the gall to lecture Inuyasha to be more tender towards Kagome when Miroku himself has not been tender to all the women he has been groping and demanding to have their kids let alone attempting to have his way with Sango. He is just as sanctimonious as Kagome is to the point where I do not even care who is worse in that department. Nevertheless, I still argue that Miroku’s fake offering of friendship let alone brotherhood to Inuyasha makes me see him as an opportunistic moocher who uses Inuyasha to compensate for the fact that his Wind Tunnel, staff, and sutras are the only “weapons” he has at his disposal and is not a particularly strong fighter. To say that Miroku is dishonest is a mere understatement. Miroku is nothing more than a scummy deceiver who dares think he is above Inuyasha just because he has more experience in “wooing his floozies” when he objectifies women as his baby making machines and nothing more.

There is nothing to like, admire, adore, and/or love about Miroku because he is a lying opportunistic scumbag who thinks he can sweet-talk his way to various women by invading their personal spots just to bear their children. His despicableness in everything he does as a poor excuse of a Buddhist monk as well as a friend to Inuyasha makes me sick to my foundation, and it is no surprise that I find nothing to root about him. Every lie he has told may as well come back to haunt him for the rest of his life, and every deceitful action he has taken will not be looked back with neither kindness nor compassion. All Miroku has ended up acquiring is my frenzied rage. Rage at how he believes he can stand on his little soapbox preaching to Inuyasha about tenderness towards other women, when Miroku was never tender towards the opposite sex at all. He even has the gall to put Kagome on a pedestal when he never even bothers to defend Inuyasha’s actions and is so quick to jump to Kagome’s side like the snake-like sleaze-ball that he is. Therefore, Miroku shall end up with a vicious castration and hanging.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and never be hypocritical like Miroku is, everybody.

The Hypocritical, Deceitful, and Credit-Hogging Shyster from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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