All throughout our experiences in life, anyone can have their fair share of unique moments that makes things a little interesting. Whether it be an incident with family, at a movie, or just with friends, just about anything can happen in life that can make our time on Earth memorable. With that in mind, some of the experience that best come to mind for me generally revolves around anything Halloween related. Whether it be on the holiday or involving something horror-related, there always tends to be some unique experience that happens. Given that it’s close to Halloween, I took some inspiration for things like Vlogs or Spoony’s Counter Monkey and invited some people on and off this site to share some experiences that they’ve have in relation to this time of the year or having a similar experience with a horror movie.

Jarvisrama99’s Entry

Jarvisrama99: Growing up I tended to be easily scared when it came to movies. Sounds ridiculous now, especially since last year I was subjected to a legit terrifying movie that I actually struggled to sleep after watching, but just the bare minimum of anything slightly startling would have me freaking out. Case in point: frigging Goosebumps book covers freaked me out so much I never read one. Yeah, I was THAT sort of scaredy cat.

Now being born roughly a few years after 1993, I eventually saw Nightmare Before Christmas. Had somewhat of an on and off relationship with it: freaked me out when I was younger, came around to really digging it, fell out when I felt it was all over the place and over-praised, but now back to just always down to give it a revisit. Around 2005 is when I was somewhat starting to become more comfortable revisiting it, the reason for that was I recalled having some pretty freaky nightmares about Jack Skellington when I was little. Now during that summer, I remember going to the movies or walking around the mall when I saw that there was going to be a new film coming out in September that year called Corpse Bride. Even though I didn’t know who Tim Burton was, I knew because of how the animation of Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas looked so similar, it was made by the same guy.

The film’s a few months out, all I’ve seen are a few trailers and TV promos…which was enough for my brain to, I guess, reawaken some old Nightmare Before Christmas bad dreams I had into one of the most terrifying experiences as a child. I’m assuming this happened around late August or early September, right when the film’s promotion was at an all time high and just everywhere. I go to bed one night, and had what was basically a nightmare. At the time me and my family were living in a rental house in town, my folks were working on building a new house and due to it taking so long, we had to stay in a temporary house in town for the time being.

For some odd reason, I found myself in the living room with the TV set to a DVD menu. I had no recollection of how the hell I ended up in there, and immediately that didn’t matter as to what I saw ON the TV screen. The menu was that of Corpse Bride, but there was some…let’s say, ‘interesting’ stuff on the screen. The screen seemed to show some sort of misty forest, with a large moon hovering in the sky. In the moon was Jack Skellington’s face, giving off a menacing smile. And over on the right side of the screen, was a darkened tree trunk…and the titular ‘Corpse Bride’ from the new movie…hanging by a noose, swaying back and forth. And to help tell this story, here’s an attempted recreation!

Terrifying, isn’t it?

Here’s what I found to be the most disturbing about it: there wasn’t any sound coming from the TV. Like, you’d expect to hear like the movie’s soundtrack or something related to the movie just playing to make the menu not feel as bland or something. For SOME REASON, my brain chose two noises: wind…and the noose swaying back and forth. Let’s just say, I didn’t take it well.

Giphy (1)

I don’t recall waking up, but I recall dreading the film’s release. A lot of my friends wanted to see it, but I didn’t want to mention I was scared of it because a nightmare freaked me out. And I knew that whatever I had dreamed about wasn’t going to be what I went to go see. However, there was a huge section of my subconscious that had this itch that whatever I dreamed about COULD still happen, and that just lingered over me for the entire time.

Eventually September rolled around and…to my astonishment, I didn’t see it. A lot of friends of mine ended up seeing it together and, due to miscommunication, I didn’t go. Which, sweet! I missed out on getting traumatized! I saw this as a win!…then October hit. My dad was visiting from out of town and me and my sister wanted to go see a movie with him. We looked at the suggestions, and my sister made the choice: Corpse Bride. Dad thought that was a good idea…oh lovely…


In the end, everything eventually worked out: Corpse Bride was surprisingly good and a beautifully well-made stop motion movie, and one that I do have a fondness for. I basically freaked out over nothing…but that dream really did freak me out, and it says something that even all these years later I still can remember it in as clear as day.

But hey, that’s nothing: wait until I tell you about the time that Monster House made me afraid of staircase railings!

WARNING: Some Movie Spoilers ahead on this one.

Moviefan12: When The Creature asked me to be part of this blog talking about our favorite experiences watching a horror movie in theaters. A recent example came to mind for me.

I love the Scream franchise, it’s what helped me get over my fear of horror movies, and the fifth one that came out earlier this year is the first horror movie I saw in theaters. I want to highlight one particular death so slight spoilers. During a chase sequence in the hospital, Ghostface kills Dewey. For me, this tops Randy’s death from Pt. 2 as the most heartbreaking death in the franchise.

This man has survived four previous Ghostface attacks and now older and more cynical Dewey is finally taken out. Only because he was following the rules that the franchise had established, “Go for the head”. Alas, he got distracted and that is when Ghostface got him with this line.

“It was an honor.”

This line like most things Scream has a meta meaning. For this new Ghostface, they meant it was an honor to kill a legacy character. As a fan for me, it was an honor to get one last moment with one of my favorite horror characters who I had come to believe was infallible after everything he had survived. Watching Dewey’s death play out onscreen, I knew he had no chance of surviving but there was still a sense of hope I found within myself when it happened. I know this might be a bit different but this is what I wanted to focus on for this crossover.

The Creature’s Entry 


As a kid, my parents were fairly lenient when it came to what I was allowed to watch. Regardless of their work schedule and certain relationship issues they had, the two of them didn’t seem to mind too much what came on the TV after I was starting up Elementary School (with some exceptions whenever they were around). With that in mind, I ended up being the guy who was watching all the adult stuff throughout childhood. I could tell people all about what was on Adult Swim last week or whatever R-rated movie I found was about. Of course, this was also no exception in regards to horror movies. While I did grow up seeing the classic Universal Monsters at a young age along with the child friendly scary movies of the 1980’s to the 2000’s, there was still something that pre-occupied my mind at the time before I saw those. Around the time when I was 6-7 years old, I ended up being exposed to a movie that served as my introduction to one of the most prominent names in the horror community: Hellraiser. 

It’s always a funny story to tell how my horror gateway was seeing Clive Barker’s big screen debut in the world of filmmaking at an extremely young (and frankly not appropriate) age. I was basically all alone at the time as my family was dealing with my sister so I was left alone while my Uncle was on his way to watch me for a couple of hours. To pass my boredom at the time, I popped on the TV and this was one of the very first thing I saw: Frank Cotton killing a man in order to regain flesh on his reanimating body (Grade A viewing material for a kid, huh?).


As the movie progressed, I was basically mesmerized by it. It eventually got into Kirsty solving the puzzle box and my introduction to the Cenobites as they tried to take her away in the hospital. Of course with my age, and basically watching the movie nearly half way in, I didn’t really have any idea to what was going on but I wasn’t looking away any time soon…at least, until the TV went off. Needless to say, it ended up shaping my tastes later on in life to being more invested in horror oriented things and pretty becoming the strange person that I am today.

YARN | That movie has warped my fragile little mind. | South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut | Video clips by quotes | b537948a | 紗



While my Dad ended up being rather on the angry side, my Mom was, oddly, kind of okay with it as she helped try to figure out what else I liked in terms of horror movies and we watched a lot her favorites like Poltergeist and Jaws together (Plus she ended up getting me The Thing when my tenth birthday hit). It’s definitely not something that I should have been watching at the time, but I’m eternally grateful for it as it got me into a genre that I absolute love.


Plus, seeing my second big horror movie shortly afterwards was no better…


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