This screenshot demotivational poster is highly, utterly, indubitably, and absolutely Anti-Kagome. Sit back, relax, and keep your minds open with a lexical expression that I convict perfectly describes Kagome Higurashi and that is a sanctimonious narcissist.

Overlooking the several occasions where Kagome was captured, held hostage, and was usually nothing more than a dumbass-in-distress Inuyasha and her posse had to save, her inability to fully cultivate her archery skills so that she can be more empowered as a fighter, and her frequent abuse on Inuyasha both verbally as well with those god-awful Beads of Subjugation, the other facet that I believe makes Kagome a fully-fledged foolish floozy is how she stands on her little soapbox preaching about friendship and togetherness while making situations all about herself without considering Inuyasha’s feelings or painful past. Yes, there may be shreds of Inuyasha and Kagome growing closer together, but they constantly go back to bickering and going at each other’s throats especially where Kagome’s petulance over Inuyasha’s past connection to Kikyou and foolishness revolving around her duties as a “heroine” are concerned.

For somebody who preaches about working together to gather the shards of the Shikon Jewel, which she caused in the very first episode albeit by accident, Kagome certainly knows how to bring the attention all back to herself. I am still reeling from how she was crying not necessarily because of Inuyasha’s whole contention of his transformation to a human when the new moon hits but because he thinks he cannot rely on her as a friend without fully understanding let alone empathising with his situation growing up and severe trust issues. It needs to be reiterated that Inuyasha was hunted down by demons and shunned by humans to the point where he built this hard and brittle outer shell, and the mere fact that she called Inuyasha a dough-head and needs to grab a brain shows me right there that she never understood what it was like to be in his shoes. She thinks she knows his life story. She thinks she understands him. However, she cannot fathom the internal pain Inuyasha has been incurring throughout his years of growing up and always directs all this to how she is feeling not how he is truly feeling.

I do not even buy Kagome thinking that Inuyasha has found true friends because she along with Miroku, Sango, and Shippou have proven themselves to be nothing more than treating him like their own trump card/wild card/lap dog. Kagome presents herself as holier-than-thou just because she can sense the jewel shards, connect well with Miroku, Sango, and Shippou as well as that pathetic loser Kouga, fix Inuyasha by using the Beads of Subjugation to control him when she is actually depriving him of his agency, independence, free will, and think for himself, and preach about trust to Inuyasha when she chose to fix the Beads of Subjugation, place it on him again, and refused to take them off because she loves the control she has over him. Swearing Shippou to secrecy to make Inuyasha worried about her, Kaede favouriting Kagome over Inuyasha when this wrinkled old tin-head is no better, and not having Miroku and Sango train her to improve as a fighter but be her most loyal army of skanks accompanied by Shippou make her a manipulative shrew I neither respect nor patronise because her idea of love and trust are unhealthy and skewered beyond compare. She may “love” Inuyasha, but it is contentious to believe. Kagome seems to revel in the control she has over Inuyasha with those accursed Beads of Subjugation and has done multiple unforgivable deeds with them, yet she poses herself as a trustworthy person without thoroughly listening to Inuyasha and make everything about herself just because she has sacred powers that she does not take full advantage of and has only abused. I am not playing this game with this homegirl because I have seen her for what she is, and I abhor everything she represents. This sanctimonious narcissist has caused more harm to Inuyasha’s will as an individual than good even in their “marriage” and their tenure as parents to Moroha.

I will always argue that Kagome is nothing more than a sanctimonious narcissist who stands on a soapbox so that the attention can be drawn to her and how people see her as this “emphatic angel” when she is nothing more than self-centred, manipulative, egotistical, domineering dickhead she is. Yes, I know Kagome is child in a young woman’s body, but she really is a dickhead, a jackass, a four-flushing carcass, a nincompoop, and many other insults I can formulate from the English language. How she stands on her little soapbox preaching about trust and friendship when she is not trustworthy herself means she is completely devoid of any empathy let alone compassion, is a hollow and shallow loser of a floozy, and is utterly fake all around. Kagome is a disingenuous excuse of a person who thinks that the world revolves around her and acts petulant whenever her supposed “boyfriend/husband” acts out of line. She was never deserving of either Inuyasha’s affection or even my time. Her legion of fans may praise her to the skies, believe that I am whining about her if I find something wrong with her, call her out on her treatment towards Inuyasha, and think that I just want to boink him because their brains are too small to realise the damage done to him, but I do not play that game with them. My critical brain has assessed that her sanctimonious narcissism is what makes her not only a spoiled brat but also a sociopathic psychopath and deceitful hypocrite who has done way too much damage to Inuyasha’s psyche. Therefore, Kagome is toxic waste and a vicious cancer that must be avoided as well as excised into obscurity in the most brutal fashion possible.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and never be a sanctimonious narcissist like this floozy, everybody.

The Infantile, Cruel, and Self-Centred Abuser from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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