(A still image of the handle of a PKE meter is seen as the words “The Last Of The Americans” in the Ghostbusters style font slide from left to right and a guitar theme combining the 1994 American Gladiators theme with the Extreme Ghostbusters theme song as a voice sings as horrible movies come from every direction as it cuts to a Studio.)

TLOTA (Singing Audio only): If there’s something bad on the movie screen, who do you call? If there’s something weird and no it ain’t no good, who do you call?

TLOTA (Audio Only): That’s right! (Scene cuts to the letters “M,”” O,”” V,”” I,” ”E,” ”B,” ”U,” ”S,” ”T,” ”E,” ”R,” ”S!” in typewriter font and then cuts to a vehicle driving down the road before a demonically possessed image of the “Scales: Mermaids Are Real” poster and James singing “I ain’t afraid of no cheese!” as it cuts to the vehicle driving down the road and then equipment being put together as another voice takes over for one lyric and then joins James in singing)

Rowdy (Singing Audio Only): If see a dud running through your Head! Who do you call?

TLOTA (Singing Audio Only): Moviebusters!

(The Scene changes to James pulling out a proton pack as James sings “I ain’t afraid of no cheese!” then it cuts to Rowdy as he pulls out a Proton Pack singing “We don’t like bad movies or TV Shows for that matter.” We then cut to the rest of team TLOTA as they pull out proton packs with Chad going for the ghost trap and sucking all the demonic media into the trap as Chad stands in the middle with a grin on his face as if to say “Yeah, it was all me, James had nothing to do with this!” James shoves him to the back as he takes his place where Chad was as it cuts to a slime covered version of “The Last Of The Americans” Logo as slimy font pulls up “Produced by First Choice Productions.”, Then the words “Edited by Eric Kurtzke” and “Written by Chris Lee Moore and James Faraci” and “Directed by James Faraci” as it cuts to James and Rowdy in the main lobby on the Horseshoe couch as James looks at Rowdy.)

TLOTA: So Rowdy, you know I did a crossover earlier this year. Rowdy: With a contest winner, it doesn’t count. So, guess what? We’re talking about something people have been wanting me to do on “TV Trash” since I talked about The Filmation version of The Ghostbusters, both the live-action and animated versions of both series. I have been waiting for the right time when I heard you were going to talk about the series THIS year. It was just the right time, so what do you say? A real crossover with a fellow reviewer. TLOTA: Alright, let’s do it! (Cut to clips and stills of “The Real Ghostbusters” as James and Rowdy do voiceovers) Rowdy (V.O.): As was previously explained by both Phelous and James in their own reviews or mentioning of “The Real Ghostbusters” after ABC got their hands on it, the series was put into the hands of Q-5. This consulting firm looked more at Graphs, Charts and listened to Test Audiences than common sense and the series suffered for several years until it was put out of its misery in 1991. TLOTA(V.O.): But a few years after this series got axed, Execs at SONY were interested in reviving the property partially due to the success of the first “Men In Black” movie and the subsequent animated series that aired on Kids WB! (Cut to James and Rowdy Physically) TLOTA & Rowdy (In Unison): The results…

Find out what happens The Last Of The Americans and Rowdy see the Ghostbusters go to the Extreme here

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