So Weird was a cult favorite Disney Channel from the late ’90s and rare for Disney Channel nowadays, not a sitcom.  Granted, we are starting to see that again with Secrets of Sulphur Springs.


While that show is more of a supernatural mystery, So Weird was sci-fi/supernatural that while having a mystery element felt more like a monster of the week type show. That’s not to say that there weren’t ongoing stories as there were ongoing stories.   This episode also brings with it a tinge of tragedy as our characters find themselves in a small town in Iowa and the main character, Fi believes that the animal attacks have been caused by a werewolf.


She is correct that the attacks have been happening because of a werewolf.   The episode provides an interesting angle as at certain points,  the episode shows us the wolves’ POV through a red filter and it is quite jarring.



In many ways,  this here feels as though like it is meant to make you care for the werewolf even before you learn of their identity.   And this is perhaps the interesting angle of the episode as we learn that the werewolf is a young girl named Laura that becomes clingy to Fi.



That makes sense as she’s an only child and yeah I get the idea.  Now,  how does she turn into a werewolf,  the episode hints that it’s most likely genetic as Laura is adopted and was found by her parents ten years before the events of the episode.


As the werewolf,  Laura acts like a regular wolf and while she does seem to be something of a threat, the episode pulls a Jaws and doesn’t show much of the wolf.  When the sun rises after an attack that started at 4 AM, we see Laura revert to her human trapped on the tour bus of Fi’s mom and get what is perhaps the most tragic moment when Laura says she doesn’t think her mommy and daddy will love her if they knew the truth.


This couldn’t be further from the truth as they both state how much of a gift she is throughout the episode but it does tie into the tragedy of werewolves and how they’re afraid of hurting those who they love.



For some as we will see in an upcoming blog, they believe the best way to protect those that they love is create distance.  Laura, however, is a kid and she didn’t ask for this to happen and she’s genuinely terrified of the changes that are happening to her.


This is something that feels familiar as I imagine people with disabilities such as me can relate to living with something we never asked for and hate having to live with it.  I also want to return to the idea that Laura was abandoned when her parents found her.   If we look at this from the angle of actual wolves, well, it does make some semblance of sense.

Wolf cubs stay with their mother for about 10 months, the age the cubs are old enough to hunt with the adults. The female wolf is a very nurturing mother and keeps her pups in a den for three to four weeks before allowing them out into the light.


While this makes sense for the wolf side of things,  Laura never knew that she was a wolf until she started changing at ten years old.  She has every right to be scared of this as she doesn’t understand the changes that are happening.  The episode points out that bodies tend to go through certain changes once kids hit puberty and that is true and the werewolf analogy is a popular one for puberty.   This is something that the Michael J. Fox film Teen Wolf touched upon.

His father, also a werewolf, tells Scott that the Wolf is a part of himself that he must accept and learn to deal with



Again, the wolf side is a part of Laura but asking a ten-year-old to embrace something they’ve never dealt with before is a heavy ask and unlike Michael J. Fox’s character, she doesn’t have anyone to guide her through knowing what being a werewolf is like.



Also, age plays a huge role here as well as Scott is a high schooler and can have an easier time adjusting when something new is thrown his way.  See how he becomes a basketball star whereas Laura, you just feel bad for her because she seems to be blaming herself for what’s happening. Even though again, she never asked for this.


Though thankfully, this is where Fi comes in and is a big help as it seems offscreen, she tells Laura’s parents that she needs help and right as the episode ends,  we see the entire community gather together as Laura’s father restates that Laura is going through some difficult times and could use the town’s help and they all to agree to help as Laura is a part of the community.  It’s kinda nice to see something werewolf related where the townspeople aren’t an angry mob.


My Final Thoughts


This is such a beautiful episode and you can’t help but feel bad for Laura after it is revealed that she is the werewolf and she thinks her parents are going to hate her.  This also speaks back to why so many people keep secrets from loved ones as they are afraid of how they’ll react.  I must be honest and say this is probably the best thing I’ve reviewed thus far.


Join me next time as I look at the Spider-Man (2017) episode…


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