At a certain point, the EQG villain ideas started to feel repetitive as, by the fourth Equestria Girls movie, they returned to the well of person takes on a monstrous form.  As stated in the Cinch entry, we saw this both with Sunset and Sci-Twi.



It just started to feel samey after a while and while this may be the last movie, I’ll look this was not the last time that this was used.  As this was seen once again with the character of Juniper Montage in the Mirror Magic short.



This is just the spinoff,  the main show even kicked off with this type of villain in a way of Nightmare Moon could fall under this category as well.



It is interesting how often this well is returned in this franchise as we even see in the comics with my favorite take on this type of villain with Nightmare Rarity.



Do understand that it’s not so much I hate this trope or idea but rather how often G4 and EQG used this idea was a bit much.

Voice Actor


Enid-Raye Adams



Look at Adams’s MLP Wiki entry, she again has quite the extensive resume including CW shows such as Arrow and iZombie.  In the same year as this movie, she would show up in a season six episode of MLP titled Spice Up Your Life.



That’s always cool when actors besides the Mane Six appear in both franchises.



First Appearance


Gloriosa’s first appearance speaks to her personality as she aims to please everyone no matter the cost.



On this same token, her interaction with Filthy Rich is rather key as he wants to buy the camp.



I know some fans didn’t care for Filthy Rich being depicted as an evil business tycoon type as that isn’t who he is in the main show but EQG and MLP are different worlds and not everyone is a one-for-one translation. And that’s fine as that isn’t always needed.  The best way to put it is the EQG world is its own universe, it’s similar to comics like how on Earth-65 for Marvel, Matt Murdock is The Kingpin.




This is just something to consider and Filthy Rich does tie into what happens to Gloriosa to become the monstrous form she becomes.  I’ll discuss this in greater detail during the Grand Desire portion.  Along with Gloriosa’s first appearance, it’s also key to look at the story of who she turns into Gaia Everfree.



As told in a story by Gloriosa’s brother, Timber Spruce tells a story of this forest spirit and the spirit warns that people can enjoy the forest but warns that one day she’ll return and take it back.  And we get a sense of this as we see Gloriosa transform in Gaia.



This is something key to understand but in her own twisted way,  Gloriosa believes her actions are just.  Not realizing that the geodes that have imbued her with magic are corrupting her mind.





If you’ll recall I mentioned how Gloriosa is a people-pleaser, it’s a mask that she is wearing to hide her desperation.  She is in essence only lending a helping hand as a way of not confronting the issues that are plaguing her.  And the geodes she’d been using are only making the situation worse as they are feeding off her negative feelings.



This makes her a more tragic figure in many respects as what she wants is a noble goal but is going about it in the wrong way and she does come to realize it before it’s too late but still.



Grand Desire


Again, her goal is easy to understand and in some ways, you can sympathize with her as she wants to protect the camp as it’s been part of her family for as long as she can remember.




Thankfully, after the girls stop her, she comes to her senses and they find a better way through a fundraiser/crystal ball.



So everything works out in the end.


Villain Song/Most Evil Deed


We Will Stand For Everfree





I know this is the second time I’m putting these two categories together but again it fits as they once again go hand-in-hand.  At this point, Gaia has overtaken and there is nary a trace of Gloriosa even if she acts as though she has the same goals and while there may be some truth in that, she is again going about it in a twisted sense as she traps the campers.






Her defeat is rather important as it ties into Sci-Twi’s story of overcoming what she did as Midnight Sparkle and while that is part of her past, she doesn’t have to let that define how she uses her magic and that is also true of Gloriosa and how she decides to use magic.




It’s a good parallel to what Gloriosa is going through as she embraces the magic and it’s corrupting her whereas Sci-Twi is attempting to hide and run from the magic afraid of it corrupting her again. And this is felt as Gloriosa comes to after the girls stop her and you can see and feel the regret in her.





So again, it’s hard not to feel for her a tad.



Is Gloriosa Daisy A Good Villain?


I do like her more than Principal Cinch as there’s more to dive into,  Cinch was just evil and while she had an abusive streak, she felt lacking.  Despite my complaints of MLP/EQG returning to the well of an evil monstrous form so many times, it’s clear that it works.  Still, I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of their overreliance on this trope.  Join me next time as we view the Mane Six’s Big Screen Baddie



The Storm King






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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Legend of Everfree, but this was a good writeup. I’d say Gloriosa is probably more interesting than both Principal Cinch and the Storm King (the latter of whom, I felt, was lacking in depth and development). Antagonists who have noble goals but are going about them the wrong way always make for very interesting characters.

    1. My piece on The Storm King is coming up soon enough and I will agree that he was lacking depth. Gloriosa worked for me because as you mentioned she had noble goals and that makes you want to root for even knowing she’s going about it the wrong way.

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