This piece of Hakkaku fan art is dedicated to those who not only fancy Hakkaku but also think it would be phenomenal to see him specialise in a martial art I gave him which is Muay Boran the predecessor to Muay Chaiya and Muay Thai combined. Sit back, relax, and treat yourselves well with Hakkaku’s visceral sharpness as a Nak Muay who can deliver a series of clinches and strikes.

Let us have the palace resound with euphoria as Hakkaku enters the royal arena to honour Thailand’s royalty by demonstrating his mettle and courage to do combat with some powerful combatants. Furthermore, he would use his strikes, clinches, punches, and kicks to not only show his opponents what he is made of but to also give glory to the country that has cultivated him to thrive in this martial art, which would make even Sagat proud of him, given that Hakkaku is also dressed in Muay Boran attire.

Let us also not forget that he is Shuran’s younger brother as well as Ginta’s older brother by a month, thus making him Izayoi’s second son. With that said, let the combat commence.

Name: Hakkaku

Nickname: The Ferocious Charging Bullet

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Age as of 2022: 39

Birthday: April 9, 1983

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf Yokai

Height: 5’8.5” (174 centimetres)

Weight: 170 pounds (77.1 kilograms)

Fighting Style: Muay Boran

Family: The Wolf Elder (Grandfather-in-Law), Toga (Uncle), InuKimi (Aunt), Izayoi (Mother), Sesshoumaru (Cousin), Shuran (Brother), Inuyasha (Cousin), Ginta (Brother), Ayame (Sister-in-Law), Shunran (Wife), Minoru (Son), Manabu (Son), Joichiro (Son), Junichiro (Son), Takeru (Son), Sentaro (Son), Jiraiya (Son), Sakura (Daughter), Sunako (Daughter), Setsuko (Daughter), Sayaka (Daughter), Sora (Daughter), Kokoro (Daughter), Katsuho (Daughter)

Fighting Game Mentors: Sagat (Street Fighter), Blanka (Street Fighter), Dhalsim (Street Fighter), Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter), Balrog (Street Fighter), Bruce Irvin (Tekken), Baek Doo San (Tekken)

Friends: Feng Wei (Tekken), Hwoarang (Tekken), Steve Fox (Tekken), Corcus (Power Rangers), Zack Taylor (Power Rangers), Billy Cranston (Power Rangers), Carlos Vallerte (Power Rangers), Kai Chen (Power Rangers), Chad Lee (Power Rangers), Lucas Kendall (Power Rangers), Danny Delgado (Power Rangers), Hiei (YuYu Hakusho), Enju (Inuyasha), Mamoru Takamura (Hajime no Ippo), Masaru Aoki (Hajime no Ippo), Tatsuya Kimura (Hajime no Ippo), Ichise (Texhnolyze), Kintaro Toyama (Detective School Q), Tsume (Wolf’s Rain), Blue (Wolf’s Rain), Kyuzo (Samurai 7), Heihachi Hayashida (Samurai 7), Ryuichi Hayami (Hajime no Ippo), Chief Tannabok’s warriors (Road to El Dorado)

Rivals/Enemies: Jorgen von Strangle and his ninja squadron (Fairly OddParents), Ulrich Wernerstein and his bodybuilder goons (Totally Spies), M. Bison (Street Fighter), Gill (Street Fighter), Urien (Street Fighter), Himcules (My Life as a Teenage Robot), Tzekel-Kan (Road to El Dorado), Manten (Inuyasha), Menomaru (Inuyasha), Renkotsu (Inuyasha), Ryura (Inuyasha), Broly (Dragonball Z), Kogu (Dragonball Z)

Likes: Circuit training, training intensely for martial arts tournaments with Sagat, Blanka, Dhalsim, Dan, Balrog, Bruce, and Baek; working on his takedowns and headbutts with Sesshoumaru and Shuran, perfecting his punches and elbow strikes with Inuyasha and Ayame, polishing his kicks and knee strikes with Ginta and Shunran, running marathons and sparring with Zack and Carlos, doing aqua sports such as water polo, diving, swimming, and scuba diving with Corcus, Chad, and Lucas; nature hikes with Billy and Kai, fishing for trout and salmon, spending quality time with his brother Ginta, their wife Shunran, and their children

Dislikes: Arson, dishonesty, cruelty, harm done to his friends and family, any form of animosity, surrendering to his foes, disappointing his mentors, family, and friends; cheaters, slanderers, mountebanks

Signature moves: Overhand punches, upward headbutts, elbow slashes, horizontal elbow strikes, spinning elbow strikes, flying knee strikes, knee bombs

Finishing Combo Attack: The Devouring Crocodile Cyclone complete with a clinch, knee strikes, shin kicks, front punches, an uppercut to the face, a rising elbow strike to the head, and a straight headbutt to the forehead

Hakkaku is a Nak Muay who illuminates with courage, toughness, enthusiasm, and hard work. He never has surrendering in his vocabulary because, every time his opponents strike him down and knock him out hard, he comes back up to deliver harder clinches, strikes, and takedowns all while maintaining a close brotherhood with Ginta, a loving relationship with their wife Shunran, and providing their children with abundant encouragement. Once he, Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Ginta, Ayame, and Shunran set foot in fighting tournaments, he would be ecstatic to be in the ring to do battle with potential opponents thanks to his rigorous vitality, sharp strikes, and clobbering clinches, as he represents boundless enthusiasm and avid energy in doing battle with them. Besides his sharp blows and enthusiastic rigorousness as a Muay Boran fighter, he passes on his signature enthusiasm to mingle with his best friends forever including Zack, Billy, Carlos, Kai, Chad, Lucas, and Danny whether they train together in the gym or do physical activities such as running marathons. He also revels in the company of his older brother Shuran and his younger brother Ginta because they constantly encourage each other as well as with Shunran because of her sweet kindness.

There you have it, ladies, gentlemen, and martial arts aficionados of all ages and from all over the world. Hakkaku an enthusiastic and energetic Nak Muay who has a euphoric high whenever he steps up to the arena to battle with his potential opponents. His limbs of steel and head of granite are guaranteed to create an instantaneous knockout towards his opponents as well as earn him a most triumphant victory especially propelled by his ferocious elbow slashes, overhand punches, knee strikes, and elbow strikes. Coupled with his enthusiasm to unleash his strikes to his opponents is the warm amicability he passes on to his dearest friends most especially Zack, Billy, Carlos, Kai, Feng Wei, Hwoarang, and Steve because they cherish each other for who they are, share a lot in common when it comes to their fascination with nature and discovering the unknown, and never giving up on each other. He even champions both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha as his role models in combat, Shuran and Ginta as his dearest brothers, Ayame as his brave sister-in-law, and Shunran as his and Ginta’s wife.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and always show reverence to your local sovereign in battle, everybody.

Hakkaku from Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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