Hey Guys! Gerawallstar here, and I am here to review the 29th Walt Disney film called The Rescuers Down Under, which was released in 1990. In my opinion, this is an underrated Disney movie, and also a sequel that is way better than the predecessor. Out of all of those crappy Direct-to-DVD sequels Disney has put out, this one, which was the first sequel, takes the job done. After the glorious success of The Little Mermaid, which jumpstarted the Disney Renaissance, Disney released this movie a year after its release, but it has been overlooked. The reason why this film is so overlooked compared to the first one is because this sequel bombed. And how this film bombed is because during its opening weekend, it was ranked #4, being slaughtered by Home Alone, which was also released on the same day as this film, that was #1 on its opening weekend. Disappointing with the results, Jeffery Katzenberg pulled all advertisements out of the film during its released, making it much harder to find its audience. However, because of the success that this film was on home video, Disney decided that all of its sequels(with the exception of Fantasia 2000, Winnie the Pooh(2011), Wreck-it-Ralph Ralph breaks the internet, and the upcoming Frozen 2) will be released on Home Video instead, and that is how Disney started the negative trend of releasing poor quality sequels based off of their popular films. If you guys thought the upcoming/current live action films are bad, those sequels or cheapquels Disney has put out were abysmal. Anyways, onto the review!


The Story is about two mice Bernard and Miss Bianca travel to Australia to rescue a boy named Cody who is kidnapped and in danger of the evil Percival McLeach. Now the story for here is brilliant, and way better than the first movie. Unlike the first rescuers where the plot of that film suffers from its slow pacing, and without having a lot of action, this film is all action heavy, and very fast-paced. This film deservedly has more action-packed sequences unlike the first one, and they are brilliantly done. It gets really serious when Bernard and Miss Bianca had to save Cody this time around. There’s no turning back! The subplot where a bird named Wilbur (who was voiced by John Candy) gets his back hurt, so he has to stay in a hospital, was kind of funny as well, although it is kind of distracting at times. The ending climax where Bernard and Miss Bianca saved Cody from getting attacked by McLeach in the waterfall was very good. The scenes where Cody figures out a way to get out of McLeach’s trap was also very good. The other Subplot where Bernard tries to propose to Miss Bianca but failed was funny and entertaining. I also liked the ending where he finally proposes to her and agrees to marry him. The story is great, and entertaining, despite that there are way too many subplots. I give the story eight stars.


Just like the story, the animation is top-notch. While the first Rescuers did have some decent animation, the animation in down under tops the animation compared to the first one. Fun fact: this is the first Disney movie to fully use the CAPS system, a system first used in The Little Mermaid and The Black Cauldron. They have done an amazing job with animating everything digitally here. Those days where everything was animated using Xerox is now long gone. The animation is so breathtaking that there is an amazing scene where an Eagle flies with Cody which really takes advantage of how awesome the animation really is. I even liked it where Wilbur was diving near the CGI skyscrapers. Oh, and the animation designs from the animals were improved a lot. Thank god, the main characters are not using beady eyes, anymore. They looked horrible with them. The animation is awesome and it will actually make this film known as the first film in history to use the CAPS System. I give the animation ten stars.


The characters in this film are great. I loved the main leads Bernard and Miss Bianca. Just like in the first movie, they are both great in the sequel. The sequel has to replace the bird character Orville, since the late Jim Jordan died in 1988, so the producers hired John Candy to voice as a new character Wilbur, and Wilbur is laid-back, but actually pretty funny. I have nothing against Orville, but in the first movie all he was just a strict bird, and that’s it. He was just kind of uninteresting, and kind of one-dimensional. Cody is more adventurous, and a fun child character. He’s way better than Penny from the first movie. And I loved how he doesn’t just wait for Bernard and Bianca to be rescued, he tries to figure his way out to leave when he is trapped Percival McLeach is more threatening than Madame Medusa. Yes, he does suffer from having a stupid motive of getting a bird, but the way he is more threatening is that he does everything he can to harm Cody. He has traps, he kidnaps Cody in his lair, and the battle between him and Cody in the waterfall scene was intense. Jake is an interesting character, with him being adventurous, and hilariously flirting with Miss Bianca. All of the characters are amazing, and enjoyable to watch. I give the characters nine stars.


It may not have been a hit at the box office, but The Rescuers Down Under is an amazing underrated sequel that improves everything from the first movie with a better story, upgraded animation, and well-balanced characters. I would highly recommend this movie who wants to have a fun thrilling time. THIS is how you do a sequel, Disney. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.


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  1. The Rescuers Down Under is probably one of the few Disney sequels that people actually liked. Frozen 2, if I recall correctly, got mixed reviews, and Ralph Wrecks the Internet is nowhere near as highly regarded as its predecessor.

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