This October, Old School Lane is going in a spooky direction covering spooky movies and TV shows. In this episode, Patricia and special guests Brett and Alex from Splat Attack! Podcast discuss about the 2nd and 3rd Are You Afraid of the Dark miniseries Curse of the Shadows and Ghost Island.

Curse of the Shadows takes place in a small fishing town called Shadow Bay where a teenage boy named Connor is cursed and kidnapped by the Shadow Man in the haunted woods. His friends Alex, Jai, Hanna, and Gabby learns the mystery of the Shadow Man by teaming up with a magic shop owner named Sardo and getting a hold of The Book of Shadows getting information about the origins of the Shadow Man and its motivation for kidnapping kids.

Ghost Island takes place in a hotel resort in a small island where a group of friends named Kayla, Leo, Summer, and Ferris go for a vacation. They learn that the hotel they’re staying at has a haunted room inhabited by ghosts trapped in a mirror. They meet up with the maitre d named Stanley and one of the employees named Max and together, they team up to stopping the ghosts before they capture them and trapped them in the ghost world.

With the first miniseries being a huge success for younger viewers, how do these two stack up? Listen and find out.

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