Greetings and salutations, fellow aficionados of anime, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and everything early 1990s to early 2000s, Antoni here with another Inurangers entry. Today, I will be delving into the seven Mighty Morphin Inurangers’ platonic relationships which could make Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Rocky DeSantos, Zack Taylor, Adam Park, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, Aisha Campbell, Kimberly Ann Hart, and Katherine Hillard really proud of the seven teenage Yokai warriors with attitude in terms of their strong bonds together.

As a close-knit family who stick by each other and encourage each other with all their hearts, minds, and soul to be better than they are, each of these Mighty Morphin Inurangers also have strong platonic relationships that have solidified their bonds in a fiercely strong manner. Even if Urasue and her cronies consisting of Goshinki, Kotatsu, Rengokuki, Byakuya, and Yura of the Hair deign to use their machinations to destroy them and Naraku implements his plots to attempt to separate them, these seven teenage Yokai warriors with attitude will never be broken by any stretch of the imagination. This is because they count on each other with all of their lives and would never dream of abandoning each other.

With that said, let us dig in to the Inurangers’ main platonic relationships. You know the drill, ladies and gentlemen, it’s morphin time and we need Ninja Inuranger power now! White Tigerzord Power! Green Dragonzord Power! Black Mastodon Power! Pink Pterodactyl Power! Blue Triceratops Power! Yellow Sabre-Toothed Tiger Power! Red Tyrannosaurus Power!

Sesshoumaru and Shuran: Formidable Fighters and Close Comrades
It is easy to peg Sesshoumaru the White Tigerzord Ranger and Shuran the Green Dragonzord Ranger as the Special Rangers in the vein of Tommy Oliver from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mike Corbett from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and both Eric Myers and Alex Drake from Power Rangers Time Force because they are the most experienced combatants and the strongest warriors who can challenge the already established team with their physical power and firm warrior code. In fact, Sesshoumaru bears one notable aspect of the Sixth/Extra Ranger in which he is the stoic and aloof warrior akin to Eric Myers, while Shuran bears the other notable aspect of being the Sixth/Extra Ranger in which he is the brutally strong berserker akin to Tommy Oliver during his Green Ranger tenure. Combining both qualities together make Sesshoumaru and Shuran a lethal force to be reckoned with. Sesshoumaru may have the stealth, focus, and determination as the Inurangers’ deadliest fighter and veteran Karateka, while Shuran may have the brute strength, high-impact submission holds, and bone-shattering takedowns as the Inurangers’ strongest fighter and wrestler specialising in various styles. However, these traits are barely half of what make Sesshoumaru and Shuran powerful whether individually or together. What makes them truly powerful is their perseverance, grit, and innate desire to never settle for anything less plus being the Mighty Morphin Inurangers’ main bastion of power not just in terms of prize-winning combat prowess but also in cooperation and balance. While Sesshoumaru and Shuran embody Tommy’s two drastically different sides during his tenure in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, i.e. the noble White Tigerzord Ranger and the brutal Green Dragonzord Ranger, they would also emulate Eric Myers’ stoicism and strength combined with Alex Drake’s toughness and resilience to a tee, thus creating a Yin-and-Yang dynamic with each other.

Sesshoumaru’s and Shuran’s dynamic brotherhood demonstrates how willing they are to stand by each other, challenge each others’ notions about each other as the strongest fighters of the team as well as individuals, and willingness to make the odds be at their favour. Their strong cooperation is what has brought them and their teammates together, for they have great formidability in defeating their foes with everything they got. Formidable combat prowess and raw power aside, Sesshoumaru and Shuran put their faith and trust in each other to give each other reassurance under the face of doubt. Should Shuran be injured, Sesshoumaru would risk his life to save his comrade. Should Sesshoumaru be in the face of danger, Shuran would use his prodigious strength to stop whatever is hurting him and would protect him with all of his might and being. Furthermore, they would do everything in their power to encourage each other to not settle for mediocrity and confide in each other with attentiveness, undivided attention, and high interest to thoroughly understand each others’ dreams, desires, fears, and hopes.

Their interpersonal balance is just as important because Sesshoumaru can help Shuran be more focused and goal-oriented with what he desires in his life, while Shuran can help Sesshoumaru realise that there is more to life than glory and conquest as well as have the occasional time to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life. Additionally, both Sesshoumaru and Shuran would learn a few lessons on humility, a good attitude, self-sacrifice, and respect for each other and their family. In fact, there have been several occasions where Sesshoumaru risked his own life to save Shuran, for their innate sense of platonic companionship and total brotherhood made him see that they shared a lot in common as people first and warriors next. Nothing can ever break Sesshoumaru and Shuran apart, for their brotherhood is rich in genuine solidarity, dynamic balance, and undying respect.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha: Inuranger Brothers Together, Warriors Forever
Full-time Ranger siblings by blood are not a novelty, for Super Sentai fans do not need to look further than the five Hoshikawa siblings from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, Geki and Burai from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, and the five Tatsumi siblings from Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive. In the Power Rangers lore, aficionados need not look further than Mike and Leo Corbett from Lost Galaxy and Ryan and Dana Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue. Sesshoumaru the White Tigerzord Ranger and Inuyasha the Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger do follow in the vein of the older sibling being the Sixth/Extra Ranger who is the stealthy yet aloof fighter and the younger sibling being the Red Ranger who is the courageous yet hot-blooded leader in the fashion of Zyuranger’s Burai and Geki plus Lost Galaxy’s Corbett Brothers. Further elevating on the fact that both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are brothers on the same Inurangers team is how magnificently they can put their strength, courage, discipline, and dedication as warriors to phenomenal use to prove their mettle and make each other better people. There is no doubt that Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would follow Tommy’s and Jason’s, Tommy’s and Rocky’s, and Jason’s and Rocky’s leads in terms of a super close brotherhood, despite the fact that Tommy, Jason, and Rocky are not related by blood. However, when it comes to Power Ranger brotherhood based on the same blood, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would follow Mike’s and Leo’s example from Lost Galaxy exceedingly well because of how both brothers rooted for each other, encouraged each other to grow, and risked their lives for each others’ safety and well-being especially in the face of danger, distress, and death.

There is no doubt that Sesshoumaru’s speed, stealth, and power in Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and Jujitsu and Inuyasha’s strength, ferociousness, and fierceness in Kyokushin Karate, Pankration, Kapu Kuialua, and Bokator make them a pair of formidably fearsome fighting brothers as well as the overall assets to the Inurangers team. However, Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s interpersonal strength as a pair of dog Yokai brothers lies from not only how effectively they can throw punches, kicks, grapples, submission holds, and takedowns but from how much trust is present between them. They rely on each other in the sense that Sesshoumaru trusts Inuyasha’s intuition and courage as the leader and that Inuyasha trusts Sesshoumaru’s relentlessness and tactfulness as the second-in-command. These two brothers demonstrate that no demon nor monster nor megalomaniac warlord is powerful enough to shake them or make them fall on their knees. Their tough grit and fierce perseverance are what make them thrive exceedingly well in times of strife and trial.

Underneath their duties as powerful warriors and valiant heroes is how much they are willing to learn from each other and grow in maturity together. Whenever Inuyasha wants advice from Sesshoumaru of how to stay as loyal and true of a life partner to Ayame, he would do what he could to give his younger brother the best piece of advice to make sure that Ayame can depend on Inuyasha as her life partner. Sesshoumaru’s pieces of advice would even pass on to Inuyasha’s occasional uncertainty as a leader, for he would always ensure his younger brother that he has always led the Inurangers team exceedingly well and could not be any prouder of him. Whenver Sesshoumaru has a crisis whether emotional or physical, Inuyasha would never hesitate to attend to him and do his best to heal him from his wounds. Inuyasha would also tap into Sesshoumaru’s more light-hearted side in their sparring sessions and in their quieter moments together as brothers, thus bearing genuine warmth in their fraternal relationship. With Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s unbreakable brotherhood in full swing, they will constantly encourage each other in positively meaningful ways and ensure each other that they will stay on the straight and narrow all their lives. Therefore, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would fully embody the code of brotherhood with all of their mind, soul, and being and would never leave each others’ sides.

Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Inuyasha: Fortitude, Might, and Strength Incarnate
The fraternal bond between Sixth/Extra Rangers and a Red Ranger is what can make any Super Sentai fan or Power Rangers fan see depth, genuineness, and respect in their brotherhood, despite the rivalry present between both parties. Tommy Oliver during his White and Green Ranger tenures and Jason Lee Scott then Rocky DeSantos from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers come to mind in terms of their interpersonal chemistry through challenging each other as people first then combatants. Another notable bond between the Extra Rangers and the Red Ranger is Eric Myers, Alex Drake, and Wes Collins from Power Rangers Time Force to demonstrate that underneath their conflicting ideas of what it means to be a hero, a warrior, a fighter, and a person is the underlying fact that they share specific attributes in common such as having courage in the face of adversity, never reneging on the promises they made to themselves and to their teammates, and a fierce sense of loyalty that displays unity and integrity. Sesshoumaru as the White Tigerzord Ranger, Shuran as the Green Dragonzord Ranger, and Inuyasha as the Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger embody this balance of power, brotherhood, and finding common ground exceedingly well and more. On paper, they would emulate Tommy’s, Jason’s, and Rocky’s firm brotherhood to a tee, but they would also mix it with Eric’s, Alex’s, and Wes’s strong willingness to challenge each others’ notions of heroism, valour, and bravery all while maturing as people in the process.

Sesshoumaru’s stealth and power as a Karateka, Shuran’s brutality and ferociousness as a Pro Wrestler, and Inuyasha’s strength and might as a Pankratiast make them reliable not only as the strongest fighters in the Inurangers’ team but also the most dependable instructors in terms of imparting stern lessons of self-defence, character growth, perseverance, dedication, attitude, and confidence to any and every aspiring martial artist they train. These three powerful warriors live and breathe the code of the martial arts, for they do not use their selective fighting styles to show off but to display perseverance and mettle in adversity. They constantly challenge each others’ notions of each other and work best together whether it would be as Inurangers or as martial arts instructors in the Youth Centre. After all, two strong warriors working together may be company, but three strong warriors working together and learning from each other is absolute diversity by means of delegating the tasks evenly and fairly while having the undeniable ability to adapt to new situations together.

There will be occasions where egos would clash, given that Inuyasha is the leader, Shuran is the strongman, and Sesshoumaru is the tactician. One instance was when Urasue unleashed a parasite that preyed on Sesshoumaru’s, Shuran’s, and Inuyasha’s pride, thus making them turn on each other. The three of them had to break the spell by working together to capture the parasite. Once it was captured, Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Inuyasha went back to their normal selves and all animosity ceased. Despite the clash in egos and power, they revel in seeing each other grow stronger both physically and mentally all while cherishing the deep brotherhood they have together to the point where they would never dream of abandoning each other to the clutches of evil even to the point of having both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha risk their lives to save Shuran from certain doom. What Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Inuyasha have together is a powerful fraternal bond that can never be broken.

Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta: An Exceptionally Dynamic and Formidable Trio
One of the most overlooked comradeships in the Power Rangers lore is the platonic relationship between the Sixth/Extra Ranger with the Black and Blue Rangers or Blue and Green Rangers. Some of them verge on mere comradeship due to the mostly aloof yet extremely powerful Sixth/Extra Ranger yet take time to grow. Others are surprisingly warm thanks to the patience and time demonstrated by all three Rangers. Notable examples are the close friendships between Tommy, Zack, and Billy as well as Tommy, Billy, and Adam from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Jason, Rocky, and Adam from Power Rangers Zeo, Zhane, TJ, and Carlos from Power Rangers In Space, and Mike, Kai, and Damon from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. What makes these friendships close is that each of them is rich in boundless trust, encouragement, support, and understanding. Hakkaku as the Black Mastodon Ranger and Ginta as the Blue Triceratops Ranger would emit the more humane, chill, and amicable side from Shuran as the Green Dragonzord Ranger, thus making each other see that there is so much more than meets the eye. Simultaneously, Shuran would consistently build up Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s strengths as fighters and confidence as people, thus making them grow in perseverance, grit, and seeing the bigger picture. Time and patience would prove themselves to be kind to these three valiant souls.

Shuran’s protective brotherhood with Ginta and Hakkaku demonstrates how much he is willing to protect them and how they would do everything in their power to keep him safe from harm. This reciprocity of ensuring their safety signifies the strong bond Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta have together and how they encourage nothing but the best from each other in their duties as heroes, their combat prowess, and their deep and meaningful desire to keep on growing. This is especially helpful in developing their martial arts skills, considering Shuran’s brute strength as a wrestler, Hakkaku’s lethal blows as a Muay Thai and Kajukenbo practitioner, and Ginta’s powerful precision as a Sanda, Lethwei, and Jeet Kune Do practitioner can be put to exceptional use in battle. Through Shuran’s powerful strength, Hakkaku and Ginta would challenge themselves as fighters in order to remain in exceptional shape. Through Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s relentless endurance, Shuran would make sure that he never underestimates his opponents no matter how big or how small they are.

Combat prowess in varying degrees aside, Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta can also prove themselves to be extrinsically and intrinsically supportive of each other as well as give each other the solidarity and consolation they need whenever situations get dire. Doubt, insecurity, fear, pessimism, anguish, pain, and sadness may be dark clouds looming over these three dynamic warriors with attitude, but Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta would never back down. Shuran has a lot of drive and fight in him to power through all the obstacles that come along his way. Hakkaku can conquer problems with a brave face. Ginta is capable of using his mind and his willpower to overcome troubles coming his way. With their powers of hope, perseverance, and drive combined, they can handle anything that hinders them while shielding each other from any peril that befalls any of them or all of them. Additionally, their interpersonal warmth towards each other would melt even the coldest of hearts.

Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta: A Triptych of Strength, Stamina, and Smarts
When it comes to the founding members of the original Japanese Super Sentai teams and its more American adaptation of the Power Rangers franchise, three colours would be considered the proverbial founding fathers. Those colours are specifically embodied by the Red Ranger as a heroically powerful leader, the Black Ranger as a charismatically shrewd combatant, and the Blue Ranger as a tactfully conscientious technician. Yes, other colours such as Blue and Green could also be respectively used for the shrewd combatant and the conscientious technician and vice-versa. However, the fact remains that the three-way character dynamic of the leader, the lancer, and the genius is the de-facto character constellation found in Super Sentai and in Power Rangers. There are countless examples of Super Sentai shows that capture this dynamic, but the most notable ones are found in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Jason, Zack, and Billy as well as Rocky, Billy, and Adam, despite the fact that Rocky was merely second-in-command, Billy was the Blue Ranger, and Adam was the Black Ranger; Kosoku Sentai Turboranger’s Riki Honoo, Daichi Yamagata, and Yohei Hama; Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman’s Gaku, Ken, and Fumiya Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger’s Geki, Goushi, and Dan; and Power Rangers Wild Force’s Cole Evans, Danny Delgado, and Max Cooper. Solidifying this character constellation of the heroic Red Ranger leader, the shrewd Black/Blue Ranger combatant, and the tactful Blue/Green tactician is the boundless respect, undying allegiance, superb comradeship, untainted brotherhood, and genuine willingness to stand by each other at all times. Inuyasha the Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger, Hakkaku the Black Mastodon Ranger, and Ginta the Blue Triceratops Ranger do just that and more, for it is not limited to being a bond forged between hero and sidekicks but a brotherhood forged between heroes who fight for the same cause and care for each others’ well-being with all of their heart, mind, and strength.

It would be entirely reductive to peg Inuyasha’s, Hakkaku’s, and Ginta’s fraternal relationship as nothing more than the great hero and his two sidekicks, for they stand strong together in all trials and in all adversity. They learn from each other and grow stronger because they have learned to accept each others’ strengths, weaknesses, good sides, bad sides, and ugly sides and always do what they can to improve both physically and mentally. Inuyasha’s mighty strength as a practitioner in Pankration, Kyokushin Karate, Bokator, and Kapu Kuialua can inspire determination in Hakkaku and perseverance in Ginta. Hakkaku’s brute resilience in Muay Thai, Kajukenbo, Pradal Serey, and Panantukan can make Inuyasha more resourceful as a combatant and Ginta just as much of a strong fighter than he is. Ginta’s formidable speed in Lethwei, Jeet Kune Do, Sanda, and Pencak Silat can make Inuyasha fully prepared to face off against faster foes and Hakkaku just as determined to step up his game. With this powerful physical combination comes their intrinsic skill of reading bodies as best as they can thanks to Inuyasha’s innate instinct, Hakkaku’s awareness of his surroundings, and Ginta’s knowledge of his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, thus making them an unstoppable trio. Every punch, kick, elbow strike, knee strike, and takedown they make can do untold physical damage to their opponents without respite.

Aside from the indestructible fighting prowess, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta are indubitably a loyally tight trio of brothers and best friends who consistently encourage each other to never give up, always see the best in each other, and protect each other from harm. This is exemplified with Inuyasha’s fierce brawn, Hakkaku’s clever affability, and Ginta’s adorkable savviness joining forces to solidify their brotherhood for life. It has even gotten to the point where Inuyasha’s experience as a formidable martial artist has seen both Hakkaku and Ginta grow into the formidable fighters that they are, thus seeing them grow exceedingly well. Hakkaku and Ginta also return the favour by protecting Inuyasha when he gets struck down as well as serve as voices of reason whenever some of Inuyasha’s plans may potentially go awry. At the end of the day, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta have an indubitably unbreakable brotherhood that shows how well they cooperate with each other and want only what is best for each other.

Hakkaku and Ginta: A Lovingly Warm Brotherhood
It is easy to peg the friendship between a Black Ranger and a Blue Ranger let alone a Blue Ranger and a Green Ranger as the duo who are not as physically strong as the Red Ranger and the Sixth/Extra Rangers combined. However, that only reduces this particular friendship and overall comradeship as nothing more than a joke. Fortunately, with stellar writing and taking full advantage of the concept of Rangers being people first, the Black or Blue Ranger and the Blue or Green Ranger can prove themselves to be just as fierce as their Red Ranger leader and be equally unafraid to challenge their own beliefs and the leader’s own values, thus growing effectively as a unit. The Black/Blue Rangers and the Blue/Green Rangers are never to be underestimated because they can and will combine intellect, intuition, Exponents of these close-knit and supportive friendships between Black/Blue Rangers and Blue/Green Rangers are Zack and Billy plus Billy and Adam from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, TJ and Carlos from Power Rangers In Space, Kai and Damon from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and Danny and Max from Power Rangers Wild Force, for the relationships bounded by intuition, conscientiousness, and quick wit solidify them to be the strong soul brothers they need to be. Hakkaku the Black Mastodon Ranger and Ginta the Blue Triceratops Ranger display how effectively quick wit, conscientiousness of their surroundings, and strong willpower can make a difference in terms of surprising their team and changing the world for the better.

When it comes to battle effectivity and overall team contribution as the Black and Blue Rangers, Hakkaku and Ginta have it in spades, as it is a result of combining Hakkaku’s street smarts and Ginta’s book smarts. That does not mean that they are weak. Far from it. Hakkaku has the mighty punches, kicks, strikes, and takedowns he uses in Muay Thai, Kajukenbo, Pradal Serey, and Panantukan, while Ginta has the headbutts, kicks, strikes, and punches he applies in Jeet Kune Do, Lethwei, Sanda, and Pencak Silat. Their mastery of their respective martial arts means that they can and will read their opponents’ bodies at a high level and know exactly when to strike, especially when their attacks are propelled by their speed, timing, accuracy, and power. Throughout their time as Mighty Morphin Inurangers as well as training in their martial arts, they have grown as fighters as well as individuals thanks to their undying will to improve. This trait has also been passed down to what they do as savvy mechanics and technicians, considering that they are the ones who came up with the communicators and the teleporters to Zordon’s headquarters. Hakkaku and Ginta know the full importance of working together and have thrived outstandingly well because of their teamwork and how they consistently wanted to keep on improving as fighters and as people.

Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s warm and fuzzy brotherhood has seen them develop not only as the team’s inventors and innovators but also as the glue who keeps everybody together regardless of the situation. It is through Hakkaku and Ginta that the Command Centre is in tip-top shape and secure, Alpha 5 is well-functioned, and Zordon continues to have a strong life supply on him. Outside their heroic inventor duties, they alleviate the group with their humour to show that they can occasionally have fun with the activities they do in their pastime. Indubitably, Hakkaku and Ginta are unity personified to the highest degree.

Ayame and Shunran: Beauty, Grace, and Poise in Sisterly Unity
Ranger sisterhoods mostly between the Yellow and the Pink Rangers are a tale as old as time if viewers mainly grew up with the Americanised Power Rangers franchise. There are instances in the original Japanese Super Sentai shows that the Yellow Ranger role is given to a young woman, although they are more often given to a young man, see the original incarnations of Boi from Zyuranger, Kazu from Dairanger, Hikaru from Seiju Sentai Gingaman, and Domon from Mirai Sentai Timeranger as examples. When a male fighter assumes the Yellow Ranger role, he would also have those close platonic moments with the Pink Ranger while also tapping into her more chill side and being perceived as the rowdy brother type to compliment the Pink Ranger’s traditionally feminine attitude. When a female fighter assumes the Yellow Ranger role, this provides viewers the dichotomy of unconventional femininity clashing with conventional femininity as respectively embodied by the Yellow and Pink Rangers, although there are deviations to this colour-coding by having the occasional female Blue Ranger and the female White Ranger just to highlight some notable colour deviations. Despite the usual pigeonhole of the female Yellow Ranger being a tomboy who does a lot of fighting and the Pink Ranger being traditionally feminine while also standing her ground, there is still a sisterhood deeply embedded between these two young women, with the Yellow Ranger usually assuming the tough, tomboyish, and sassy older sister figure to the Pink Ranger’s classy, artistic, and conventionally girly younger sister figure. The deviation in Power Rangers Time Force is that the Yellow Time Force Ranger Katie Walker may be the muscle of the group, but the Pink Time Force Ranger Jen Scotts is a formidably no-nonsense leader with a huge burden to carry due to Alex’s supposed death, which makes Katie’s and Jen’s bond as comrades and sisters-in-arms work on a professional and on a personal level because they understand each other and the gravity of their situations. No doubt will Ayame the Yellow Sabre-Toothed Tiger Ranger and Shunran the Pink Pterodactyl Ranger embody that dichotomy between the former being a tomboy and the latter being a girly-girl exceedingly well. Furthermore, they would take pages off of Trini and Kimberly, Aisha and Kimberly, and Aisha and Katherine from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Tanya and Katherine from Zeo, Taylor Earhardt and Alyssa Enrile from Wild Force Power Rangers, Katie and Jen from Time Force, Ashley and Cassie from Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space, and Maya, Kendrix, and Karone from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy in terms of embracing truly unconditional sisterhood with all of their being.

Ayame’s and Shunran’s unconditionally loving sisterhood demonstrates that they have so much in common and constantly partake in causes that they believe in whether it involves the environment or animal protection. They even have a shared love for Kickboxing, Kenpo, Koppojutsu, Aikido, and Hapkido which makes them thoroughly build up each others’ strengths as fighters and would be just as strong against bigger and stronger opponents. Ayame is predominantly a practitioner in Hapkido, Koppojutsu, Kickboxing, and Boxing, while Shunran is predominantly a practitioner in Shaolin Kung Fu, Savate, Wing Chun, and Ninjutsu, but both of these formidable young ladies can kick a lot of butt because of how physically strong, agile, and flexible they are. On top of that, they are also crafty in terms of luring their enemies to defeat hook, line, and sinker. Aside from fighting skills, Ayame’s and Shunran’s sisterhood is rich in trust, positive encouragement, support, and synergy. Ayame would find herself cheering for Shunran and how she constantly wants to improve as a gymnast and a Kung Fu practitioner and would even call Shunran the most supportive and most encouraging younger sister she could ever have. Shunran would be utterly amazed at Ayame’s strength and toughness as a practitioner in Hapkido and Koppojutsu to the point where she is proud to proclaim that Ayame is the best big sister she could ever have. Ayame and Shunran demonstrate that their cooperation is as strong and formidable as their will to protect the disadvantaged and encourage their teammates to be aware that true strength comes in numbers.

Neither villain nor monster nor demon can ever besmirch the power of Ayame’s and Shunran’s deep sisterhood. Even when Naraku the Inurangers’ composite character version of Lokar the Terrible and Lord Zedd planted the seeds of jealousy in Shunran’s plants as a means to destroy her sisterhood with Ayame, these two would prove time and time again that they work best together. The solidarity these strong young women have for each other speaks volumes, and both Ayame and Shunran are happy to be not only best friends for life but loving sisters forever.

These are strong platonic relationships that would make even Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Zack, Billy, Adam, Trini, Aisha, Kimberly, and Katherine happy because they have learned to look beyond their differences and give each other a chance to listen and be heard. Moreover, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would marvel at how the Mighty Morphin Inurangers can stay strong together not only as a team of Yokai super warriors but also as an extremely supportive family.

I hope you all enjoyed these main platonic relationships between the seven Mighty Morphin Inurangers, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and may the power protect you, everybody.

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